British serviceman apologizes on TV for entering Iranian waters
Associated Press
Published: 30.03.07, 13:34
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31. Honor is the only beauty
lets not lose it lets take it from deep of our hearts. to fight is too easy but to love is not. it needs strong wishes. we can do that why not. no men is bad in fact we born as angels. lets remember this A.Karagözoğlu
32. when we sleep
world sleep no light. our real sleep is not far ALL OF US WILL MEET THE DEATH. lets rememeber Atilla Karagözoğlu
33. Love is Stronger than hate (last post )
The Gods love is stronger than his punishment for human. lets love... what we lose. lets not love because of The God... lets do it because it is a beautifull thing see you monday. love Atilla Karagözoğlu
ATTILA"S SHRINK ,   CANADA   (03.30.07)
Scott   (03.30.07)
Nobody can say for sure when - but this behavior is not going to stop, is it? Be patient guys. One day soon we'll all wake up and hear that they have done something to piss off somebody once too often..and WHACK! They're all talk mostly - they'll get a few in here and there but the force used to subdue them will ,I believe like nothing we have ever seen to date. Because unlike Saddam who just posed a threat - these guys have upped the ante and made their total annihilation absolutely 100% mandatory. So even if their nuclear program survives deep down in the bunker - the actual country - its ability to do anything militarily will be crushed. As for the wave of terror attacks upon western targets - well, these guys would have done it by now if it were possible. Again, all bullshit and if we have to wear the cost of those that are successful getting through - well so be it.
Scott   (03.30.07)
When talking about these people's mentality. It does not compute. They have their own version of what is "logic". They have a frame of reference that we, over here, just cannot begin to comprehend.
37. to all you evil people that just attack me
rashid ,   palistinian usa   (03.30.07)
i dont work in the usa because i canot but it does not make me a bad man i have a right to live anywhere i like it is all allah world he created everything the british criminals just come on iranian tv saying that they come into iranian water so believe me i was right all the time instead of attacking me all the time you sould get out of our islamic land but you canot argue with me because you know i am right
38. To #6
ZS ,   USA   (03.30.07)
Well let's think about this... UK didn't go to war in 2004 when the other soldiers were taken...and now Iran takes more soldiers in 2007... Doesn't this make Tony Blair look ridiculous for letting it happen again, and letting Iran know they can get away with it? Israel goes to war in 2006 when soldiers are taken...After Israel's reaction, do you think Hizbollah or any other Lebanese group will be crossing the border to try to take more soldiers anytime soon? Doubt it.
39. US should get out of IraQ and enter IraN intead
john ,   nz   (03.30.07)
becos that is where the source of all the world problem. Had they captured American sailors, WW3 would have started.
40. duck and cover iran
jim ,   D.C. USA   (03.30.07)
These seventh century retards have just taken the bait... all the excuse we need to stomp them like roaches. Payback time Ali Baba...INCOMING!!!!!
41. To Rahid #1
Nile ,   Brazil   (03.30.07)
What a bunch of non-sense.... There's no such a thing as islamic lands!! It all belongs to HUMANITY! No matter if you believe in Allah or Buddha, if you are black or white, tall or short, well off or poor, everyone should have the right to live and be where they feel most appropriate!
42. Love & Hate
Wajnsztajn ,   Tel Aviv   (03.30.07)
Hate kills love doesn't so what?
43. To #1 then you have no right to be in London, NY, Toronto...
Roni   (03.30.07)
44. england deserves ıt ,because ıt ıs not sıncere to MEDINA
45. #1 Rashid
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. USA   (03.30.07)
Dittos #7 to Rashid Get The &$@^*@@ out of our country
46. feeling threatened
your uncle ,   mother russia   (03.30.07)
the indeciseveness and continued UN-Security Council diplomacy comes from no real feeling of threat by any country except for Israel. US is not affraid Iran will take over its entire country, Britain is not affraid Iran will take over the entire country, Russia is definately not affraid Iran will be conquering them, and neither does any country in Europe. So, what is the threat? Individual or coordinated terror attacks that kill 10 to several 1000 people? Hardly the threat Hitler posed when he wanted to rule these countries and you had no choice but to give up or fight. No the case now for anyone, except for Israel.
47. Rashid
choney ,   USA   (03.30.07)
I'm so sick of hearing all the Islamic cry babies like you. If we have no right in Islamic land, you have no right here! Grab your diapers, go home, your momma's calling you! Hopefully one day all you idiots will "matry" yourselfs. And while you're sitting in hell without the "virgins" that are suppose to be yours, maybe you'll realize that the idiots you listen to are steering your youth down the wrong path because they are to cowardly to do sometihing theirselves. Do you see Osama or any of the rest of them blowing themselves up? They play on your ignorance and you play right into their hands. Maybe by the grace of God all you idiots that say you are "peaceful" will be wiped off the map and true peace will prevail!
48. #1 Rashid
Talish ,   Phoenix, USA   (03.30.07)
And what of all of the Muslims who live in Europe, and other non Islamic land? It's ok for you guys to dwell anywhere outside Islamic territory and live peacefully? Muslims probably live better outside of "Islamic lands" and you sit here and bitch about foreigners on Musliml and. You crybaby of a hypocrite. Israel belongs to the Jews, the Arabs have proven that they can't or won't handle having peace. Arabs are such crybabies.
49. 37 Jews have a right to live where they want as
freedom ,   canada   (03.30.07)
well.. How about the Christians that have basicially been evicted from Bethlehem.
50. To # 1 Good job explaing..
I agree with number one, thoses people are just bunch of crazy who does not understand the value of living....all the word thye know in this world is "I" "me"....selfish crapy....
51. and I am a millionaire
Suzanne   (03.30.07)
52. @36 use some logic in following contributions
this just stinks: "i, as a muslim and am allowed to live everywhere in the world, but you, as a non-muslim, are not allowed to be (not even live, but to be) in a muslim country"
53. David #45
choney ,   USA   (03.30.07)
Watch out David. Little Rashid has a bomb in his turbin! LOL!!!
54. Atilla
Moe Chile ,   London Canada   (03.30.07)
Atilla, I think that you are an awesome soul. Your words are simply put, beautiful. Please continue to share your thoughts with us. Shalom aleichem Shabbat shalom Moe Chile
55. @36 sorry, had to be @37
Pat Klein ,   Europe   (03.31.07)
Hey Tony! - go and get some advice from Mr. OLMERT and Mr PERETZ how to get your boyscouts home! -They certainly now!!!!!
57. #56 looooooooooool good one
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