Iran seizes 15 British troops in Persian Gulf
Associated Press
Published: 23.03.07, 19:46
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Sam ,   USA   (03.23.07)
2. here is my man !
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (03.23.07)
another sick. everything is sick to me, today. how they get power. why no one uses power for lovely things. whoever have power, starts talks about DESTROYING ! you know when he lost in me as a intlligent level ? when he said Jesus will come back. that time I did give him 0 point for intelligency of his religion knowledge. politics issues are devil subjects. its all over me. I am not in interest. I HOPE TO SEE IRAN AS REPUBLIC. SHE HAS GREAT EXAMPLE NEXT DOOR.
DAVID ,   USA   (03.23.07)
4. Welcome to the new gulf war
5. The British wanted this to Happen!
MARK ,   USA   (03.23.07)
Anyone agree? They want to provoke Iran so there will be a reason for war. A Pearl Harbor event in 2007.
6. believe me i read the iran news paper
palistinian ,   usa   (03.23.07)
the british and zionist occupation forces of iraq were in iran waters and our brave forces took the british sailors for interogation. this is the direct translation of iran news agency and believe me this is what happened.
7. wonderful....
this is my man.!!!! GOOD JOB!!! They UK sailores were teerrists!!! They must bring to justofication...
8. its not iran,its the mossad!
ahmed   (03.23.07)
9. when we left the power, everyone is EAGLE
not just him, The US The Europe Chines ones Middle East ones ..... ..... only we rule the world. we borned as warriers. today, we are weak. just wait for our times. WE NEVER MAKE TERROR. DO YOU SEE Atilla Karagözoğlu
10. ?????
Palestinain...   (03.23.07)
Hmmmmm????? Well, bad move on Iran's part..
11. The Gulf today, Britain tomorrow.
Yacov ,   Ashkelon   (03.23.07)
When the Green Flag of Islam flies over Parliament, the Brits will finally realize what Jews have been trying to tell them for decades- Israel and her Jews are not your enemies.
12. #6....delusional as usual
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.23.07)
you should really get your head checkes. Everyone, including iranian citizens knows that you cannot trust the media in iran. It is controlled by the Government after all. Iran will be dealt with soon and I hope people like you will finally learn that you are on the wrong side. Peace
13. no words,IRAN is a brave country
Mohammad ,   Arabian peninsule   (03.23.07)
14. 5 Makes sense.... NOT.... you must be a left wing
freedom ,   canada   (03.23.07)
dem.. Nice move on the cut in funding in the USA... The Dems always seem to time things in the proper manner... laughable..
15. We must act before it's too late
Jeans ,   Frankfurt, Germany   (03.23.07)
Iran is a threat not only to Israel, to the all Western World! Get togethor and destroy the "beast".
16. 6 The Iranian news paper would seem to
freedom ,   canada   (03.23.07)
be telling lies. Then again, believe what you want.
17. shoe fits
hanina   (03.23.07)
and what are they going to do about this one? Send in the red coats?
18. What will light the fuse ?
marcel ,   florida   (03.23.07)
WWIII IS APPROACHING ! The question is ;what will set it off ? The Iranians had all this planned down to the last detail knowing that the British are not in a position to escalate. The iranias will use this to expose the weakness of the west and possibly push some mopre on the paper tigers who are not ready for $400.00 hundred a barrel oil and hundred of thousands of dead brits and American's.The Iranian's are prepared to sacrifice and have prepared fro this coming war meticiously. We in the west have not and will get hurt real bad.
19. Hashem Sais
asher ,   cleveland, USA   (03.23.07)
Lmaan Tzion Lo Echeshe, U'Lmaan Yerushalayim Lo Eshkoat. It won't be thta Jews are kidnapped in Isarel and everywhere else it is quiet.
20. Iran...dont pull a sword if you arent ready to use it
Ahmandinejad wants war instead of UN resolutions Plus with russia pulling out of the nuclear deal...Iran has precious little ground to stand on in the wave of criticism. Desperate move from a desperate nation...
21. I wish
I wish I were too strong and too powerfull man to beat all enemies to make you (all of you, middle east and rest of world) all happy there. but I am not that man. no problem. that was just a wish. but very strong. Atilla Karagözoğlu I hate this name. I write it more than 20 times in a day. I start get bored. did I say love ? love :) for you readers, not for Ynet :))))
22. #6 - I read Russian newspapers
Isragirl ,   Qiryat Yam, Israel   (03.23.07)
they say that the spy in Britain was poisoned by Hamas and Iran... Do you believe them, too?
23. soldiers and marines
how aboujt revoking ahmadinejad's visa to visit the usa to talk to the un in new york?????? no soldiers, no visa. he can scream his rhetoric to the un from the media television in iran.
24. #5, Mark
I don't the Brits really want to provoke a war? If so, why didn't they have the assets in place to initiate a firefight right there? Seems more like a matter of stupidity in getting caught flat footed without adequate backup for your boarding party. All this has done is create another hostage crisis that the iranians are famous for. I do find it curious, though, that the Brits didn't have sufficient backup in place to challenge the iranian boats. It's not as though something like this couldn't be anticipated.
25. #3 Iranians
Dr. JOHN MAXWELL ,   Israel   (03.23.07)
Ye! The French & all the rest of those "enlightened" idiots will make them bend a little more so that they can really "Kiss their Arse" What a heavy price that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26. to #5 - connect the dots
george ,   usa   (03.23.07)
bush will say that iran had something to do with 911, connection with alqueda/binladen etc etc. they are planning for an attack right now! WAR!!
27. WW111
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. USA   (03.23.07)
If the Iranians want to start WW111with their new tactics, Bring it on.
28. then pass a UN resulotion saying they should be brought back
and you'll see your ,   boys when we see our   (03.23.07)
what, no?
29. #3 what price?
Mohammed ,   arabian peninsule   (03.23.07)
DAVID P ,   SANTA CRUZ, USA   (03.23.07)
IRAN WILL PAY A HEAVY PRICE, because whatever sympathy they have in this nation is now gone, Americans don't Like Kidknappings and unless Iran releases them unharmed very shortly America will react. This brings back memories of the American Hostages in Iran, and many feel today that faced with that same situation they would have reacted differently. Well the Mullahs are smart, because they either intended to provoke us and present us with that same scenario again, or they are incredibly arrogant, to think we'd react the same way twice.
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