I wouldn’t have gone to war, Peres tells Winograd Commission
Aviram Zino
Published: 22.03.07, 18:32
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1. Who is having a party when he dies?!!!!
2. Peres:"Canibet too big"
reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.22.07)
Then resign and listen to yourself and make us al happy
3. I would not have gone to war
Shimon Peres ,   Anywhere but Israel   (03.22.07)
Not even if the terrorist armies were knocking on the wal of the Kotel would I move to war. Why would i want to offend my benefactors in the Arab communities like Meretz and "Peace Now"?
4. Shimon Peres, the pathological opportunist
No wonder your people don't want you. I still want to know who did you talk to on the back seat of Rabin's car on the night he was mysteriously murdered. Let's see Y-net publish this...
5. You wouldn't but they would:
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (03.22.07)
6. Peres
jeremy ,   Hula Valley Kibbutz   (03.22.07)
Peres, says he wouldn't have gone to war. What would he have done instead??? Talk everyone to death. Peres is an old man that needs to be retired from political life. He only has illousions of grandure
7. How is Israel "not prepared for war"?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.22.07)
Being surrounded by Arab nations that look forward to your demise and you're "not ready for war"? This is the result of bad leadership and a far left movement which weakens the nation. I am not saying liberals are bad people, just bad for a country that has to rely on its military to defend its own existance.
8. vice president mr shimon peretz
palistinian ,   usa   (03.22.07)
start to understand the strenth of us palistinian people and he knows that the zionist army should have gone to war agains us because we are stronger then them now. more strenth to us and if you don't go bake to 49 border soon we'll take it all believe me
9. Just shows that current leadership has no clue.
Cynic ,   USA   (03.22.07)
This is not 1967 or 1973. The arabs know their armies can't win a conventional war against Israel so they fight their wars through groups like Hizballah. How pathetic to say he would not go to war because Hizballah is not an army.
10. His response is not surprising
Brod ,   USA   (03.22.07)
When you get old life becomes more apprehensive. Hence, it would be wise for people to retire when they are in their late 60s. People who are in their 70s onward should not be required or expected to work. Let them enjoy their retirement.
11. #8; That is funny. Maybe if you ever stop killing each other
Cynic ,   USA   (03.22.07)
13. Believe Nothing He Says
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.22.07)
Mr. Peres will adjust his "testimony" in accordance with what he perceives the public/commission wants to hear or what he perceives to be "politically correct" at that moment. He "talks to his audience", regardless of what the truth is. Nothing he has ever said has had a shred of credibility.
14. Any problem with army not prepared for war?
Steve ,   USA   (03.22.07)
B"H I see the basic script as "the army is not prepared for war" and therefore "I would not send the army into war". But who is taking responsibility for an army that is not prepared for war? Armies are in place to prepare and to be prepared for war. This preparation ensures peace since the enemy sees deterence and does not desire war. That is the purpose of an army. When there is no responsibility for maintaining an army that is prepared for war with external enemies, that is a very difficult situation. What exactly is the army prepared for in that situation? For Jew expulsions and internal civil attacks? The top needs to fulfill its responsibility to maintain an army that can provide for the common defense of Jews against external enemies. This is a fundamental role of government, to provide common defense. I am glad there was some defense, but I find the lack of preparedness for an actual war shocking, especially since Hamas is making war moves against Israel in Sderot under Iranian patronage even currently with rocket attacks.
15. peres please go to old age home. we are soooo tired of you.
avraham ,   jerusalem   (03.22.07)
16. Israeli naivete
Hal ,   New York, USA   (03.22.07)
This caught my attention. From Maj.-Gen. Malka: "(Former Prime Minister) Ehud Barak's thesis was that after the withdrawal we would remove all the other sides' bases of legitimacy to operate against us, we would receive a 'clean page' from the entire world, including written statements by the UN institutions and the international community, thus creating a component of deterrence which would form a completely different reality on the Israel-Lebanon border," he said. It always surprises me how naive some Israelis in high positions can be. Hezbollah had no reason to think of Israel as legitimate, because that would undermine their reason for being. And most of the Arab world, the developing world and about 1/3 of Europe also think of Israel as a colonialist project, no matter how small it may be. That's because they see wealthy "white" people among a sea of poor "brown" people. That and classic anti-Jewish feeling. Yes, Barak was right to withdraw from Lebanon. But only as a tactic, not as a way of getting the world to love Israel. Vigilance and clear -- not wishful -- thinking are called for.
Richard   (03.22.07)
18. Hal is Right On the Mark
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (03.23.07)
Nothing that Israel does, in favor of peace with the Arabs, short of dismantling itself, will ever satisfy the majority of the Arab-Palestinian Arab-Muslim worlds. Since 1948, the only goal has been Israel's destruction. All the wars, intifadas, and guerrilla attacks, have been for one purpose. Israel, and its leaders just don't get it. They live in various states of denail. They are like a desparate husband who wants his wife to love him, but somehow doesn't understand why she talks about divorce all the time. There is no answer to people who want you to disappear, and will say and do anything to achieve that. If Israel continues on it's presen path, it will be the recipient of more and more wars, and deaths. The only answer is for Israel to be a garrison state, with boundries and defacto borders. It will never control the Arabs..and it's own Arabs are untrustworthy. No nation, would tolerate what Israel has been undergoing. Israel is reacting, not acting. Hezbollah and Hamas are stronger than is the "Axis of Evil" Once Iran tests a WMD, everything will change, for the worse, Im afraid. Israel still has no answer to the mad mullahs. It's deterrence since Lebanon has been eroded. Does anyone take it seriously now? Using bunker busters, instead of tanks, would have devestated Hezbollah's positions. Sending 50,000 troops was a mistake and unnecessary. Is Israel looking over it's shoulder at Condi, or what?
19. He's just Jimmy Carter with olive skin, and an accent.
cj   (03.23.07)
20. Simon Peres--they shameful hypocrite
Brooke ,   Bless Israel   (03.23.07)
How many times does Israel and the Jewish people need to learn the same obvious lesson? How many more jEWS must die? We do not need the world to like us!! We should be proud of the incredible contributions we have always gifted to the world, throughout history. We KNOW we are fair, peace-loving, kind and charitable. Stop confusing the right to our G-d given land and the right to self-defense as an opportunity for explanation and approval seekinf from a universe that has proven itself, throughout the ages to be virulently matter what concessions will be made. So stop making them!. The Winograd Commission will now once again prove the cause for the war's loss is Israel's suicidal "RESTRAINT" policy. AGAIN! Never allow yourselves to be governed by the Left and people who want Europe to like them and who in fact are financially compensated for this delusional position. Your PM"s family position of the right's and safety of Israel must be taken into account when voting in the governing brass. The clues are everywhere. Stop voting in weak, ashamed politicians.Take back the respect and deterrence that was hard won by all those who bravely came before you and freed our land. Never forget you are there because of the Holocaust. Be proud and remember what the Torah says---if all else fails and you must go to war---it is a sin to go and not fight to win and protect your soldiers and civillians .Immediately banish this insane restraint policy. Fix it once and for all and be proud and righteous and claim ALL the land that is rightfully the Jews.. B'H"
21. peres never went to any war
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.23.07)
he was never a soldier!
22. how come!!??
Tarek ,   Damascus   (03.24.07)
I always thought Israel was a clever state and everything they do is well planned and investigated etc... but how come you initiate a war you are not ready for? i mean it is not like you were "caught by surprise" you have been planning this for 4 months before the war.
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