MIT sponsoring contest to solve Israeli-Palestinian conflict
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Published: 23.03.07, 20:09
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1. the psychosis of MIT students
yermiyahu ,   San Francisco   (03.23.07)
This is why we should keep people from MIT working on bulding our bridges and designing our mp3 players, and never let them out of their cages. Do they think this is like trying to get a police car onto the roof of the Hancock tower using only balsa wood and coaxial cable? People need to realize that this conflict is not driven by practicalities (which are the only things MIT students have the vocabulary to deal with). The Arabs will continue to wage war against the Jews because they are in the grips of a hateful ideology, and the Jews must continue to defend themselves and retain their hold on the Land of Israel because it is them moral thing to do. So long as ideology at MIT breaks strictly along Halo vs. Starcraft lines, this contest will be a waste of time and money.
2. What a problem to solve
Rabi Zeeb ,   NY, USA   (03.23.07)
Figure out how to make peace and still have propaganda to steal money from US taxpayers to give to the arms industry. Plus, still blame it all on the Jews. All other enties will be disqualified, I'm sure.
3. any approach short of aknowledging what is really isllam is
whoever ,   wherever   (03.23.07)
mocking the truth.
4. Chomsky on MIT faculty
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.23.07)
The Israeli-Palestinian situation is not something that can be3 solved by engineers, as though this is an engineering problem, like the "Bridges of Koenigsburg." Since Chomsky is on the faculty of MIT he might have something to do with this "competition" in which case the "solution" could not be anything other than DESTROY ISRAEL.
5. Easily solved
Y ,   N   (03.23.07)
1.Divide the two peoples. All pal arabis in one state and jew in another. The pali state should be Gaza and a negotiated settelment for judea and samaria. 2.Give Israel EU membership or in some other way connect it more closely to Europe and the west. 3.Cut all western ties with the palis and let them instead cooperate with their arab brothers. Israel also should cut its ties withe the palis and only have a minimum degree of cooperation. One of the main reasons for the conflict in the ME is the arabs anger against western interference. And maybe then we will have peace in the ME by 2050. Can i have the $50000 now please?
6. not a good idea
palistinian ,   usa   (03.23.07)
al quds is alway ours from the begining and we have to have it back with the zionist going back to 49 and golan mountain back to us then we have peace when refugees and me go to palistine
7. everyone convert to christians, problem solved, give me 50k
problem solver ,   any town usa   (03.23.07)
8. A major flaw is the premise that the 'Palestinean Arabs' are
Uzi ,   Haifa   (03.23.07)
distinguishable from other Arabs like those of Jordan or Syria. Arab Palestine is an artificial constract even more so than Syria Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan. The people of these 'countries', with few exceptions like the Kurds, are Arabs of the Arab nation. Maybe their biggest difficulty is that the Jewish National Home in Western Palestine has grown and strengthened beyond the wildest dreams or nightmares of all involved at its conception. This wonderful miracle doesn't automatically create a separate Palestinean Arab nation.
9. great, then can I have half of Cairo and/or Amman, please?
marianne ,   colorado, usa   (03.23.07)
This is just ridiculous to the point of nausea - Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Period. Anything else is neither just, nor peaceful, nor sustainable.
10. One need only look at the "review committee"
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.23.07)
Mostly Arabs and palestinians, th Jews on the panel are Chomskyites, believing that the State of Israel is in basic opposition to Jewish values. Further, the leader of the panel holds the "Ford chair" at MIT, named after one of the most belligerant and outspoken anti-Semites in US history, a man that proudly received the Iron Cross from Hitler and fouht against US intervention in the Shoah. Speaks volumes for this program and its predetermined goals.
11. Solving the "Middle East" conflict
Dr Ahmed Pasha ,   Morocco   (03.23.07)
A good start to solve the Middle East conflict is to identify the REAL source of the poverty, violoence and suffereing in the region: Pan-arabism and Pan-islamism. As long as the region is dominated by militant despots driven by imperial dreams to oppress non-Arabs and non-moslems, abusing women, human rights and spreading racist hate propganda instread of education, tolerance and economic prosperity, the region will remain violent and inhuman. No anti-Jewish propaganda in the world will be able to whitewash the true nature of our blood-soaked region.
12. Conflicts and land disputes
Sagi ,   Israel   (03.23.07)
are only solved by one of two methods. Compromise by one side or defeat on the battlefield, total defeat. The tenacity of the Jewish People is not in question after 2000 years of solid proof. The Pillars of Islam do not allow for compromise. Therefor the second option seems to me to be more realistic. It will be costly for both sides but if conducted by Israel with the intent that it should be the final battle and a solution will ensue then that is exactly what will happen. Man is a very strange quirk of nature, he brings upon himself much suffering in search of peace and tranquility.
13. # 4 Kyle
Sagi ,   Israel   (03.23.07)
Strange as it may seem I have to agree with what you said. I have always considered it very unfortunate that such an illustrious institution as MIT should boast such a deranged individual as the one you mentioned. Leftism is a disease, but this particular patient has shown symptoms previously unknown to science.
14. you want peace and you offer 50 grand? are you kidding me?
ahmed bronstein ,   ny, ny   (03.23.07)
if peace is that much of a priority, i mean for goodness sakes, 50 grand barely covers the costs of a plate of humus with a side order of sahlav. if you want us to take you seriusly, take us seriously if muslims are willing to use chemical bombs on their own people why should israel be giving them land as a token of our appreciation for their efforts?
15. # 5 nice try
papa jay   (03.23.07)
get the US to cut ties with saudi arabia. hahahahah. nice and whats more funny is israel joining the EU. you get $.5 for the effort.
16. Great Competition
Bruce Tuchman ,   NY, NY   (03.23.07)
MIT is about logic, science, and vision. I hope they spend some time studying about irrational and illogical behavior. This is a new animal that they are dealing with. When people blow themselves up just to kill Jews there is a deep rooted problem. Look at the leaders of Hamas first.
17. MIT endover for peace in ME
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (03.23.07)
This entire enterprise is based upon a false premise, as things are developing at a pace faster then imagined within 5 years at the most the question will not be is a Peace agreement between Israel and any Arab or Islamic oriented country feasible, nor will the statues of Jerusalem be debated. All these issues will be resolved by a nuclear holocaust, and if there is any victor all that country will rule over is a vast uninhabitable wasteland devoid of any life. To dream of any possible solution, the participants first task must be, to remove any and all religious influence from the laws governing them and confine them to their respective houses of worship. That is almost imposable as Islamic laws are interwoven with their civil laws and is the dominant law governing in any Moslem country. And Jewish theology contains the hope for Jewish Jerusalem in all their prayers, ceremonies and is one of the basic thirteen tenets attributes of Judaism. There is no way any Israeli government will remain in power nor will any agreements written or not be honored, if Jerusalem’s Jewish identity is in any way compromised. .
18. A Novel Idea - From One MIT Parent To Its Faculty
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (03.23.07)
For the love of money - my money! I just paid MIT four years of hefty tuition bills (no financial scholarship for my little kiddie) for my son's impending EE degree. THAT was money well spent. I mean it. However, they totally miss the (academic) boat if they think that their little geniuses will be able to 'solve' the Arab/Israel conflict. What is needed here is not uninformed ideas from little Einsteins, nor the mostly leftwing input of their profs. What is missing on the campus (and on most campuses) is a true understanding of the conflict. No more sugarcoating, no more 'even Steven' bullshit. Just plain old truth telling. The truth is this - this conflict/war is NOT about land. It is about religious jihad and all that it entails. It would behoove the MIT community (and others) to teach its students the history of Palestine/Israel and the undeniable historical/biblical right of the Jews to their homeland. Enough professorial multicultural interference. If they are NOT going to approach this from the historical truth (have them read Joan Peter's 'From Time Immemorial' for starters) they best keep their lips zipped and have them work on their problem sets. That should keep them busy at least 20 hrs a day.
19. #11
dr. i do agree with you wholeheartedly. however, what you may have failed to mention is that the MAIN cause of the abysmal poverty, lack of education, progress and "humanity" in this region is a DIRECT CORRELATION TO THE IDEOLOGY OF THE ISLAMIST AND KURANIC RELIGION. when one wants out of poverty, backwarness, misery, no economy and religious intollerance, one has to QUESTION THE HOLY BOOK, THE KURAN. evolution of thought is done only through arguments, debates, thinking, opposing, judging and critical thinking. according to islam, the kuran's messages cannot be commented on and neither questioned. hence, what is written milleniums ago stand true today for islamists around the world. this is the reason that most if not all nations under islam have never progressed past the 12th century mentality. when one has no hope for progress and when one is not able to separate religion from state affairs and when one cannot have the freedom to question dogma and religious rules, one will never evolve. pedriod. as well, those despotic lunatic islamic leaderws, basically dictators rule with an iron fist. it is mostly convenient for them to keep the population like mushrooms in the dark and feed them bull s*t all of their lives. keep them uninformed, ignorant of the outside modern world, educate them with government controlled religious books that preach hate of the infidel, the jew, the brit and american and western values, treat the truth of history, particularly that of israel, as a myth and twist and rfevise historical truths to the point of a joke. but the pedople stay unaware becaue to ask or rebel or to question any such leaders or mullas and cleric is a death sentence in these countries. hence, the hate, ignorance, poverty, backwarness and the shameful behavior of those who use this populations to do the dirty deeds for them while they get rich and richer on the backs of their backward people. countries cannot be ruled by religion, especially one whose ideology is death, destruction and intollerance for anything that is not islam. it is professors or dr's like yourself that have probably left the mid east and arabia to pursue a freedom to think objectively and to be free to think. however, those of you who stay there are unfortunatelly the same as the entire population.
20. Contest...
MATTHEW ,   U.S.A.   (03.23.07)
The liberals at MIT do not understand peace....they bow to terrorists.
21. Cede Sovereignty to the Disney Corp
Adam ,   Brookline, USA   (03.23.07)
Just have everything west of the River Jordan handed over to the Disney Company. Not only would they resolve all the problems, they could get everyone to say "please" and "thank you". We'd have to all wear mouse ears, but I think that's a small price to pay for peace. Its a small world, after all. --Adam
22. This isn't a math problem, it's a religious one
Historical Observer ,   New York   (03.23.07)
Once again, idiots put in their two cents from a distant location (not far from me but still) thinking they can devise a solution to a problem that is beyond their intellect. Israel is claimed for Jews and palestinians were created in the 20th century to make up a reason to get rid of jews from the region. Solve for X. The solution is as simple and using an eraser on a chalkboard. The borders need to disappear and it should ALL BE ISRAEL. Live as a community (like bloods and crips). That's as close to peace as it will get there without evacuating the arab terrorists or educating in 50 years. After one or two generations, no one will give a hoot about the imaginary state called palestine. It makes up more of Jordan anyway, why isn't there??
23. So you're not interested, in even an attempt at peace?
Larissa ,   Australia   (03.23.07)
That explains everything.... Perhaps some Cognative Behavioural Therapy can assist in changing your thought process. Maybe a more positive out look would be all it takes to achieve peace.
24. No Need For Such Animus -Yermiyahu # 1
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (03.23.07)
Hey Yermiyahu, I agree with you that MIT should stick their noses out of this, but for heaven's sake you needn't be so nasty about the MIT students. "Let them out of their cages". What is THAT about? As an MIT mom I am duly offended. Anyway, read my post. I am sure they will print it.
Andrew ,   Miami,Fl   (03.23.07)
26. Fast-guide how to solve "the" conflict
Dan ,   Israel   (03.23.07)
1) Stop anti-Jewish hate-propaganda, repugnant lies and incitement against the existence of Israel. 2) Eradicate pan-Arab and pan-Moslem terrorism including Hamas/Fatah. 3) Dismantle the genocide.supporting regimes of Iran and Syria 4) And finally: GET A LIFE and start caring about the REAL VICTIMS in the world: Rwanda, Darfur, Kurdistan, Tibet etc.
27. Introduce word PEACE in Palestinian Islamic dictionary now!
KMR ,   Middle East   (03.23.07)
28. Two Solutions Only
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (03.24.07)
There will never be a peace as long as extremist muslims are running the show and being supported by their governments and their people spoonfed lies from their media. As well as the US getting it's way by flexing it's muscles and international clout. The only solution would be an Israeli relocation and establishment of the state of palestine, followed by a complete pullout and quarantine of the ME by the west. Most likely resulting in a 300 year civil war in that area, after which time Israel can go back and reclaim it's land. Another scenario to this would be an actual unification of the arabs in this area at which time they would expand as they have in the past and move towards Europe and India. The only other solution, and the one that gets my vote is a final Crusade to reclaim our land. This is not arab land as we are all from this area in the beginning. So if it can't be split, and looking at the map, Israel does have the small portion then it must be fought over or declined.
29. "Science stands above politics"?
Zuza the Hedgehog   (03.24.07)
Hmmn, funny they didn't decide to solve the Congo, with 4 million deaths so far. They could have called it Kinship Kinshasa. You know, if anyone ever thought it was impossible to have a high IQ and be a complete idiot at the same time, MIT provides a sobering corrective.
30. to Kyle,
marc   (03.24.07)
the fact is even thought u're jewish ur views are nothing like kyle who is tolerant accepting to others and reasonable and the voice of good in south park. MIT is doing a great thing engaging ppl with creative ideas, the reason u don't like them or chomesky is cause u don't want anything to draw the west's attention that there IS a problem. u're more like mr garrison before he came out, intolerant, in denial.
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