Hirchson under investigation over embezzlement
Efrat Weiss
Published: 20.03.07, 13:15
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1. He too ?
bentham ,   singapore   (03.20.07)
2. What? thieves? liars? in our government? NAHHHHH!!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (03.20.07)
How easily they steal money that isn't theirs money. Where is the money now? Who cares about his brother getting into debt, and why does he think everyone else should bail him out and pay for it? This makes my blood boil. These people should be thrown in prison for ever. They don't deserve to roam free. Assholes.
3. shalom kadima
Amir ,   Tel Aviv   (03.20.07)
We had enough. You all smell rotten
4. Another one to be added to Sharon's wake up list.
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.20.07)
Talkback #7 & #8 on:,7340,L-3377185,00.html
5. We need a vote of no confidence NOW !!
redmike ,   tel aviv and london   (03.20.07)
watchful eye   (03.20.07)
This one man somehow exemplifies more than any one else what is wrong in the Knesset
7. stop!
israel must STOP all these INVESTIGATIONS AND ALLEGATIONS IN THIS TIME OF WAR. israel, politically, learned well from the clinton era that the republicans, in their wish to win the white house, had to smear an american president and annihilate and destroy his reputation. dirty politics. israel learned it well. now that a couple of parties want the seat in israel, the same smearing occures inside this country which is DETRIMENTAL to what israel wants to achieve, shows it in poor moral light and mostly, EMBOLDENS THE ARABS AROUND THE WORLD AND MAKES US SEEM WEAK AND EVIL. stop this. you can't afford to do this anymore. you can't afford to have political unrest in this tiny country surrounded by those who want to annihilate you. you are your own worst enemy. the enemy from within!
8. now we know why olmert wouldn't give Peretz the finance min.
aaron ,   ra'anana   (03.20.07)
9. #7 - GO!
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (03.20.07)
A time of war is ALL THE MORE REASON to keep our Knesset clean. Our funds are low. Our military is suffering. Our economy is struggling. Our poor are growing in great numbers. ...and our government officials are pocketing taxes to cover each other????!!! A crooked, corrupt government of theives, embezzlers, rapists and "public-mafiosos" can't win a war. They can't build peace and they most certainly can't keep a citizen's army together. It's time for them to GO!
10. #9
I AGREE WITH YOU 100%. i really really do. you are right. these loosers must go. we need leaders who can address the problem right now and ones that can bring israel to what is used to be when i lived there. a unit, patriotic and strong country where people trusted great leaders whose interest in the country rather than money was primary. BUT.... what i meant is...let's wash our dirty laundry in our own private home. who needs to know what israel is doing internally with all the fights and political no no's. why can't we investigate and get rid of the rif raf in a quiet way without drawing negative attention to ourselves. i have no problem in getting rid of this scum in our government....i have a problem with the way we do it and advertized it to the world. it doesn't show us in a positive light and the arabs may feel we are weak and in turmoil so that they can take advanage of the situation. clean the house quietly without being in the news every day.
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