Hizbullah: Peres admitted defeat
Ronny Sofer
Published: 24.03.07, 19:17
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1. Ani loser?
shimon ,   peres   (03.24.07)
a loser? Me?
2. @ 1 Ma zay....You are not funny .
Skippy McKool ,   Placerville, USA   (03.24.07)
Uncle Simon is our #1 National Coward
4. Pychological Defeaaaaaat
Peres, H ,   Waterloo, Canada   (03.24.07)
but I think there was a very big psychological defeat, I think psychological defeat id the worst type of defeat. The diplomatic peres, Canada
5. Shimon Peres is the biggest loser of all.
Ari   (03.24.07)
6. Mr Peres' view on terrorism
Tracy W   (03.24.07)
Mr Peres says: "IDF and any other army are built to fight another army. War on terror is similar to war on crime – you kill one criminal after another, but it's difficult to kill the crime." I'm glad he understands that. Shouldn't the Israeli government and all "Peace Activists" think about that before they surrender any land and sign on any agreement with the Palestinians? The surrendering of land won't solve the problem and it won't bring peace between Israel and the Arabs. If Israel makes peace with Abbas, there are dozens of other Palestinian groups who will refuse to recognize the agreement and will continue to make war on Israel. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians won't happen until the Palestinians succeed in defeating their own terrorists.
7. Peres
Joe ,   Israel   (03.24.07)
Shimon Peres - the prennial loser. He is good for one thing only. Selling out Israel. He does it at every opportunity. He started in Oslo, continued through Geneva, and is now looking for other scenes. "Land for Peace" another nail in our coffin. Sure, give up all of Israel, kill all of the Jews and then the Arabs will make peace with us. Any more good ideas?
8. BottomLine::Billion out there to believe Hezbollah lies!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (03.24.07)
9. The real loser? The envelope puh-leez...
JPS ,   Efrat   (03.24.07)
Tada - the real loser of the war was the ordinary dumb Lebanese citizens who continue to allow the Syrian/Iranian domination of their country.. Hezbollah managed to set the Lebanese economy back 10 years, kill 1000 Lebanese, wouind thousands more, and for this Hezbollah emerged VICTORIOUS! Poor Lebanese sods paid the price, though, not the Israelis.
10. when is arab occupied lebanon going to be left
Micha   (03.24.07)
to the international community. arab occupied syria and arab occupied iran and arab occupied Jordan should be next to be relinquished to international monitors. Open up these lands to international community. Then arab occupied saudi arabia can open itself up to the world. thanks.
11. CAll it like it was "The Lebanon Surrender"
malcolm   (03.25.07)
-No return of kidnapped soldiers -Not even a Red Cross visit --Hizbollah doubles it's strength under UN watch -UN acts as a buffer to prevent Israel from launching a ground invasion in the likely event of a future katyusha bombardment. Livni signed a surrender to Hizbollah with the French as their intermediaries.
12. Peres was Ben Gurion’s Protégé
Chaim ,   Canada   (03.25.07)
In the 1950's Now, after 50 years of dealing with them, he still does not understand the mentality of the Arabs.
13. to#12 because he will do
Adi   (03.25.07)
whatever it takes to get ellected for president, a loser with no back bone.....
14. Peres completely misunderstands state sponsored terror
Name ,   City & country   (03.25.07)
To end terror, you must end the states behind the terror. "War on terror is similar to war on crime" Crime, usually, has no states behind it. Criminals has no states arming, training and hosting them. Peres apparently is and idiot.
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