Captured British sailor says troops must leave Iraq
Published: 30.03.07, 00:08
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Pat Klein ,   Europe   (03.29.07)
blame the stupid captain of that British LOVEBOAT - that send a bunch of Highschool Kids on a adventure trip to molest unarmed ships in those highly controversiall waters. The Iranians only seize the golden opportunity to show the unresolved and divided West - that talk is cheap! What will the Brits do - start another war they can't win? Iran is not the Falkland Islands!
2. to #1''....coming to a theatre near you..
moses   (03.29.07)
Hope you like lots of sour cherry..because from the turn of events it looks like you will need to learn farsi pretty darn quick in your hometown....
3. I got it! the "presnt" is Islam.
Rehavam ,   Israel   (03.29.07)
Biritish will get back 14 new muslims... who want to bet me on this?
4. Iran is like a little child....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.29.07)
they think the rest of the world is dumb anough to buy into their BS. This is an obvious attempt by the loonie regime to look good in the international community's eyes. It might work on some people, but anyone with half a brain can see through their garbage.
5. It is time to slap down Iran
Michael U ,   SF,CA   (03.29.07)
How long will the world sit by as the Iranians flaunt all laws and decency. It is evident that these people are being coerced to make these statements. The American hostages from 1979 were tortured, as were the hostages from 2004. The Iranian leadership is looking for a confrontation. Now is the time to teach these low-lifes a lesson they will not soon forget. Now is the time because these inhuman beings are plotting on building nuclear weapons. When they have these weapons they will not think twice to use it, because they want to bring about world destruction. Europeans like Pat Klein are the same Europeans who sat around as Hitler was posturing to take over Europe and the world. Do not listen to dumb-skulls like Mr Klein, for if you do you are doomed to repeat history. Now is the time to defeat the Iranian threat. Do not delay!
6. #1 Huh???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (03.29.07)
Why blame the Iranians?? Because they are master manipulators!! That's why!! Look how easily you have been manipulated by them!! Hopefully, this sailor will have written something personal that will provide a clue as to what really happened.
7. #1 Pat Klein
Jim ,   London   (03.29.07)
are you a complete idiot
8. Pat Klein from "Europe."
Ben ,   Philly   (03.29.07)
"[M]olest unarmed ships?" Is that entirely appropriate? The prurient reference is lost on your audience, perhaps due in no small part to the fact that board frequenters aren't in grammar school. Oh and the Loveboat reference made everyone chuckle. You’re clever. Now, is the “molestation” you speak of in reference to searching for illegal arms shipments? You know: crates of ball bearings, explosives and Iranian arms? Items used to kill a dozen people on a bus? Or 57 at a marketplace? This type of unmitigated petulance makes my teeth hurt, it’s like arguing with my seven-year-old niece.
9. Being held under a fear society
Steve ,   USA   (03.29.07)
B"H The British prisoner is being held under a fear society as a captive. But what is most important for Iran is the press coverage here, the propoganda. That is the huge value of the Western press for these dictatorships, the ability to influence democratic elections by reaching their propoganda to the masses. I am not sure if I can quote Katsav, but I do realize the press is being manipulated with Arab wealth as well as these hostage-taking-moves, and I put her letter in the perspective of someone under Iranian occupation. It is about time to end the Iranian occupation not just of her, but also of Gaza which the Iranian protege Hamas controls. Bad press eminates from people held hostage by the Iranian government.
10. evil vr. evil
Iranian   (03.29.07)
i have a hard time finding support for either side (Iran vr. Britain). Iranian hardliners or Brits who invaded Iraq without hesitation? everybody is looking to secure their own interests out of a chaotic mess (Iraq). you`d have a expect this kind of thing to happen when you go around invading counties without proper post-conflict planning.
11. Whos weaker we or Britian
Lou Dubin ,   Laguna Woods CA USA   (03.29.07)
Give me liberty or give me death.. Famous words by a patriot! Our backbone has jellyfied and our death is a long slow acting one that cowardice brings.. Do i hear our citizens standing up for our allies... saying "We are your friends" do what you need to do...." Your honor is at stake..... I HATE WAR but i hate a slow strangulated death more so.. Gas at 9-10 dollars a gallon, people out of work because they cant afford to get there... price of goods skyrocketing... all this is on the horizon because we are not taking care of buiness... Israel does it right .. bite them and they bite back ...always...
12. DejaVu
john ,   nz   (03.29.07)
If the Iranians can held American Embassy staff hostage back in the 80s, they have no regards for international law. But it would be unfair to use the word Iranian as I believe most Iranians love democratic freedom. It's the goddamn Iranian Evil Empire.
13. So now it's coerced letters, hostages and threats
Zvi ,   USA   (03.30.07)
The Iranian government is showing its true face....
14. The sailors are safe
Brian ,   UK   (03.29.07)
I agree that the letters are complete fabrications and that the sailors were most likley arrested unfairly. However the sailors will be safe, and a damn sight safer than patroling Iraq! Dipolmacy is the only way to get things done here. I know talks with an unrepresentative Iranian government will be long and tiering, but words cost less than bodies. And lets face it, the Iranian government is reaching its sell-by date, only an armed conflict will win them the support of the oppressed Iranians (this includes ALL ethic groups, even the Shai). By negotiating the sailors release the Iranian government will feel stronger, but this will not last as the people grow tierd of suffering due to the foolish muscle flexing of their opressers. What regime change, be the bigger state, don't escalate the situation. Let the Iranians sort out their so called leaders.
15. Why didn't they capture the indian ship?
Pla ,   USA   (03.30.07)
They forgot the details. If brits were in iranian waters then the indian ship they were boarding was also, so why didn't they capture everybody? How come british sailors come from iraqi water to indian boat that iran doesn't say was in iran water, and then return can cross in iranian water? It seems the rulers there actually are seeking military confrontation to secure iranians behind them.
16. British Hostages
David Powell ,   Everett,Wa. USA   (03.30.07)
The takeing of British hostages is reminiscence of 1979 taking of American hostages. My message to the British. Negotiate and meet demands, whine at the U.N. and your hostages will get 444 days of confinement. We had a wimpy president who cowered in the White House shakeing like a Chi-hua-hua who did not accomplish anything in achieving their release until Ronald Reagen inaugration did Iran released the hostages. This is the same former president who wrote a book blasting Israel. Britian must fight. No negotiating.
17. Talking of hostages easier than talking about nukes
Steve ,   USA   (03.30.07)
B"H I see no perspective of these British hostages being released. Iran figures it does not need to negotiate on its nuclear weapons program if the British diplomacy is focused on release of their military personel held prisoner. It is a dirty move, but one Iran is hoping can give it some more time to develop its nuclear arms without paying the diplomatic price. The diplomatic price, I estimate, Iran thinks for kidnapped British military is much lower than the diplomatic price for being caught with nuclear weapons. Iran is playing a high-risk game. But if given power, Iran is fully intent on overwhelming the sovereignty of every country within its reach, including Saudi Arabia. The Arab world should have a lot of concern, especially since Israel is the only country dependently capable of defending them given the United States Senate political climate. Israel is going to really be prepared militarily for this matter. But also I see a diplomatic opportunity. I cannot see it clearly enough, but where there are mutual interests, there ought to be a point for discussing them. Perhaps the Saudi Plan is a good cover for Israel to interact with its neighbors on what is needed to stop Iran as well as their mutual interests in the matter. We will have to see how Israel is able to resolve this crisis for the British. It is so ironic that Great Britton finds herself in this position of also depending on the one country whose enemies she has consitently supported, unless the USA changes course that is.
SUSAN ,   ISRAEL   (03.30.07)
Somewhere in America   (03.30.07)
1) Destroy the enemies in Iraq & Afgan. with FULL FORCE !!! 2) Take out the midget president of Iran 3) Deport the ISLAMIC RADICALS in our own country ( assimilate or get deported bltch )
20. Sailor in a head scarf? How Islamic of her.
Claudia ,   Tampa, FL USA   (03.30.07)
21. They were invading Iran with 1 pistol each...?
D- ,   San Diego, USA   (03.30.07)
The way Iran is handling this, I won't be surpirised to see UK pull their embassy from Tehran & many countries proceed to begin revoking Iranian visas & kicking Iranians out.
22. It's a shame
Mac ,   Reston, VA   (03.30.07)
Lou, I agree with you 100%. I am also don't understand if NATO is still alive or is it dead. As far as I remember, if one county is attacked, other should provide full support. I don't see any support now.
23. Pla and Powel, You are both right on. (end)
Stewart ,   USA   (03.30.07)
24. Stupid Warmongers Need to Calm Down
JRS ,   USA   (03.30.07)
If we learned anything from the last six years, it's aggressive behavior on a world scale can make things far worse than calming down and let diplomacy take it's course. Nobody is quite sure who's lying just yet. There's plenty of reason to doubt the British position. Eventually the Brits will come home one way or another. They are fine, being fed, etc. Chill out warmongerers.
25. Why aren't the feminists mad that she's made to wear a veil?
Jenny   (03.30.07)
26. Root of conflict
Reddy K ,   Delhi, India   (03.30.07)
We cannot become that hot until we are sure of the root of conflict, i.e. whether the Britons were in Iranian waters or not.
27. Look what she's smoking
john ,   nz   (03.30.07)
Don't think we can trust what she said
28. to No 1...coming to your theatre near you- too!
Pat Klein ,   Europe   (03.30.07)
because you - JIm, Chaya and some others just dont get the point - you fell into the same trap as all those people that belived in MR OLMERT and MR PERES to resolve the Hisbullah Problem in Lebanon! --talking tough - but get your ass kicked! -Don't start wars with a buch of tough talking amateurs! Did Israel get its SOLDIERS back???????
29. OMG, they captured Alison Moyet
john ,   nz   (03.30.07)
30. #5 It is time to Slap YOU
Dave ,   NY   (03.30.07)
You think that you are the only nation that can pitch and occupy and also defends that ethics and morals of humanity, Brits and someone like you are the last people to mention this. Iran is a geat nation , that has great civilization when someone like you couldn't know to wash his face in Dark Europe, so be respectful and know that your power is temp,
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