Explosives rock British embassy in Tehran
Published: 01.04.07, 16:44
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1. Correct me if I'm wrong,
Mike   (04.01.07)
but aren't explosives being hurled at your embassy an act of war? Does someone have to die before action is taken? If so, how many people have to die? I'm completely amazed by the British's lack of backbone in this entire matter. They are just emboldening the Iranians.
2. i wish i was with you brothers
rashid ,   palistinian usa   (04.01.07)
believe me i can not leave the usa but if i could i would do lot more but my heart is with you and your fight
3. britain is the enemy of israel!!!
avraham ,   jerusalem   (04.01.07)
4. Britain's position on captured soldiers
Kaunda A. ,   Toronto, Canada   (04.01.07)
In response to Mike's comments, I wonder if his accusing the Brits of having no backing may not be due to an unfortunate internalization of the typically aggressive American approach as the new standard of dealing with conflicts? Should we all completely abandon diplomacy whenever it becomes expedient to do so? Don't the Brits deserve some credit for seeking to exhaust all other viable alternatives before resorting to yet another open conflict in which no one really wins? Peace.
5. Rashid - let me make sure I read you right...
JPS ,   Efrat   (04.01.07)
From the freedom of your life in America to express yourself and do whatever you want to the extent that the law permits you - you're saying you want to go to Tehran and break international law by hurling explosives at diplomatic enclave recognized by the government of Iran? And by "do more", what exacgtly do you mean? Do you want to break into the embassy grounds itself (an illegal act)? Do you want to go into the embassy and kill the British staff that works there? (in violation of both international law and Iranian law) Why do you wish you were with a law-breaking mob committing crimes by attacking an embassy? And if you feel this way, why are you lving in the USA - which you must also hate with a passion? Or do you want to do this to the White House? Please explain yourself.
6. Iran Stand off
v.c.Job ,   India   (04.01.07)
Once again UK and EU are showing their weakness. Iran is feeding on this weakness. Bush has demonstrated his anguish over the incident in clear voice. It shows that only US can stand against terrorrism. UK's handling of the crisis is far from satisfactory. Send a clear messages to the clerics to steer clear or face the consequences. While remembering the 25th year of Falkland war when UK went to war with weak Argentina and sacrificed 1000 lives in total for a farflung barren island, UK must mind its bend knees in front of arrogant Iran.
J.S. ,   LONDON   (04.01.07)
This cheap talk is only CHEAP TALK. There are millions like you who, instead of doing something constructive by encouraging palestinians and arabs alike, to accept reality on the ground and start putting your house in order by taking advantage of what Israel can offer your people, think of nothing but destruction. What a sick mentality. It's high time you put things in their prespective order. Another scenario. Suppose for argument sake, you destroy Israel and take your so called land back. Do you really think there will be peace in the middle east? Isn't it time you recognise that your so called "arab brothers" are your real enemy. Historically, you never liked each other. At least Israel can offer you better living with their science, technology, the medicine you personally take daily, agriculture, to mention a few. If you think your arab brothers will give you their oil monies, why don't they do it when you need it most, NOW!!! My friend Rashid. The reality is that you people live in kookoo's land. You love to destroy more than build, to the dismay of the world. PITY!!!
8. Your Destiny is upon you Persia
9. Explosives rock British embassy in Tehran
ANDY ,   USA   (04.01.07)
Again, we see the ugly face of the Irianian Government & Mullahs, the most Uncivilized government in the this world, as they feel the heat, they are resorting to kidnapping soldiers from another country's border as hostages to humiliate tem & their country, it only shows how mean their intentions. Go to hell IRINIANS
10. Regime change in Iran
Eli ,   Cambridge   (04.01.07)
Now that we have a casus belli, it is high time for the civilised world (i.e. UK & US) to disarm Iran and send mediaeval lunatic imams to Guantanamo. I suggest people read comment no.2 by a "Palestinian" would-be terrorist who declares his affinity with the people who are killing his Sunni "brothers" in Iraq...
11. British Embassy Under Attack
Doc Mueller ,   Nevada, USA   (04.01.07)
The reason the Brits are acting like the French is probably because the USA won't back any play by them. Why don't some "students" in London have at the Iranian embassy with damaging signs and threats; you know, "Death to Karnak"?
12. What the hell are the british doing in Iran/ Iraq anyways?
Ranjit ,   India   (04.01.07)
What the hell are the british doing in Iran/ Iraq anyways? OIL (under pretext of being in Iraq to destroy non existant weapons of mass destruction). If the UK and the US are allowed to keep their nuclear weapons, then why not Iran, and North korea, and fiji and malta and algeria and...? Who decides? I am happy that Iran has the guts to stand up for its rights.
JCook ,   Texas, USA   (04.01.07)
Ken, Diplomacy ONLY WORKS WHEN YOU HAVE SOMETHING THE OTHER WANTS! You and every liberal humanitarian who believes that we all are alike, that we all have the same human ambition to to spineless suits in an endless diatribe of respectful dialogue deserve to repeat history. Do you even recall an inkling of the disastrous nature capitulation had in the presence of Nazi Germany. . . they lied, lied, lied. To their neighbors whom they attacked, to their "allies" they betrayed, and to their people they enslaved. They too had dialog and treaties, and discussions. STOP BEING COWARDS and recognize that a nation willing to ignore the holocaust and declare it a national campaign to extinguish a race is NOT an acceptable member of the human race. WAKE UP and OPPOSE EVIL!
14. Provocateurs
Alfred Pott ,   San Franciso   (04.01.07)
I know most of you will disagree, and so do I because the odds are low. But I would not be surprised if this crowd of protesters outside of the British Embassy were paid by the USA as provocateurs.
J.S. ,   LONDON   (04.01.07)
The UK, EU and USA have been handed a golden opportunity to undermine and shake Ahmadinejad's government. They should put an indefinite freeze on travel, all bank accounts, businesses, existing contracts and the like with Iran so that the outcry will come from the people within Iran. At the same time, they should warn the opportunists Russians and Chinese, not to undermine this effort. Such a costly move, with all that it entails may result in a swifter solution of the Atomic issue and in the long run prove to be hugely cheaper. Obviously, they don't do it because of material interests and generally wars are good for economies and safeguards the politicians position in power. What hypocracy???
16. Iran will vaporise Tel-Aviv if attacked
Stephen, S ,   Toronto, US   (04.01.07)
It is certainty now that Iran has acquired the Russian's supersoning sunburn that can strike Israel in no time if it's attacked. Iran may have nuclear capability already which makes the possibility of wiping out the apartheid regime of Israel a possible reality. Iran has stood strong facing the West and its power for 3 decades now. Tiny Israel won't survive a war against Iran.
17. Remembering Beach Boys song
Bob ,   USA   (04.01.07)
I remember a take off on a beach boys song that was on juke boxes some years ago "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb-Bomb Iran". This was durinh the middle 70's.
18. Britain now know the pain of Israel:Shalit,Regev,Goldwasser
Umm El Kul Naqba   (04.01.07)
Hopefully the British will now be more resolute and understand the pain of Israel as our captives are isolated from their immediate and extended families(ie. Israel people are all brothers). British families are now waiting anxiously for the release of the mariners from the clenches of the lunatic from Teheran. Just as Israelis have suffered from suicide attacks(and all other attacks), Americans have also learned the pain of the Arab/Moslem terror in all of the suicide attacks in Iraq. They totally without any morality and now have sacrificed children in their suicide attacks. They do not care who they murder, Shiite or Sunni, Moslem or Jew, Fatah or Hamas, but their insatiable appetite for murder can never be appeased. It is unfortunate that the Democrats and general American public are ignorant of the enormity of the Arab/Moslem terror threat to the entire world. It is time for the world to unite and put an end to Arab/Moslem terror.
19. to all you fools racist that write about me
rashid ,   palistinian usa   (04.01.07)
don't forget that you follow laws that are made by men and i follow laws given by allah and mohamad (peace be upon him) so you have nothing on me the way you treat your women is disggusting, showing off their flesh like you know what, this is agains allah and we are going to change it slowly but surely, also you have man on man you know what i mean and this is not allowed it has to be changed, i never seen a thing like this since i left cairo, your society need fixing and we are here to do it. there are more and more all over the world that are coming to islam, bless them, together we will win ahmadinajad is a good man an honest man and a brave man and if i could i would help him to take our moslem land back to us palistine afghanistan iraq chechnia and more and more, stop taking our oil and other resorces for nothing and we then can start to talk peace
20. Definition of "to rock"?
L T ,   USA   (04.01.07)
A bit sensational, perhaps? Sounds more like a couple of "black cat" fireworks. "Explosives *rock* British embassy in Tehran" "Witnesses also said the blasts did not appear to do any damage, although each sent a small plume of smoke into the air. "
21. Brink of world war 3?
AJ ,   USA   (04.01.07)
Is this truely the way the world must act. By doing the dumbest thing you could possibly do, attack a neutral country. And I do mean attack. This is truely the begining of a long, deadly road to war all for the beliefs that you are right and they are wrong. Well, to say the least, everyone who makes an attack on anyone is wrong. This is truely the begining of a bloody battle of power
22. Iranian hostilities
B Sproule ,   Oxford, UK   (04.01.07)
The way to go, for the moment with this issue is through democracy. Yes, fight if necessary, but it isn't at the moment. Iran has very little political and military power. The marines will be released eventually, because there is no way that Iranian demands will be accepted. To Ranjit - we aren't in Iran. And Iran is performing an illegal act (UK and US aren't fully innocent in Iraq I know). We have weapons so that there isn't a nuclear war! Give terrorists Nukes, and bye bye Israel, bye bye India, bye bye Pakistan and so on. To JCook - Nazism is different to this. Read and learn about it. To Rashid - Grow up and learn about how much your 'brothers' really care about you. To V.C.Job - Falklands was Argentina INVADING British soil. That is different to kidnapping. And what is an Indian talking about how only the US can stand up to terrorism? What about the UK stopping bombings in London and helping the US? If any of you people who are against Democracy don't have relatives in the military or are in the military will not know the trauma of war. I have many cousins in the Army, and they do not want to go to war again, but they must. Iran would just be a mess and a waste of time. Long rant, but conclusion is that Democracy will work in the end.
23. Re: Provocateurs
Chris ,   Seattle USA   (04.01.07)
Iranian protesters are being paid by the US to attack the British Embassy in Tehran. Of course! Conspiratorial statements like these always make me wonder if people are anti-US govt. or just naturally prone to delusions of conspiracism. Because I'm sure the all powerful George Bush has the capacity to secretly instruct his well entrenched and plentiful agents that operate with complete ease throughout a country that no one has any real intelligence on to attack their only ally in this whole Iraqi mess so that he can start another war. Guess what? I'm willing to bet George Bush knows he #*!ed up and he is also aware that he really has no options with Iran. But of course he ordered the WTC attacks and this is just another event that is falling perfectly into his evil plan.
24. It begins like this?
Bryoki ,   Chicago, IL, USA   (04.01.07)
Nothing good will come from this. Nothing good ever comes from a civilization that employs barbaric tactics into their overall propaganda and military campaigns/strategies. The US should have never been involved in Iraq to begin with; Iran has always been a bigger threat. Ladies and gentleman, this is America falling. It's rather sad to see a great civilization fall (over greed and materialism), just to see more savage ones rise.
25. In response to Rashid from Palestine
Bryoki ,   Chicago, IL USA   (04.01.07)
Rashid, Who the hell are you to judge us and our laws? You are no one. If you don't like the USA and its laws, get the hell out. We really don't want you here anyways. Our society doesn't need fixing, it's doing well on its own. And if you feel like trying to fix it, I know there is myself and about 300 million others that would rather fight and die than subscribe to your fundamentalist beliefs. That's what being an American is about; obviously you don't know. Get the hell out.
26. arab ideology
allen ,   miami, fl   (04.01.07)
why hasn't a mullah become a human bomb?? why do you brainwash children to do unspeakable acts?? I have yet to hear of an radical moslem cleric instructed his child to blow itslef up. Why is that..........???? What a sham.
27. # 12 -
Shoshana   (04.01.07)
Perhaps it is because neither the US nor the UK has promised the destruction of any countries... Under the nuclear accords, signed over half a century ago, the world is supposed to be gradually dismantalling its nuclear arsenal, not proliferating it. If Iran can have WMDs, then everyone around, who is threatened by them must have them in order to guarantee security, and then everyone around them, and on and on and on. Would you like Pakistan to develop some nuclear weapons? The accord has been amended to my knowledge. That's the problem. Instead of trying to reduce the weapons that could kill 100's of thousands of people in seconds, you want to spread them around? For someoe who's talking about rights, your argument is a bit skewed. What about the rights of the millions of people who would die if one of these crazy rulers decided to 'push the button'?
29. ummmm..rashid...
moishe ,   usa   (04.01.07)
if I get this are espousing this from American soil post-911? DO you want to just put a big BULLS EYE on your back with a sign "take me to Guatanamo?"? In some ways, people like you give people like us good cheer to have faith in the power of Darwinism.
Chris ,   Seattle USA   (04.01.07)
Rashid, they're not "our" women to command. They are thinking, independent equals that can dress anyway they choose, something you won't understand, but thank you for your help with fixing our society. And I'm sure that if you can make your way here to the US then you can manage to leave and join your Iranian buddy. khodaa haafez
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