War was a catastrophe, top security officials told Olmert
Published: 30.03.07, 11:54
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1. Olmert & Peretz are equally at fault -rather the main problm
David E. ,   Jerusalem   (03.30.07)
These two powerless so-called "leaders" are to be blamed for that catastrophic war. They don't have the brains and understanding that fighting a war against Hizballah cannot be done with silk gloves. Olmert & Peretz must be replaced immediately.
Doc Holliday ,   Detroit   (03.30.07)
I am always amazed and impressed at the openness of the Israeli society. It is remarkable in it's similarity to the U.S.. The surrounding muslim countries arrest, detain and kill vocal opponents. But in Israel healthy debate occurs on a daily basis. There is no doubt that the enemies of Israel and antisemites who cleverly cover themselves by using political language,will rush to say, see we told you Israel lost the war. This is of couse not the story. Healthy tactical and open self criticism of the war is how future mistakes are avoided. Good job.
3. war was bad and now the arabists think they can win us.
susan ,   israel   (03.30.07)
they are just looking for any weakness. again they are wrong.
4. At last someone to admit this
Lednah ,   Europe   (03.30.07)
At last someone to admit what everyone besides Olmert and Peretz knew.
5. The blind lead the blind
marcel ,   florida   (03.30.07)
Israel's blind leader calls the 2nd Lebanon war a great victory and praises what is shame. He calls the surrender terms for peace from the Arab's a great revolution for peace. In Israel's ancient history there were many devious leaders like Olomert who led the nation to disaster. They were called the false prophets , These leaders soothed the people with their lies and false hope that all was well under their watch. Read Torah to see what happened tpo those who followed the liars and decievers. History repeats !
6. Catastrophe
Guy   (03.30.07)
The war was indeed a catastrophe but this is only a product of the Government which is a catastrophe which in turn is a product of the incompetent body politic that time and time again elects incompetent officials. In this particular case the appointment of Peretz as MoD was no less than a criminal act perpetrated against the people of Israel by Olmert who, for this act alone, should pay the ultimate political price. There are no excuses.
7. This was a golden opportunity lost for nothing
Lednah ,   Europe   (03.30.07)
No war is welcome. But if a war is unevitable you must exploit the opportunities oit presents. Not only for this minute gains, but escpecially for the future. So this war presented a golden oportunity for the future - and this opportunity was lost due to the lack of political leadership. So in the future Israel will be forced to fight this war once again - just because three people - Olmert, Peretz and Halutz were interested in mainly in their careers, not in their jobs.
8. Terrible blow to Israel
Itzik ,   Haifa   (03.30.07)
Olmert almost destroyed Israel. But he probably checked the view of some people in the Ramat Aviv and they told him what to do to stay in power.
stude ham   (03.30.07)
Idiots were at the head of all of the chains of command from Olmert down to Peretz down to Halutz and more. The most brutal image of the LW2 was the traffic jam of tanks and other military vehicles at the northern border. What idiots controlled the logistics! What idiots controlled the war!
naro ,   nyc   (03.30.07)
Is there no shame in the Israeli society for lying and inventing stories to make a dirty shekel!! I do not believe anything theses two writers pulled out of their hidden orifices. Lebanon was a great victory, although the tactics were questionable. Would they have preferred a thousand Israeli dead soldiers, and our troops still stationed in Lebanon? What idiots thos lying writers are!
11. Prepared for the wrong war.
Shachar ,   NYC   (03.30.07)
The IDF and the Govt was prepared for fighting the supposed evil of reigious settlers who meant no harm to the State, not the real enemy Arabs.
12. The Lebanon Surrender
Malcolm   (03.30.07)
It is clear to everyone except the delusional or the spinners (Olmert/Livni/Peretz) that Israel was not only defeated in Lebanon but handed the ayatollahs an all out surrender. Olmert, always thinking politically, was afraid Nasrallah would make good on his threat to hit Tel-Aviv where Olmert's croissant eating, laptop wielding, stock trading political base lives. Livni had her eye on the PM seat and wanted to suck up to the international crowd which she still has hopes of winning over with her coyness and masculine femininity (very big in Europe).
13. Finally, The truth came out
Wise Man ,   USA   (03.30.07)
Israel admitted defeat. During the war Israel sounded like they are wining the war. I can not wait for the next round with Hezbollah to see what the new acquired weapons by Hezbollah will do to the IDF.
14. The war was a catastrophy.... No shit shirlock.
15. Lebanon war
Mohammad ,   Jordan   (03.30.07)
I dont know what this fuss is all about? I believe that the political outcome of this war was a great victory for Israel over Hizbollah. Israel have saved its northern borders with Lebanon, and destroyed the infrastructure of Hizbollah
Yirmyahu5767 ,   USA   (03.30.07)
17. Diskin and Dagan should have told Olmert
Amir ,   Beer Sheva   (03.30.07)
If you (Olmert) do not appoint the gov't committee we will go public and demand the committee. As you all know, after Sharon's death a lot of books will come out blaming Sharon (correctrly) for everything. Sharon will become a the main moster in Israel's history, etc. The same about Peres. Now these writers are afraid to tell the truth.
18. Olmert don’t return from your holiday!
H.H.M ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.30.07)
The difference between Israel and the rest of the world is the Prime Minister with his full cabinet would have resigned not later than a week after end of hostilities. They would never have dared to speak about even a partial success of the military actions. The Chief of Staff elsewhere would have been closed to a room with a chair and given a revolver with a single bullet in it. In Israel nobody has ever paid any price whatsoever in any form but resignation for such political major mistakes with long term negative affects on Israel’s standing. PM Olmert instead of taking with him friends, his family and a large staff of personal guards for a Pessach Holiday and giving interviews about peace within five years, he should “prelength his Holidays” to unlimited length and enable the average Israeli citizen to find a more suitable and trustworthy Prime Minister
19. The Craven Top Tier Leadership, Political & Military
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (03.31.07)
The IDF regular soldiers and their immediate commanders were the ONLY heroes in this war. Its high echelon commanders and the political regime were an unmitigated DISASTER. Each and every one involved needs to be removed and possibly investigated for grave dereliction of duty. OLmert, Livni & Peretz must join Halutz on being dismissed. Nothing else will suffice.
20. USA had Jimmy Carter, We have Olmert
Umm El Kul Naqba   (04.01.07)
Let's see. In this YNET article top officials report to Olmert the catastrophe of the Lebanese war. In another YNET article Olmert claims we won the war. It seems like we would have been better off being led by Sharon who is more capable in a vegetative state than Olmert walking and talking but totally oblivious to happening around him. The bottom line is: 1. Do we have our hostage back? Remember this is why we went to war in the first place. 2. Is the Hezbollah threat on our northern border diminished from what it was prior to the war or have they resupplied and exceeded their previous capacity? 3. Do we now have to contend with UN who also can do no good? 4. Is the arms smuggling from Iran through Syria continuing unabated? Olmert it is time for you to join the Jimmy Carter dimentia club.
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