Summer conflict named Second Lebanon War
Ronny Sofer
Published: 21.03.07, 21:44
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1. Clever Name!
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.21.07)
"Summer conflict named Second Lebanon War" My suggestion would have read: "Second Lebanon War named Summer Conflict".
2. they didn`t name it olmerts flop????/
chacham mei 1   (03.21.07)
3. These wise expert's finally caught up !
marcel ,   florida   (03.21.07)
I wonder if they will figure out want Hamas and Fatah are up to before it's too late ? A small hint to the wise ones . It's not peace which they are pursuing .
4. naming!, the day when the world laughed at Israel
observer   (03.21.07)
They called it "Yom Kippur" because the supposedly "evil" Arabs didn't respect holiest day. The Egyptians were freeing Sinai which happened to be occupied by people who were busy exploiting "stealing" its oil and mines during their holy "day of atonement"! They didn't know that Israel took the Arabs by surprise in a "true" holiest day in 1956. Yes, what do you call "a day" when you are most vulnerable being attacked by two-then- evil superpowers.
5. last summers conflict
carol ,   eilat   (03.21.07)
what can one say just another war another number so many lives lost i think they could find a better name maybe summer to remember
6. The name is OK, but ominous
Tracy W   (03.21.07)
We are numbering them: The First Lebanon War The Second Lebanon War The Third Lebanon War?..... Let the Third one take care of things once and for all. No more restraint to acquiesce powers such as the US and the UN that don't have to fight for their lives on Jewish soil.
7. This topic
Libneniyyeh ,   Lebanon   (03.21.07)
makes me want to vomit
8. They should name it: Israel's LostWar Because of a Weak Govt
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.21.07)
9. Weaker than the spider web war
Spider   (03.21.07)
It's very simple... It should be named: "Weaker than the spider web war", or "The destruction of the myth war".
stude ham   (03.22.07)
How brilliant!
11. Just name it: "The Ooooops! war"
Whatever   (03.22.07)
12. Tracy 6
Libneniyyeh ,   Lebanon   (03.22.07)
You know, Tracy, it's only people like you who havent really experienced the horrors of war, who havent seen their country destroyed and rebuilt, who havent lost loved ones, who can speak the way you do about it. Restraint? Acquiescence? This is sickening.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (03.22.07)
I think i have written this before,but it seems there is more committees here then anywere else in the world. All these wise people just talking and talking at the expense of the tax payer. But as long as they can get away with it why not. Meanwhile most media outlets and the people in general were already calling it the 2nd lebanon war. This way we do not have to appoint another committee for the 3rd lebanon war. And if Olmert and Peretz are still keeping their seats warm and they are trying real hard. We can go to a 4th lebanon war.
14. Is That Was A War
1.5 Billion Muslims   (03.22.07)
Reality check, World
15. Rep to #3, Palestinians are up to?
David ,   Israel   (03.22.07)
Don't worry we have Dahlan and many others in that goverment, they are our friends. Fatah is paid by us.
16. poor choice
Elad Lending ,   Israel   (03.22.07)
Lebanon, as we claimed, over and over, is not the enemy. The conflict should therefore be dubbed: "The Hizballah War."
17. #12 - Libneniyyeh - Your values
Tracy W   (03.22.07)
I don't feel enough respect for you to discuss your response to my TB, and I'll tell you why. On another news report on YNET ("End Palestinian Encitement" regarding Rice's statement about hateful material on Palestinian textbooks), a reader, DR from Florida (#15) reacted to a previous TB from you by telling of a heinous murder that took place in Iraq today. I quote DR from Florida: "Insurgents Use Children as Decoys in Bombing" "Iraqi police confirm that two children were used to gain access to crowded shopping area market by driver who then set off explosives in car as kids sat in back seat" Seems pretty dark to me...maybe not to you." End of DR's quote. And your response? On #28 you responded: "La teezeh Roughly translates as "Couldn't care less" Libneniyyeh , Lebanon " End of your response. -------- Two kids get blown to pieces as the result of a deliberate act by their own family and you say you couldn't care less. That was revealing enough about you and your values that it will need no further comments from me.
18. 'Lebanon Revisisted' is my choice for a name
Talula ,   Israel   (03.22.07)
19. Go Tracy!
Yehuda ,   Overseas   (03.22.07)
The problem is Iran, not Lebanon, not Israel.
20. Get Real. It was "The Lebanon Surrender"
malcolm   (03.22.07)
21. It's the "Ooooops! We forgot this is Lebanon" War!
Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (03.22.07)
It's the: "Ooooops! We forgot this is Lebanon!" War, Or the "Lebanon is our graveyard" War, Or the "Never mess with the Lebanese" War, Or the "This isn't Gaza" war, and the list goes on & on... you got the picture?!
22. Why didnt they include the term "DEFEAT"
Pasteur ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (03.22.07)
I suggest "Second Defeat", the "Disgrace Day", "The begining of the End"....any of these would suit me
23. Tracy 13
Libneniyyeh ,   Lebanon   (03.22.07)
Before you go righteously questioning my values or how much respect you have for me, understand to what, specifically, I was referring to in your quoted talkback. You don't portray a people as "dark forces" because of some sick nuts. But this is the weapon you like using best. Your friend DR's favorite response to anyone of a different opinion is to ridicule and insult that person. You want me to get you proof? Better yet, you want me to show you your own responses? And then, maybe you can explain to me, my friend, how you expect me to "respect" someone who calls for a third war on my country.
24. #22 - Pasteur
MichaelF ,   Silver Spring MD USA   (03.27.07)
In case you didn't notice, it was Hezbollah that fled the field of battle under fire. Isn't that why the head of Hezbollah said he regretted starting the war?
25. Call it "The Photoshop War"
MichaelF ,   Silver Spring MD USA   (03.27.07)
Name the war after the software that allowed the world press to alter the images that exagerated the damage done in Lebanon.
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