Border Guard policemen filmed beating Palestinian youth
Ali Waked
Published: 22.03.07, 23:59
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31. #17 - Y-net in English represents radical views
Isragirl ,   Qiryat Yam, Israel   (03.22.07)
Go on Y-net in Hebrew, read 400+ talkbacks of Israelis critical of the soldiers' behavior, yet acknowledging that the kid (17 y.o. - kid?) probably got pulled over for throwing stones at the soldiers (it's a daily habit there). Would the Arabs respond the same to the news about a shooting attack on a passing car that kills a family of 5? Or would they commend their "soldiers" for bravery of shooting at children? He got kicked on his head for throwing stones at people. What would have happened to him if he was a black kid in USA throwing stones at the police? I'd say - 5 bullets in his head, not a fist. Still, in unbearable situations both sides act deplorably.
32. Two sides to every story. Only one presented here.
D. Roberts ,   Wales, UK.   (03.22.07)
I am a retired Police Officer in the UK and I have sadly witnessed a number of such incidents among my colleagues here in the UK against civilians. I would emphasise that, no matter what the provocation, such actions by the individuals involved are totally unacceptable. Two things concern me in relation to this article though. One is that it appears to not be the actions of individual officers that are being condemned but the state of Israel and the Border Police en masse. The other is that no opportunity has been given for any version of events from those concerned. Granted it states that an investigation is being held, and this is the correct procedure. However, there are always two sides to the story. Yet, I am sad to say, it appears that only side is being given precedence here. When I see less media attention being given to Palestinian security services shooting each other in the street, and their turning of a blind eye to the public killing of Palestinian civilians merely suspected of 'collaborating' with Israel, then I am bound to ask if there is a bias or agenda here in the place of media objectivity. Thanks for listening.
33. Goading For Just Such A report. Ynet, You Are Useful Idiots
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (03.22.07)
Open up your ears people. These 'youths' were goading the police. They should be lucky their heads weren't separated from their shoulders. That is what would happen in Muslim controlled territory. Ynet, worry more when the police beat Jewish nationalists for legal protests.!
34. at 15:23
israeli ,   israel   (03.22.07)
ynet published this piece about 4 people killed in Gaza infighting. It has produced only 10 talkbacks, none of them from an Arab condemning the Fatah-Hamas violence. Although I strongly disagree with violence against civilians, especially high school students, I cannot help but ask again: where are you, righteous souls when Arabs are getting killed? Does one person bullied by Israeli security forces deserve more attention than four people killed by their own?,7340,L-3379923,00.html Yet again, deafening silence ...
35. #34, again I am with you.....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.22.07)
These people are so one sided, they don't care about the actuall people who are involved in the beatings or deaths in Gaza, all they care about is the fact that Israel is viewed in a negative light in the media. If the story makes them look, bad....silence!!! This is exactly what we have come to expect from the palestinians and exactly why the world is getting sick of their whining and distortion of news.
36. to Danielle, #23
israeli ,   israel   (03.22.07)
Please do not rush to conclusions based on reading talkbacks only. Please also consider the case of one your Muslim compatriots who spent several years studying at the Tel-Aviv University.,7340,L-3367914,00.html
37. Chris #4 Did you forget the Marines with the family
Mike ,   Canada   (03.22.07)
Are you saying the same actions should be taken against the States for killing and raping "inocent " families i dare you to be honest
38. You want them to love you ?
Are those the Palistinian children which you ask their teachers to stop teaching them to hate the Israelians ???? they don't need teachers for this you do it better than any teachers .
39. OMG....
Daneille ,   Maracco   (03.22.07)
OMG… this is just unbelievable, actually, I was on Israeli side without realizing the Palestine side, now when I see both side, I came to the final conclusion that Israeli are the biggest trouble maker ever. # 36 you don’t need to give me any site from jews' sites to feel sorry for jews. I took that course recently and I have my own source for both sides. thank any way though
40. to MIKE from Canada #37
Chris ,   USA   (03.22.07)
To be honest, Palestine don’t cause much destruction compare to Israel…No wonder they prepare themselves for the suicide because they are using “rocks” instead of Bulldozers. There money was taken away from them… no justification….
41. #23, what do they say about .....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.22.07)
palestinians shooting each other daily and the innocent people killed in that cnoflict? i am just wondering b/c i never see any of you post talkbacks for those stories...interesting huh?
42. #38...they don't love each they?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.22.07)
How many palestinians have died at the hands of another Palestiniain in recent months? Come on you know! I do not condone the beating of a teenager and i hope this sioldier is punished, BUT for you to come here and point fingers is laughable!!! take care of your own people first, then worry about "Israelians" as you call them.
43. Not defending it
J K ,   NYC, USA   (03.22.07)
But I'm sure the kid mouthed off to him about something or other. Not to be expected from or tolerated from what should be a professional police force. I hope this incident is investigated and the office in question disciplined as well as the other offers who stood around doing nothing.
44. wow They are really brave to hit a student,are they the same
SOMeone ,   Somewhere   (03.22.07)
wow They are really brave to hit a student,are they the same who fighted Hizballah , !? in Lebanon ? cause it was better for them to have a real war , not to hit people has nothing to defence themselves . But maybe , just maybe they can't do anything except hidding when they see a real war :P
45. What really is going on?
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.22.07)
The video mysteriously starts with a confrontattion but does not show what led up to it. But that is not unexpected. An Al Jazeera column on line written by an Arab author with only Pali sources. Of cours the arab party meretz quickly jumps on it to prove we should not exist. And that Hadash chairman Barakeh (who is paid by Hamas) jumps on the bandwagon is even less of a surprise. Taking the word of the Arab journaist is as trusting as democracy loving individulals taking at face value the rantings of Mugabe, bin Laden or Jimmy Carter Wake up! propoganda is propoganda! Prove the accusation and then, if it is true, punish the perpetrators. Until then, bless the Border police for the REMARKABLE job they do every day!
Debbie ,   Toronto   (03.22.07)
If the police order you to stop and you do not, they go after you and chances are you will be roughed up, becaue it looks like you are up to no good... dah! If you take the same chance in a war zone you are lucky if you are not shot. This young man should be thankful he was not shot, luckily Isreal's border guards are not trigger happy. He should shut his mouth stop complaining and get back to school.
STEPHANE ,   FRANCE   (03.22.07)
i enjoyed this video,and i understand 100% israeli soldiers.the arabs are 24/7 provoking,insulting,throwing stones on soldiers!so it's VERY NORMAL,that when they catch 1 of the bastards who harrass them they beat him a little all the horrible leftists who read my talkback;remember when 2 israeli soldiers entered ramallah by mistake and were taken to the "police" station!remember what they did to that soldiers!it was really worse than the slaps that this palis received right!??look what american soldiers do when they catch arab terrorists in irak,look russian soldiers what they do to tchetchens!look what arabs do to other arabs!!!so stupid leftists;don't cry me a river for this stone thrower!i'm very happy when the soldiers catch them!
48. Whats the big deal?
freejay ,   Israel   (03.22.07)
What i saw on the video was a couple of slaps.......big deal.........The little bastard probally deserved it for throwing stones........anyhow, its no worse than what his father does to him every night...........It makes me sick that you people worry about such trivial incidents when just today 4 died with infighting between hamass and fatah. But i guess propaganda is what Palastine is built on, so fools like you will feel sorry for terrorists.
50. they beat my kid too
eliezer ,   jerusalem, israel   (03.22.07)
When the cops beat my kid, no one gave a sh-t. He was watching a protest against the pull out from Gaza. A boy from the protest ran into the area my son was at and the police came in and began to beat my son. We have a few still pictures of it. Then they had the chutzpah of taking him to jail and later 'dropping' charges against him after he spent a night and misserable day in jail. Today he leaves in NYC and has no desire to live in a sh-ty country where the leaders are totally corrupt and despicable, and the police are brutal. If you want to cry for this Arab, cry for my son too
51. this is abuse????????????????
Rehavam ,   Israel   (03.22.07)
this is ABUSE!!!
rOBIN ,   mIAMI   (03.22.07)
56. I got much worse from....
Edwin ,   Canada   (03.22.07) teachers in school in England! and I hadn't thrown stones.
57. This is a set up ...who took the video?
rachel ,   usa   (03.22.07)
This kid knew what he was doing , he probably insulted the soldiers just to get a reaction .....why would they hit suddenly like that? a17 year old is man ....not a boy...
58. This episode is not good for Israels image in the world but
Y ,   N   (03.22.07)
there exists a lot of police brutality videos from all over the world. Why should the actions of a few Israeli police officers be portrayed as something thats common to the whole force?
59. how shameful!
60. The reality that is hawara
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.22.07)
For years , Pali terror groups have used kids Hawara in an attempt to get bomb belts throug checkpoints and into Israel. On March 15, 2004, for example, Israeli security forces caught an 11-year-old boy attempting to smuggle a bomb through a roadblock. The boy was promised a large sum of money by Tanzim activists in Nablus if he delivered a bag containing a bomb stuffed with bolts to a woman on the other side of the checkpoint. If the boy was stopped and searched, the terrorists who sent him planned to use a cell phone to immediately detonate the 15 to 22 pounds of explosives he was carrying, murdering nearby soldiers as well as the boy. The plan was foiled by an alert Israeli soldier, and the bomb apparently malfunctioned when the terrorists tried to remotely detonate it. A week later, on March 24, 2004, a 14-year-old Palestinian child was found to be carrying explosives when attempting to pass through the Israeli army checkpoint at Hawara, at the entrance of the town of Nablus (AP, March 16, 2004;, March 25, 2004). Just over a year later, on May 22, 2005, a 14-year-old boy was again arrested at the Hawara checkpoint with two pipe bombs strapped to a belt he was wearing. A few days later, a 15-year-old tried to get through the checkpoint with two more pipe bombs (Jerusalem Post, May 25, 2005). The Border must react forcefully and completely! G-d bless them!
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