Katyusha hit Haifa refinery in summer war
Tani Goldstein
Published: 22.03.07, 13:21
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or   (03.22.07)
Who is so smart to publish this news anyways?? EVERYBODY knows that rockets fell there and in other places... And that this information is STILL confident and shouldn't be spread out of the contry... Are you WRITERS AND PUBLISHERS SO STUPID?? Can't you make any reasoning or do you think that our foes don't know any language excepf for arabic???? WAKE UP and stop publishingg information which everybody knows anyways in the comtry and which being published might make more damages to our contry in the next war...
2. cleared for publication by Whom ? WhicH MiniStry ?
1) 3,970 rockets landed in Israel's northern communities, 907 of which landed in urban areas. 2) wounded 2,015 people, and left 52 dead What was the REASON for the Ministry to interfere with freedom of Press? YNet what will happen if you had publish the News before the so called APPROVAL ?
3. Next Time, Won't Be So Lucky
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (03.22.07)
Remve Olmert/Peretz/Livni now so that Israel might win the next war, which is coming soon.
stude ham   (03.22.07)
now that it's news there is absolutely nothing that will prevent concentrated and systematic enemy attacks on this site. so how will the olmert-peretz coalition deal with this obvious security travesty?
5. ooops!!!
6. rockets landing in Israel
chaim grosz ,   miami beach usa   (03.22.07)
According to this article the indiscriminate thousands of rockets fire into Israel, just one rocket had the potential of causing hundreds of casualties, but had a definite destructive result of, hundreds of workers being laid off, hundreds of families loosing their income and ability to sustain themselves, Millions of dollars lost due to the forced closure of the refineries operations, all this was kept secrete from the public and the world, why. Was the secrecy attached to that incident due to avoiding to disclose the locations hit by the rockets, that is just stupid, the fact that the rockets were fired without any ability to land at any specific target belies such excuse. The real question must be asked was the failure to disclose made by the political establishment to avoid the necessity of taking the appropriate defensive measures in trying to appease the worlds anti Israel biases, then the question must be asked, what would have been the Israeli response had the worst happened, does it take the actual deaths of hundreds of Israelis for Israel to react appropriately, wow that is a very sick reasoning, if such is the political reality then just why is there any secrete services necessary, if not to prevent at and all means to protect Israel BEFORE any attack. The first true measure of defense is offense and why is Israel waiting to destroy the rebuild up of Hizzbola/Lebanon capabilities to inflict serious damage to Israel, when the UN 1701 cease fire agreement is ignored by the same international observers sent to deny such buildup.
7. Do the lebanese REALLY want to be destroyed?
Realiy Check ,   BaGolan   (03.22.07)
Very soon, the olmert/Peretz/Livni team will be gone. The new government will not be a team of appeasers takeing lessons from the French and Spaniards on how to surrender to terrorism. The Lebanese now have a choice: curtail terrorism on ther territory, or face the ultimate retribution!
8. #2
OR   (03.22.07)
You ask "YNet what will happen if you had publish the News before the so called APPROVAL?". Here is the answer: "Why do the ISRAELI press should make the job EASIER for Hezbollah?" I, as an israeli citizen, who lives on north and didn't live my place of living nor wor (which is even futrther north) during last summers war, do agree with israeli intelligence p[olicy which was NOT ALLOWING The press to tell EVERYTHING. IT was for our safety. I know where the rockets hit in my neighbourhood and I am so glad that the TV, RADIO nor any other news were NOT allowed to publish that. You know why? Because: 1. Hizbullach would have the job done without the use of their intelligence 2. They would throw more rockets in these specific directions (THEY KNOW WHAT IS PLACED WHERE, they have maps) 3. And as a consequence there would be more damages done, more people would have lost their lives and the war would be LOST for Israel. Is THAT what YOU WANTED????????
10. so what?
how about those bombs and rocket fell on Palestian, Lebanon...etc
12. maybe
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (03.22.07)
maybe Israel just wants to survive. maybe Israel is just trying to make a living without any bad wish for others maybe her heart is deeply broken by all world in all times maybe we all missed A point. somethimes should we try to see what never wished to seen ? should we also try to see beautifull hearts instead deadly war machines for just one time somethimes I catched the feeling what it means to be one of them in todays world. Atilla Karagözoğlu
13. is it important, Atilla ?
is it important to understand them, Atilla ? why, Atilla ? what is this non stop following ? why you cant stay out ? do you need money ? a job ? a jewish girl friend ? what you are looking for, Atilla ? can you just say you just loved them in your books written by them ? YES. no more. no less. Atilla Karagözoğlu
14. speak more, Atilla ?
how about The others (Palestinians and Arabic people), Atilla ? do you also love them ? maybe I am angry at them more than a humanity love I have for them maybe all I want to see they live happy. maybe I dont love them maybe I just have respect for their life. maybe this my soul. maybe this is my deep heart. my mind is some where my heart is some other and my soul my soul travels in the hearts and ın the skies my soul doesnt belong to me. I cant even see it always, anymore Atilla Karagözoğlu
15. Atilla !
do you smoke something, now? do you drink, now ? what you are doing while writing ? just a too deep lovely song I am listening. why Atilla ? it helps me be pure and emoutional. is it a need to write. maybe I just wanto be emoutional. if they dont get your point, you get upset ? NO. I am just crying now. Maybe all I need to cry. all other things are just reasons Atilla Karagözoğlu
16. last question, Atilla ?
tell us what you are listening ? "paddy o'connor - Lord of the dance" bye and love Atilla Karagözoğlu
17. Attila, you are far out!
joe ,   usa   (03.22.07)
I still have no idea what you aer talking about or what you mean, but you are far out! ya da man!
robin ,   miami   (03.22.07)
19. BottomLine::This revealation elevate Nasrallah to sainthood!
KMR ,   Middle East   (03.22.07)
20. Rocket landing in Haifa refinery
roxy ,   israel,Kiryat Bialik   (03.22.07)
NOw you can all see what a danger it is to have such a facility so close to a major population center. The refineries and factories must be either moved to a more remote location or protected much better becaue it was only by sheer luck that nothing was hit, and who knows if we will be so lucky the next time!
21.  To #10: SO WHAT? You supported the war!
You wished and dreamed of Israeli deaths! So YOU got some hits too! What do you want now, sympathy? If the bombs you took hit Jews, you would have danced in the streets! Next war, where will you be when this region gets maybe an nuclear missle, it misses and wipes out Palistine? Will you dance then?
22. #2 Cleared for take off....
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (03.22.07)
What happens when a major jet plane starts to take off before being cleared - before closing the passenger doors - before checking the fuel? You wouldn't want to be on that plane now would you! If uncleared information was released during war time - it would be a similar effect - but on a grander scale. It's not ABOUT freedom - it's ABOUT life and death.
23. What a Free Press, What a democracy
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (03.22.07)
It was justified Israeli people watch war from Hizbullah and other arab TVs. Take this very serious, Just suspect what other information was witheld and they may be disclosed or cleared a few years later after All Israelis deported back USA frol Phalestine. And calculate what disasters you will face if on April 2 morning at the start of passover Olmert try to attack Iran over Iraq as they seem planned!
24. No Surprise
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (03.22.07)
I guess even AFTER this near catastrophe Olmert decided that carpet bombing Hizbullahland was NOT an appropriate response. Afterall, his job is to protect enemy 'civilians' at all costs and to obey his handlers.
25. # 22 Kate Jerusalem, I see the reason...
ben ,   singapore   (03.22.07)
it was During War Time, not in normal circumstances. Thanks :) ben singapore
26.  For the dangers inherent in
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (03.22.07)
self medication please read posts 12 through 16.
27. to # 21 what u waiting for??? USA?
28. #7....The Lebanese are not terrorists.
Larissa ,   Australia   (03.27.07)
There are terrorists all across the globe. The main culprits are in fact political leaders not extreamest groups. Israel didn't surrender. To surrender is to give up because you cannot win. Israel, put simply, ceased its fire because of the outrage in the international community over the disproportionate use of Artillary and military power and war crimes after launching hundreds of thousands of rocket missiles, cluster bombs etc... onto civilian infrastructure in Lebanon. Taking into consideration the casualties on either side and the physical damage caused to the country... who was really terrorized?
29. #23: Is this meant to be an "April joke"?
Tobias   (03.29.07)
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