PM insists Israel won war
Ronny Sofer
Published: 30.03.07, 20:07
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1. can't blame him ; he's delusional
john ,   nz   (03.30.07)
2. The only thing Israel gained....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.30.07)
was the international spotlight was put on Hizballah for a few weeks. What is going on in Lebanon now? We haven't heard anything about Hizballah, are they rearming or what? No one won this war, b/c Israel has fallen into the same liberal trap as the US. Weakness comes from the left!!!
JUST ASKING ,   ..............DACON9   (03.30.07)
4. Ynet, could you publish the whole interview?
Carl ,   Indiana, USA   (03.30.07)
Some things belong in the bizarre category and are worth keeping for the record.
5. None can wone a war
Ali ,   Ramallah -Palestine   (03.30.07)
Just peace is the thing that you can proud that you won. Ulmert, shut up and don't talk about war winning. You are a big looser for Israel. Make peace if you are a true MAN
6. Q: Is Olmert, delusional, petty crook or both?
David Hes ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.30.07)
Answer: Both - big time. Please Mr. Olmert, do a mitzvah for the country and resign before senility sets in. Happy Matzoh to all.
7. loser,loser, get of our site!!!
oded   (03.30.07)
enough is enough of you already.... but then again--- we had shimon peres ,the relentless instigator, so now we hav e olmert ,the relentless loser! and hag sameach to everyone!
8. Olmert is right...
David Joseph ,   Orlando, Florida   (03.30.07)
What is considered a military victory nowadays? The areas the enemies inhabited and launched attacks from are ruble. Nasrallah was dying for a break and some fresh air. Israeli troops were hiking in Lebenon while Hizbullah was playing ground hog day. Considering the underground micro-dynamic attacks; Israel was able to adapt and repel these advances effectively in real time. Maybe some objectives weren't successful but with out a doubt Israel had mercy on Lebenon . So I think Olmert is validated in his reasoning.
malcolm   (03.30.07)
Scared of a katyusha attack on TA and worried what the "world" will think, these two TRAITORS surrendered EVERYTHING to the ayatollahs. -A "ground war" AFTER the surrender was signed that killed many soldiers -No return of kidnapped soldiers OR EVEN a Red Cross visit -A UN/French supervised rearming of Hizbollah by Iran AND Syria to OVER double their original strength -A UN buffer preventing Israel to re-enter Lebanon when the katyushas start raining down again -Surrendering disputed land near the Golan -Talk of surrendering the Golan to Assad
11. Omert says Israel won
jeff ,   canada   (03.30.07)
Olmert is a sad case. When Assad and Nasrollah say he is the weakest leader in ISRAEL'S history,then you know the damage is done. Olmert will not step down on his own.
12. the only gain was""WE FOUND WE HAVE FOOLISH LEADERS NOW"
REUVEN ,   USA   (03.30.07)
13. Olmert ,the typical politician / liar
marcel ,   florida   (03.30.07)
Who believes this criminal who arrogantly assumes power when he is not fit to patrol a garbage dump ?
14. Olmert
Ed ,   USA   (03.30.07)
I had difficulty understanding Olmert since the Lebanon War....but the other day the penny dropped and I finally realize how to understand him. He is simply behaving like every other leader in the Middle East...the only exception being that he is Jewish. But like any Middle Eastern ruler he is in power without the support of his people but rather with the support of a "ruling elite". He makes ridiculous statements but actually believes that by making the statements he has in fact altered reality....and so on. If he was an Arab leader of a neighboring country nobody would be amazed or perplexed by him. They would simply say "that's the way they are". He is a true Middle Eastern leader.
15. He can insist as he wish ... it's his business .. who listen
16. Netanyahu disrespectful
fady egypt   (03.31.07)
yea right when u accused him of strengthing hamas when he was pm when he released yassin in exchange of mossad agents the only accusation u and ur gang kadima have accused the likud and BIBI of since the last election till now is the same that BIBI has strengthed hamas by releasing yassin please find another one ive disgusted or solve ur problems and answer the questions asked to u first then ask BIBI or go to home u r a loser olmert
17. If Israel won whyaren't soldiers free
Bernard Ross ,   st. anns bay,jamaica   (03.31.07)
If Israel had kept up the war and continued bombing lebanon the soldiers would now be free. They would have begged Israel to take back the soldiers to stop the bombing. If not Lebanon would have ceased to exist. Olmert is a man without judgement.
Zvi   (03.31.07)
What is important is that Israel survives the next war, the one with Iran and Syria and Hizballah, the one in which Syria and Iran rain much more deadly missiles down on Israeli cities and towns while Syrian tanks attack Israel directly. I don't give a flying **** about the spin. Let the spin guys handle the spin. THE PM MUST FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS, learn the lessons from the last conflict, anticipate the differences in the next conflict and APPLY the lessons learned. National survival is at stake. If the PM and DM can't deal with that, let them step down NOW.
19. To #11 Jeff
cato the younger ,   usa   (03.31.07)
I agree. Oldmerde will not step down on his own. We have to face the possibilty of an overt or velvet military coup d'etat to get him out. The very survival of Israel depends upon this. Oldmerde is a "manchurian candidate." He is not primarily beholden to Israel , but to other entities.
20. to #14 ED Very well stated
cato the younger ,   usa   (03.31.07)
Thank you, Ed. You are right on the mark.
21. Where were you?
David Joseph ,   Orlando, Florida   (03.31.07)
All of the worlds media was reporting that Israel was using to much force and it was to unbalanced. The only true weapon Hizbullah had was Nasrallah's mouth. And it seems like it worked on all of you; altering reality by statements. You guys posting all sound like your working for the enemy. I distinctly remember some of you regulars marveling at Israel's military might and now your on the Hizbullah bandwagon. The only war Israel lost was the media war and the war in your head.
22. as a new immigrant i'm disgusted by the country policy
dovdevan ,   ashdod , israel   (03.31.07)
olmert you and your friend are gonig to go to jail very soon !! what are you dealing with every day ? there is not a single day that a new scandal of bribery is touching your gouvernement !!! while a million people in israel are down the poverty line , you and your friend are guilty of robbery an corruption !!! where are the old generation of leader like ben gurion , begin !! what is the meaning of the sionism for you olmert ? it seems to me that you your carrier plan is above the state consideration and even the security matters !!
23. Olmert
Rick S. ,   L.A.   (03.31.07)
This man is delusional. He probably also thinks that he's the greatest leader in Israel's history, and that transfering weapons, amo & money to the Palis will bring peace. What an idiot!
24. Iranians Insist Omelette is a MORON
Ali ,   Natanz, IRAN   (03.31.07)
He needs a good persian spanking.
25. lessons learned from Arafat
Duvidl ,   new york   (03.31.07)
Learn from the best: 1. Ignore reality 2. If you repeat lies often enough, the media, then the people, then you start to believe them.
26. If he won
Ahmed   (03.31.07)
Why is he dismantling the settlements and sending back Jews to Poland .
27.  # 5 What do you consider peace??
jan   (03.31.07)
Peace like hamas and fatah make? They form a unity government and then 12 hours later there is a blood bath in the streets where they kill your own people. Or how about a peace plan where only the leaders get ahold of the money and spend it for nice suits and bullets and the rest of your people go without paychecks, food for your kids, and then your have a tsunami of crap rolling down your streets. So my friend, before your criticize Olmert(and no I don't agree with him on most things), just remember what kind of peace plan your looser leaders agreed to with each other and then tell me if your can truly be happy, satisfied, and proud with all the CRAP you have to take from them>
28. "Some weaknesses were exposed"
Guy ,   Israel   (03.31.07)
Well of course they were, YOU for one and your PATHETIC DEFENSE MINISTER and in fact the whole GOVERNMENT. Exposed in flagrente delicto, but unable to admit it and step down.
29. WHO won the Lebeneese War!!!???
Edward Anderson ,   Savannah, U.S.A.   (03.31.07)
First, I would hope my comments would be noted that they are NOT directed towards Israel's military personnel who have made such terrible personal sacrifices, but to the political leaders that have botched the War and then attempt to "pat" themselves on the back while expecting the people who went through the crap to be too stupid to see that their leaders need to be booted out of office and charged with the deaths and kidnappings of every Israeli soldier and cilvillian that suffered from their inepted policies!!! Let's see now, as I saw it over here on this side of the world, Israel did NOT destroy Hizballah, did NOT destroy the 70%-80% of the rockets that they still have in their possession, did NOT cripple their infrastructure, did NOT get ANY of their kidnapped soldiers back, have not and does NOT stop the rockets that are STILL being fired on their towns, has NOT stopped the re-arming of the terrorists...etc. etc. what IS there to "brag" about how wonderful the politicians in Israel have done!!!??? If Olmert really HAS found the "problems and weaknesses" of the last war with Lebenon, it should prove that "politicians" should BUTT OUT of the military operations and let the guys who do that for a living do what they do best-kill people!!! We have the same problems over here, all of our government leaders are "Generals" and military experts. Don't believe it, just ask them!!!!!!
30. Thanks for undermining Israel's prestige and cause
Francisco ,   Rosario, Argentina   (03.31.07)
I don't live in Israel, I live in Argentina, and I can assure that the Lebanon conflict undermined Israel's position. It placed the world against the Jewish State because Israel's cause was not exposed properly to the world by its leaders, and because the world is tired of wars. Don't Israeli people and leaders understand that??? While the world is demaning peace, while the world NEEDS peace, Israel is demanding war. That's certainly not the way Israel will achieve its goals. Using violence against fanatics only generates violent reactions from them and it makes the world think Israel and terrorists are actually the same thing. Thanks to the position of Israel last years, the number of anti-Semitic people in the world has been growing and growing. Is that what Israel is seeking? Would it not be best to try out a different kind of policy from now on so that the world will understand and support Israeli cause instead of repudiating it? Anyway, I'm not Israeli but I do understand the suffering of those who have died because of terrorism. As a person from abroad I think I can advise the Israelis: they MUST UNDERSTAND they're forcing the world to think ill of them. You should learn to expose your reasons better. That way the world would understand you again and peace with the Arabs could be achieved.
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