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Lebanese support of Nasrallah wanes
Roee Nahmias
Published: 25.03.07, 03:48
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1. Who digitally added a solar flare in the Nasrallah photo?
Jew ,   Earth   (03.25.07)
What is going on here? Ynet, did you add the solar flare behind Nasrallah's head or did you take the image from a pro Nasrallah site? Since adding solar flares (in Photoshop) behind a person's head adds "holyness", "godly-like" atmosphere to Nasrallah which spit Nasrallah is the total opposite of. WHATS GOING ON HERE? It was definitely added or at the very least ynet promotes this image every time they have a story on Nasrallah. WHAT SIDE ARE YOU ON?
2. Israel should pick up what Hizblahblah left off
john ,   nz   (03.25.07)
and help rebuilding those poor souls. Obviously, Iran is short of cash now that the screw is tightening on them.
3. #1 - he's standing in front of a poster at a rally
mark ,   tel aviv   (03.25.07)
idiot, pick your battles with the journos that are doing the real damage.
4. #2 good idea..... 20 miles from the border
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (03.25.07)
5. Iranian people are loosers
Arthur ,   Israel   (03.25.07)
"How does Iran benefit from this aid?” an Iranian youth told London-based pan-Arab newspaper a-Sharq al-Awsat, under condition of anonymity. You are right in asking that question my anonymous friend; here is how it goes.... Iran and Israel has nothing to share or these two countries boarder each other. So what do Iranian leaders have to do with Israel? These are all politically motivated moves, to steal large sums of money that belong to Iranian people. With one small war like Iranian puppets had with Israel last February; billions have been officially written off! More over Lebanese have not been paid compensation for damages to their houses! So both you Iranian and Lebanese are losers. But then where is money gone? It is up to you to imagine.
6. I am glad this is being followed up
Ar   (03.25.07)
The Main media made a big song and dance about the joys and wonders of Hizbollah before, during and after the conflict (i refuse to call it a war unless we call it the first battle of the Iran War) But then the whole spoltlight died, and so did the act of Nasrallah and this thugs. No more money distribution and instead continuing the stockpiling and positioning that goes till today. Hizbollah tried to topple the govt (and I remember watching the BBC reporting it as if they would have loved such a thing to happen) but that didn't work either. Iran is in a bind, and thus so is Hizbollah. Keep a good eye on them, something tells me they are readying another push...let's be ready
7. Eerily familiar story
josef cohen ,   bkk thailand   (03.25.07)
Eerily familiar story as Lebanon events parallel Israel. Olmert and Peretz forget the people and simply concern themselves with their personal power in Jerusalem. Many keep saying Israel is out of step with other Middle East Countries but it seems to me that Israel is a very ME state in all the worst ways. For consideration, Josef Cohen
8. Much of Hizbullah currency given to Lebanese was counterfeit
Otter   (03.25.07)
9. Trusting a terror organisation can damage your trust
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (03.25.07)
Of course it can...Anywhere Islamic terror organisations operate for their own benefit ( and not the populations's) they do so to using popular support with short term objectives. Warlords like Nasrallah do not have the charisma nor the material means to become real leaders, and like any Islamic organisation; do not know nor understand the word " commitment". Popular support is easily gained in countries where education level is low and political maturity is unknown. A few words in the name of Allah, a few verbal agressions against the " zionist ennemy" and here we go: populace is up to supporting the jihadists...Nasrallah, who has no political maturity ( like his counterparts in Gaza) is therefore becoming more and more of a non-entity after betraying promises made in the aftermath of the Hizbullah agression of last summer...Money is gone, problems remain....a good way of showing the arab population that Islamism is not ( and will never be ) the solution. One needs to be called Mahmoud or Hassan to believe that it is the way out !
10. Hezbollah and its Iranian bank
Rachel ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.25.07)
Actually, Iran supports Hezbollah by collecting tax monies in Iran and telling the Iranian people exactly what it is for--"to fight the Zionists in Palestine." The average Iranian doesn't have a choice whether they want to support Hezbollah or terror, as it is built into their tax system and all know this fact. After the summer war, Hezbollah began distributing money in cash to victims of the war; however, the "dollars" they were distributing are counterfeit dollars manufactured in Iran. It seems obvious that if the funds were dried up that currently support terror then Nazrallah and his henchmen would leave Lebanon once and for all.
11. Lebanon
Charles oren ,   Israel   (03.25.07)
South Lebanon was home to the country's Christians till 1970. Arafat and his PLO "warriors" invaded South Lebanon after they were expelled from Jordan in Black Sept. They drove out the Christians and stole their homes and fields. The Christians returned to their homes....after Israel drove the PLO out. They were driven out again, this time by the Hezbollah after Israel left Lebanon.
12. I thought Hizblabla won the war!
Ze'ev ,   Haifa   (03.25.07)
So bring the money you the almighty victor!
13. Reparations for Lebanon
william ,   New York USA   (03.25.07)
Israel bombed CIVILIANS and used Cluster Bombs on CIVILIANS and ISRAEL should pay reparations. Israel is a WAR CRIMINAL, Olmert admitted the war was planned, and the soldiers were INSIDE Lebanon
14. WILLIAM ny get to bed
HAIM ,   MONTREAL CANADA   (03.25.07)
how come u dont think of urself as racist pig before sending ur post maybe u cant read israel will never pay anything to the sob cause we got nothing to do with it in the first place IRAN is behind everything so get the facts right u HAMOR
15. The gallows for Haman (Nazrallah)
Grafted Wild Olive S ,   Sojourner   (03.25.07)
The picture with the pilon and rope made me think of what happened to Haman in the story of Ester. The gallows that Haman had prepared for Mordecai ended up being his own. Will Nazrallah be hung just loke Saddam Hussein and his deputy or will it be the Mossad who take out this evil man?
16. Lebanon
GM ,   US   (03.26.07)
I was pleased to hear of Lebanon's progress in the days & months before the asassination of Hariri. Beirut could finally return to being the Paris of the Middle East. Now they must start again.
17. William
Hannah   (03.26.07)
Why is it always Israels fault? Even when Israel is just defending herself, it's her fault. HEZBOLLAH DIDN'T/DOESN'T CARE IF CIVILIANS DIED! Why, do you ask? So that people like you could get manitulated into thinking 'big, bad Israel' all over.
18. Welfare
Sue ,   Orange, USA   (03.27.07)
It is very nice to see that welfare in whatever form works the same the world over!
19. after all tha lebanon pepole don't need conflicts
nobody   (03.27.07)
20. Israeli Reparations
mxh ,   usa   (03.27.07)
Given that Israel withdrew from Southern Lebanon several years ago and was illegally attacked by Hezbollah, it is Israel that should RECEIVE compensation from the international community, not Lebanon!
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