Rehabilitating the IDF
Meir Shalev
Published: 30.03.07, 14:26
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1. Israeli soldiers saved that woman!!
daniel ,   amsterdam   (03.30.07)
An Israeli police dog attacks an Arab woman and Israeli soldier run towards her and try as hard as they can to free her. Look foryourself here: http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m31636&hd=&size=1&l=e I see nothing to be ashamed of.
2. The War was a Joke!
JK ,   NYC   (03.30.07)
Hizbullah was extremely well prepared, trained disciplined personnel, sophisticated missiles. deeply entrenched bunkers and inpenetrateble silos, and the political religious will to actually fight and kill. The Israelis failed to understand their enemy , its abilities and their own mission, so used to blowing up empty building and bombing open fields and chasing after children.
3. Looking at the video posted by #1
Adamush   (03.30.07)
It looks as though the dog did its job apprehending a wanted suspect.
4. Dog video - that dog is not well-trained
Barbara ,   USA   (03.31.07)
The dog should have stood down immediately upon the command of its handler. The dog got out of control.
5. Shalev
MARK ROBERTSON ,   Lisbon, Portugal   (04.01.07)
This article is typical of the defeatist attitude expressed by Olmert when he said that Israel was "tired of winning". Is it not now more than obvious to everyone that the IDF needs to recover from being used to provide cover for Olmert & Co. as they hang on grimly to power. Disengagement was a complete failure and many of the Jews evicted from their homes by Sharon have still to be given permanent new homes and this is true of many of those forced to abandon Homesh. The army should never have been used to kick Jews out of Gaza. It is becoming increasingly clear that the purchase of a property in Hebron by Jews to house Jews is totally legal. The poor vendors have been arrested by Jordan and the PA and face the death penalty. Why should a Jew not be able to buy land in Eretz Israel?
6. Shalev
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.01.07)
Shalev is exactly part of the disease that has tried to manipulate the soldiers and police for their deluded purposes. That the army is not being prepared for war is his, and others like him fault. They use it as a tool to force Israeli's out of their legal homes and lie, saying that they are illegal settlements. They are the reason that now, the Arabs are so excited because they think that they can win a war. Who's fault is all this? The fanatical left that is willing to give up all for a piece of paper that says,"maybe we will give you peace, if you jump and dance the way we want".
8. so boring
nelly   (04.01.07)
...and so predictable. I am just puzzled:how this author can produce such a quality prose. Maybe he thinks writing for newspapaer free him from the duty of being creative, original .But prose is prose is prose even if you put it on mass cirtuloation outlet. Like the average journalist this one is recycling the same ideas for years being obsessed with the "ending the occupation" and all that jazz
9. Shalev
Ivri   (04.03.07)
is a wonderfull novel writer,with many great books to his name. Having said that,he should stick to fiction and spare us his Sheinkin world view.
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