Iranian president lauds suicide bombers as invincible
Dudi Cohen
Published: 01.04.07, 10:34
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1. if only they would all commit suicide...
2. How many suicide bomber will survive the bomb?
Z Lando ,   Israel   (04.01.07)
One bomb and you will be talking different, just like the Japanese. Talk like this will only force our hand.
3. A leader dedicated to his people
Guy ,   Israel   (04.01.07)
4. Time to rid the world of this sick vile midget man
Talula ,   Israel   (04.01.07)
5. Incredible stupidity of citizens
Sam ,   Canada   (04.01.07)
The wonder is that the citizens don't have any brains to ask why their political leaders or clergy don't commit suicide themselves if it is such a good thing.
6. iran proudly displays depravity
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.01.07)
being proud of doing the most disgusting things imaginable is just a reflection of how perverted these people have become. most civilizations usually progress and improve their culture and the lives of their people, whereas iran takes delight in showing the world how far the can plumb the depths of barbarity, fuelled and driven by the dictates of their self-inflicted "peaceful" religion. i hope that if there are any non-crazed iranians, they would want to resist being portrayed as prehistoric savages to the rest of the world because being the scourge of the world is not something worthy any people with a single shred of dignity. the silence is deafening, though, which speaks volumes.
7. Bozo the Clown
Daniel Jackson ,   Boulder CO   (04.01.07)
What he really means is that there are no bombshelters in Tehran.
8. He Should Take His Own Advice.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.01.07)
Actually, maybe he is - Iranian actions lately could be called suicidal. In any military confrontation with the US, Iran will effectively be committing suicide.
9. It's obviously an April's fool joke.
someone   (04.01.07)
10. Dont send your kids to school send them to commit suicide
zionist forever   (04.01.07)
Even in countries where children are used as soilders they are not told to go and blow themselves up they are given guns and told to go fight alongside the adults but in Iran children are given bombs and told to blow themselves up. Now the president of this country is praising his countries ability to recruit hundreds of suicide bombers daily .. this really is a great achivement that his country can be proud of.. Other countries are turned into international periahs who nobody will deal with for less serious things than this but nobody complains about Iran.
11. # 3 EXACTLY
just like president Bush does ! LOOL
12. i am with you dear leader believe me
rashid ,   palistinian usa   (04.01.07)
you will drive all crusaiders out of our land and give it back to islam believe me i am very happy and i am with you
13. This short guy gonna kick your butts !
so be careful ! :)
14. What President would ask his own ppl to kill themselves
john ,   nz   (04.01.07)
... and feel happy about it. And when he said his nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes.. still there are ppl who believes him. This world has gone crazy.
15. #6
Tom ,   USA   (04.01.07)
mike,israel summed this up well. What kind of a country advocates these kind of perverse ideas? Isn't there any Iranians speaking out against this, or is mainstream thought? When we hear these things, do Iranians think that any other country in the world should trust them or even have any respect for them as a people? I lean left, but if this is what we're to expect of them, they shouldn't be surprised or outraged if other countries treat them as such. I don't see any "I have a dream" speeches ever coming out of there, unless it's the dream of putting explosives on your chest and killing children. What a pieceful religion. There's a piece of you there, over there, and over there.
16. Ahmadinejad, be a man and blow yourself up!
linda   (04.01.07)
17. Look whos crawled out of the woodwork...again.
Cy ,   Reading, Berks   (04.01.07)
I dont think there has been anyone in the last couple of decades so despised as that miserable oaf wreaking havoc in the ME and the rest of the world. The potential for him to damage the global economy, global human progress is immense. But thats EXACTLY what he and his fanatics want. They beleive that the world needs to be destroyed and from the ashes will rise a new dawn. I just hope that those doubters especially in China, Russia, S Africa etc realise that their economies, their futures are not immune to collapse as the rest of the world. And dont forget. Chinas wealth has been built on the trading relations with the US and the US consumer. The world had to realise once and for all just what is at stake and how just a bunch of fanatics could hold the world to ransom. And the time has come to work together and not allow bickering and historical differences to get in the way of a worldwide united front against this despicable regime. This kidnap of British personnel is only a foretaste of what might happen if the world collectively buries its hand in the sand. This evil regime is not going away. The leaders of the free world have a duty to ensure the safety and prosperity of its citizens and must tackle the problem of Irans Regime before we live or die to regret it.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.01.07)
It amazes me to read the word 'suicide' in various paragraphs of the article.Do we translate the prepardness of sacrificing ones life as 'suicide'?
20. This is truly Avodah Zarah, pagan idolatry!
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (04.01.07)
The Iranians and the so-called "Palestinians" and the other Islamofascists around the world are publicly declaring that they seek to perform child sacrifice for victory in battle. The boastings of these criminals against humanity are the same as those of Amalek.
21. ep
thr   (04.01.07)
Everybody knows the president is full of b..shit - the Iranian army is uneducated and poorly equipped and a few suicidebombers cannot win any wars or present any kind of threat to anybody.
22. Living soul is meaningless
John ,   USA   (04.01.07)
When our flesh (Ishmael) persecutes our spirit (Issac) to the point where the living soul (dust + created spirit = living soul) is void of life (knowing G-d), sacrifice through murder is all that is left for some to remove this animal soul. Its the ultimate "guilt transfer" to rid an evil generation. In other words "kill off" their own captivity in what they see in others, as the cause. To these the living soul has really become a meaningless pile of flesh, and the world is to blame.
23. Psalm of a Bombing liturgist
John ,   USA   (04.01.07)
Psalm of a bombing liturgist A mother’s farewell: "Because I love my son, I encouraged him to die a martyr's death for the sake of Allah” I am revered as a hero, Young ones, just like me, will grow, Strapped to my chest is a deadly mix, Explosives, ball bearings and steel bits, In hand, trigger awaits my final call, No more fear; this is holy law, Earlier I knelt in direction; I shaved clean my shame, A belt of martyrdom fit snugly to my frame, This is my paradise mission, A liturgy before my seed, Destroy, is my commission, My liturgy, to make others bleed, This death, is above all deaths, My trembling willow limbs renewed, I am a bomber of flesh and bone, Seventy black-eyed virgins call me home, Called by Allah, to remove the evil wretch, My mothers love for me, to die a martyr’s death, This is my Psalm, before my seed, To little ones in kindergarten, who become the next shaheeds By John Muskiewicz
24. What can one expect from cult of 72 virgins?
Rehavam ,   Israel   (04.01.07)
25. Mahmood #18 the actual meaning of suicide
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (04.01.07)
it is known as a perversion of the Koran, or Islamic theocrocy as is being preached by self proclamaid islamic demigods
26. Lunatics and what to do about them
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (04.01.07)
To the best of my knowledge in ever country in the world when a lunatic openly threatens any segment of society the authorities either commit them to an insane asylum or if uncontrollable and is posing an imminent threat, kill him. This nut case has by words and actions proven himself to be a total megalomaniac, he hears GOD his murderous actions are supposedly inspired by GOD, the world must send him to his GOD before he destroys the entire world in his lunatic diseased mind
27. 22
I assume that you are speaking metaphorically because surely you know that Ishmael and Iran are not related or connected, family-wise.
28. There is no so many virgins in Heaven!!! Stop dreaming.
Oleg ,   USA   (04.01.07)
29. EVIL
Juan ,   Spain   (04.01.07)
EVIL personified
30. If I sounded offensive I appoloigize.
John ,   USA   (04.01.07)
I in no way meant to infer that people originally from Iran are descended from Ishmael, or that those that are from Ishmael are somehow less of G-ds creation. I was speaking on a biblical "type" cast, concerning mans animal soul/flesh vs. created spirit. Suicide bombers who take innocent civilian lives are evil cowards, controlled by their animal soul, and have no concept of LIFE (knowing G-d).
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