New joint Israeli-Palestinian olive oil brand launched
Published: 20.03.07, 20:31
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1. Great idea...
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (03.20.07)
Hope to see more project like this in the future. I hope this product get marketed in Israel as well.
2. olive oil
shanin ,   jerusalem   (03.20.07)
at least we can do something together without any problems.
3. Is it Kosher?
Edwin ,   Canada   (03.20.07)
4. Olive oil in Japan?
Juha the Clown ,   Mish kidda ya bey?   (03.21.07)
What Japanese food can be cooked using olive oil? Tempura fried in olive oil? I don't think so!
5. You miss to add...
Sham Poo   (03.21.07)
I hope this product get marketed in Israel as well as in PA zone, Jordan, Syria, Arabia, Iran and any other muslim country
6. Joint venture
Edithann ,   USA   (03.21.07)
Why not get the settlers out of Palestinian homes first.? Now that would be a better joint venture....
7. olive oil
Haytham ,   Saudi Arabia   (03.21.07)
8. Spirits
Sameer S Reehani ,   Houston,Tx USA   (03.21.07)
Perhaps Olive Oil of Peace ,can best be used to the cleanse the spirits,soul and hearts of all politicians on both sides.It seems to me that nothing else has worked so far.
9. Olives of Peace
David Sokal ,   Seattle Washington   (04.01.07)
There already is an olive oil in the US that is a joint project of Israelis and Palestinians. It has been available since Sept. 2006. See In a few weeks, the company that produces Peace Oil will also be selling a high-end gourmet version called Salam Shalom that is made from olive oil from two farms, one Israeli and one Palestinian. The label is being designed by leading Israeli and Arab Israeli artists Oded Ezer and Habib Khoury respectively. Your readers may also be interested in these products as well.
10. Palestinian Olive Oil
Ali ,   Boston, USA   (11.17.08)
We are a US based company that currently sells certified Organic and Fair Trade Palestinian Olive Oil and other Palestinian delicacies with free shipping. Please see our website for details, we are hoping to make Palestinian Olive Oil a household name. Best Regards, Ali Olde City Imports LLC PO BOX 153 Randolph , MA 02368
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