Hooters to open branch in Israel
Published: 19.03.07, 22:20
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1. Is there no sense of humility in the secular community?
You just do allow your daughters to become one dimensional objects. You want woman to be equalized to only her body and not her true beauty, youve got it. You think you "love" a woman because she is beautiful, that is lust , not love you morons.
2. What a shame?
Palestinian   (03.19.07)
This is a filthy place we do not want more of this here.
3. leave it in America...END
4. Just what we need.....................
Liz   (03.19.07)
........not. More American "culture". Kol Hakavod Mr Ahiraz for attempting to lower the level of Israel even further. Eventually (and it wont take too much longer) we WILL hit rock bottom. I hope you will be proud of the role you took in our descent.
5. Whoo Hooo!
Josh   (03.20.07)
6. To Palestinian
Avraham ,   NYC   (03.20.07)
Even though your people are my sworn enemies, on this point I wholeheartedly agree with you.
7. do jewish women have hooters??
rami   (03.20.07)
8. Come on, get a kosher cert, if only for the sake of irony.
Sam ,   Virginia, USA   (03.20.07)
9. Hooters
Roxy ,   Israel   (03.20.07)
Yes,about time we had some good american food here that won't be kosher! They have really great food thereespecially the Hot wings! As for the scaintly clad waitresses,all they are in are shorts and tee shirts, I have seen more skin on the beaches here than they expose at hooters, and if a woman wants to work there she can, I have a feeling the uniform will be changed a bit for Israel anyway.
10. Tel Aviv ok? but Dubai?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.20.07)
While they are torching internet cafe's in Gaza it is hard to imagine that a Hooter's could open in Dubai? Will the waitresses be local girls (fast staff turnover with all those honor killings) or foreigners or will the new attire be the Burhka? It is odd how secular Israel has never quite managed to bring high culture to the masses, but has so succeeded in bringing the lowest culture to our elites.
11. More drek rubbish here
One less food virus ,   here   (03.20.07)
whereas Abercrombie and Fitch are opening in London. Can we change over maybe, and give this goyshe rubbish to the Brits, where it really fits in, and we have the Tshirts instead, as they don't cause food poisoning ?
12. Finally, Hot Wings in Israel!!!
Drew ,   Tel Aviv   (03.20.07)
13. Finally Good Buffalo Wings
Magic Mel ,   Ra'anana Israel   (03.20.07)
Nothing like good Buffalo Wings and you can count on that at Hooters. The few restaurants that currently serve Buffalo wings do not understand that the wings need Frank's hot sauce not honey!!! Bistro 56 do you hear that!!!
14. complete waste of time
shira ,   tel aviv, israel   (03.20.07)
Tel Aviv already has scantilly clad waitresses and waiters all over the place. The Hooters uniform won't be anything new or exotic. Boring.
15. Hey, Talula!
jewish mother ,   jerusalem   (03.20.07)
Now here's a real job for you! Get them out and line up! I'll bet that in the secular cess-pit of Tel-Aviv, they'll be queuing around the block.
16. LOL!!!!
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (03.20.07)
It sure fits Israel. I remember one of the first ads I saw when I came to this country was a one for Goldstar Beer featureing a Pilsner glass with breasts, and the caption -- "Give the man a Goldstar!" Israel can out-sexist anyone hands down. And, I more than once saw a relgious chap with a copy of a skin mag tucked in his Hamodia on the 62 and 72 buses (two of the major lines to Beni Brak)
17. Hooters
Eli ,   Nottingham UK   (03.20.07)
We have a'hooters' here. The food is not at all good. The waitresses are hot which is unusual in Ebgland. However in Israel all the waitresses in all restaurants are hot so I don't think it'll take off in Israel
18. hoo gives a hoot. "Er, not me.
Salmon Ella ,   no thanks   (03.20.07)
19. Now I have no reason not to make aliya!
Boris ,   Toronto   (03.20.07)
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (03.20.07)
21. Author is Clueless....
Bill C ,   Allen Park, MI   (03.20.07)
Have you ever even been to a Hooters? I mean seriously, how much diligence does it take to figure out that the waitresses do not wear "low-cut blouses" or "short skirts"....they wear t-shirts and shorts. This is the type of reporting I have become used to from Reuters. Hey Reuters...heres an idea...why dont you just find a pic of a scantily clad woman on the internet and photoshop a Hooter's logo onto her? I'm sure Adnan Hajj could help.
22. Hooters
rob ,   toronto, canada   (03.20.07)
Ate at Hooters in Canada and they had great difficulty preparing a salad, menus is terrible food even worse!!! If you want to see beautiful sexy girls go to the beach then when you are hungry go to a good restaurant!!!
23. Arsim need to eat, too, ya know... :-)
Shuki   (03.20.07)
24. Grat! just make sure not to hire flat chested women
Rami ,   Nazareth, israel   (03.20.07)
25. gaza
anonymous   (03.20.07)
im going to open one in gaza maybe we'd see a decrease in terrorism
26. Enough!
Eliyahu Ben Moshe ,   Yerushalayim   (03.20.07)
Hakash sheshavar et sav saGamal
27. Hooters in the Holy Land
future olah ,   Hollywood   (03.20.07)
Hooters treats its waitresses as sex objects and teaches the wrong message to young girls and boys. I am making aliyah to get me and my family away from the Hooters-type culture I have had to live with for 50 years in Hollyweird. If you care about family values, you should be opposed to Hooters.
28. make sure you have the curly fries and the extra spicy sauce
m ,   tlv   (03.21.07)
29. one problem though these skinny israeli girls have no boobs
FG ,   tlv   (03.21.07)
30. HOOTERS will fail miserably in Israel
Avi Cohen ,   Laguna Beach, CA   (03.21.07)
There's nothing special about hooters. As many of you have pointed out, many of the waitresses Israeli restaurants currently staff are much more attractive than any Hooters girl I've seen. Whats more, is the horrible food. You cant fool an Israeli. Israelis dont like chicken wings and hot sauce. Bottom Line. Ammend pargiot and shawarma to the menu and you've got a goldmine. Greasy wings and fried pickles... it wont last. If the food is sub par, it wont sell.... just look at how poorly starbucks did in Tel Aviv.
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