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Jewish museum opens in Munich
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Published: 25.03.07, 17:03
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1. Chillul Hashem
Choni Davidowitz   (03.25.07)
The mere presence of Jews in Germany is bad enough. The dedication of a "museum" in this cursed Land is the ultimate Chillul Hashem. Wake up foolish Jews in Germany (and all over the Diaspora) After nearly 2000 years you now have your own Land- Come home now before it is too late.
2. Kol Hakavod
Barry Leveson ,   Adelaide, Austaralia   (03.26.07)
Jews who seek to restore the Jewish glory of Europe must be commended. Ashkenazi Jews have a heritage of two thousand years in Europe, which must not be abandoned. To condemn those Jews who seek a Jewish life in Germany is to give succour to the aim of Hitler: that Germany be Judenrein.
3. #1 chillul atzmi
RH ,   London, UK   (03.27.07)
The message posted in #1 is chilling in its apocalyptic warnings. It is a nonsense to read a South African, who pontificates like a good apartheid-era bigot, on many subjects - saying that the "mere presence of Jews in Germany is bad enough". Try keeping your utter ignorance to yourself. As for your call to "foolish Jews in Germany" to "come home" - why don't you put your own words into action and give up living in South Africa before you tell others what to do.
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