Times have changed
Orly Azoulay
Published: 29.03.07, 17:05
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1. Arab Summit/Times have changed
S.Glasser ,   California   (03.29.07)
2. is she serious???
mike ,   SD   (03.29.07)
"The US has realized that its support for Israel coupled with its desire to enforce democracy as was the case in Iraq, served to anger the Arab world and weakened its ability to serve as Mideast mediator. " yeah right.. S.Arabia is now a superpower? lol. You let 1 Israeli journalist go there and you pick Azulay? She's a joke.
3. I guess it worked.
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (03.29.07)
4. #2 mike
Khalid   (03.29.07)
"yeah right.. S.Arabia is now a superpower? lol." REGIONAL superpower, moron. And yes, of course they are. They have 25% of the world's oil, which means that whenever they want, they can become a Middle Eastern Superpower - it's that simple - but Fahad never wanted to, Abdullah does. The problem I have with your chosen quote, "The US has realized that its support for Israel coupled with its desire to enforce democracy as was the case in Iraq, served to anger the Arab world and weakened its ability to serve as Mideast mediator," is that it doesn't make sense. Anyone who still believes the US adventure to Iraq was to "enforce democracy" has not yet awoke to reality. It was to "get oil" and not to "enforce democracy." Surely bringing democracy to the reason wouldn't "anger the Arab world" as Azulay suggested, however to kill 650,000 Iraqis and spark a civil war would in fact do the trick.
5. we have Iran to thank for all this
papa jay   (03.29.07)
Thank you Iran for opening the eyes of the US and S. Arabia. only one will come out on top, unfortunately for israel, it must step inline because the world has bigger problems and cant afford to accommodate israeli feet dragging on the peace process any longer
6. Saudi Influence Rising
malcolm   (03.29.07)
From their role in Sept. 11th to the millions poured into college campuses to destroy Israel's relationship with the West....the Saudis are spreading their deadly Wahabism even further. Land 4 Peace + destruction of Israel. Any taker? Rice & Livni of course
7. Its time for Saudis to give their land for the Palestinians!
PeteR ,   USA   (03.29.07)
8. It is not to be underestimated
Iossef ,   J'lem, Israel   (03.29.07)
Unfortunatly, and I agree with the arab representative, our PM is too weak (and too stupid) to represent Israel, especially there. But this is a fabulous opportunity. We need somebody clean and clever, is there such one in the Knesset ? My favor would go to a sepharade, but please, not Peretz ;-)
9. Papajay
It is fascinating you continue to post here day in and day out. Your interest and critique of Israel is only more amazing than your ignorance on the subject. Please educate yourself ahead of spewing your righteous b..shit!
10. all is as prophecised thousands of years ago
Yisraeli   (03.29.07)
America will come against Israel towards the end, we are all seeing many signs of it. If only the arabs werent so foolish. If only the arabs realised that their best friends could be Israel and should be welcoming Israel to the fold. Not only because its so stated in theyre book but because we have the brain power and could do much to advance the region. But bottom line no matter the very tiny steps they may take even to recognise we exist wont matter in the end. Theyre minds over the last 50 years have been so poisoned against Israel and the Jews that they will never be able to reconcile. So in the end they will all come to do battle against Jerusalem including America. Ein chadash tachat hashemesh.
11. #4, I assume you managed to get your name right
Danny   (03.29.07)
Because everything else is wrong. 25% of the worlds' oil, eh? try around 10% - now exceeded by Russia as worlds largest oil exporter. US already had access to Iraqi oil under the UN oil program and thanks to rampent corruption got most of it far below cost. How much Iraqi oil does it get now? 650,000 dead? That's 450 dead per day every day for four years. Put another way it is more than 3 times the worst recorded day of killing happening every day. Where are all these missing dead? As for sparking a civil war, I think you find the arabs - with some Iranian help - managed that all by themselves.
12. Big deal! they let one Israeli into the Kingdom briefly
Rick Adler ,   Sharon, CT   (03.30.07)
the distance between the Saudi perception of the issues and reality is vast: for the Saudis, it was a big deal to let a Jew, an Israeli, into the kingdom for a couple of days. it is illegal for a Jew to enter the kingdom, to stay there, to live there, to own property there. I could not care less about that. But let's not pretend that the Saudis are interested in peace or decency or friendship. they financed and still finance al-qaeda, the "palestinian" terrorists, etc.
13. Khalid and Danny
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (03.30.07)
Danny your looking at exporters, where Russia is definately tops and they use that clout politically. But Khalid is close in numbers, if he is referring to reserves. But it's not 25% it's actually around 18-19% followed extremely closely by yours truly, Canada. Also considering that S. Arabia is pretty tapped out for wells, and land space, and considering Canada is substantially larger than S. Arabia and our northern oil has not even been tapped yet, I would bet within 5-10 years Canada trumps all of them for oil reserves. So Khalid can talk all he wants about oil, the fact is that Canada with our prairies, oilsands, and northern environment has enough oil for the US, Canada, UK, and our Nordic friends. Oil is not a concern Khalid just something to make people think it's the reason. Read Albert Pike and you will know why we are in Afghan and Iraq and the arab penisula. There is a bigger conspiracy on top of the so called oil "conspiracy". Iraq had nothing to do with oil, it was to rid the region of a balancing power so that Iran can rise to the occassion destroy zionism while at the same time destroying itself and pitting factions of Islam against itself. This was planned in the 1800's. Read it.
14. Can Israel afford Peace
fahd njad alotaiby ,   Makka, S. Aarabia   (03.30.07)
Gold and others in Israel donot feel desire for peace .KSA realizes what the Israel and the West have called for long ago-peace so we can develop economically/socailly ..etc.IWhat ever the americans or others think , we are more than oil .Ideology may change Geography doesnot.We-Saudis are open minded ,but we think startegically , while many Israelis these days think of tactics to avoid peace.This is dangerous and you could easily exhust your political capital.
15. Wahhabism is bad for all - Even for the Saudis
DI   (03.30.07)
It means oppression. It means wasting money on a cult. Early 1900 - about 40000 people were murdered in the name of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia. Finally the House Saud chased away the Hashemite family. Do not deal with these gang.
16. Khalid
Jeff ,   Boston   (03.31.07)
It took a lot of convincing and mediation to get everyone onboard, but the thousands of individual components and cogs involved in America’s “get rich quick” scheme for oil in Iraq fell together in perfect symbiotic synchronicity in furtherance of the ominous corporate agenda! Yea, the machinations have succeeded in delivering oil at a bargain basement $69 a barrel! Futures are going for the low, low price of nearly $2.00 a gallon and $3.12 at the pump! And Bush has his immense intelligence, unquestionable negotiating skills and innate affability to thank. What a success! We are SO much better off due to this War for Oil. That’s what we’re calling it nowadays, right? Oh, wait… just petulant, protest-minded teenagers/aging-hipster Western malcontents and disenchanted, “dewestoxifying” nostalgic Islamic revolutionaries. Forget it. Cut the shrill harping about the War for Oil. It’s all so grammar school. Say what you will about the wisdom of neoconservative geopoliticization in the form of democracy building, but if this was truly about “oil” Americans would have left months if not years ago. They would have secured southern oil fields, retreated from strategic cities and endorsed the majority Shi’ite population. This is about gaining a strategic foothold in the Middle East. Bush may be relying on hawkish advisors (some with ties to the defense industry), but if anything they are numerous in number and varied in their approach. The one thing they have in common is a goal to establish American-style democracy in the Middle East. Peace in Israel, a west-friendly regime in Tehran and cooperation in the greater War on Terror: these are the things the U.S. seeks to accomplish through it's "War of Choice." To quote Felix Leiter in Casino Royale: “Does it look like we need the money?” The “No Blood For Oil” chant may sound good in three second sound bytes, but there's not a lot of substance behind the words. This analysis (or lack thereof) utterly fails to pass for an honest interpretation of American foreign policy under Bush.
17. 14 Fahd Ill call you on most of what you say.
freedom ,   canada   (03.31.07)
Saudis are NOT openminded. Why should ANY woman that does not practice islam wear a headdress in that country. Why is it that women can not drive a car? Strategically, you live in a kingdom, governed by a royal family. Get with it we are not in the dark ages anymore.
18. A Saudi View
fahd najd alotaibi ,   Makka   (03.31.07)
Dmiss or Mr Freedom, Your charcherization of socail development is really off the mark, KSA is managing superably one of the most difficult socail transformations in the world .I donot know how much you know of economics , but very difficult to change when you have no taxes , most people donot have to work heard to earn a living , and a growing and more demanding populations.In all candor, your perception is somewher between the naieve or the ignorant .So, please get your self immersed in the cultural transformations and knowledge of the Saudis need and attempts to develop and navigate in international waters, before you pass simplistic judgments.Yes we can talk afterwards. Regards
19. saudis got a lot of money what about the others arab states
dovdevan ,   ashdod , israel   (03.31.07)
every leader who head to saudia noticed the great palaces and the gold in every corner , while those are living a no limit life most of their " brothers" live with 50$ per month !!! i think all that money could be use to educate all the arab world !! i think the arab gouvernements are not interested in educated their people in order to manipulate them !!!
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