Hizbullah says it's treating IDF soldiers humanely
Roee Nahmias
Published: 05.04.07, 18:17
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1. Humanely? Kidnapped and not allowed to see Red Cross
David ,   Boston, USA   (04.05.07)
Thats barbaric. If thats what Islam teaches according to Hezbollah, its incompatible with the world today.
2. May they be quickly returned to Israel.
3. Hide Hiz and Pal prisioners
Sam ,   US   (04.05.07)
Israel shouls also hide and do not permit visits from anyone, just like they Hezbullah is doing. see if they like it. where is human rights? F.Them.
4. Lebanese prisoners probably OK, despite tired rhetoric, but
Haifa, Israel   (04.05.07)
they are criminals with intent to be so, and likely deserve worse. Kidnapped IDF "soldiers" are little more than drafted students, and the sick nuts who took them are SPECIFICALLY counting on our humanity in them game they're playing.
5. Who is treating captives inhumanely?!
Sharon ,   Tel Aviv   (04.05.07)
The Lebanese captives are treated absolutely humanely: The Red Cross visits them, they can write and receive letters. The Israeli captives aren't allowed these elementary rights!!! So, who is treating prisoners inhumanely?!
6. All Hail to the hezbo humanitarians....... .Nope, ynet
Charlie ,   Houston, Texas   (04.05.07)
I dare ynet to publish my insight to this matter: In what appears to be first signal that kidnapped soldiers may still be alive, Hizbullah leader tells Arab-Israeli newspaper soldiers are being treated humanely, 'unlike Lebanese prisoners held in Israel' Same ole false hopes, different day. Y Net & Israeli leftist Media dive head first after the slightest rumour of mercy from Israel's savage enemies. Afterwards, still status quo still reigns.
7. to haifa #4
mazen   (04.05.07)
when u say about others criminals and ur pow innocent students, u confirm the following notion: as a pal we were told that jews are not bad rather the ones brought to israel are the garbage of jews, as a free thinker, i always thought that was empty vile distortions based on simple war hatred, when i hear u dehumanize others like that, it makes me revise my thinking....
8. Since there is no independent corroboration....
AK   (04.05.07)
we only have the lying terrorist's words that the Israeli soldiers are even alive. Israeli newspapers shouldn't even bother to print such nonsense -- it creates false hopes and undermines sound policy decisions. Those bastards have already figured out that we, unlike them, truly cherish and value every human life and use it to their advantage.
9. why do you believe
jackie kunitz ,   USA   (04.05.07)
I would suggest that the ultimate liars in the Muslim world who claim IDF p;ersonnel are being well treated , or at least humanely, treated should let them receive visits from some international group, such as Red Cross. I personally do not believe they are telling the truth and that in reality these two young men are already dead
10. Lebanese prisoners?
jackie kunitz ,   USA   (04.05.07)
The primary lebanese prisoner in Israel is a convicted murderer who, in the US would either have been executed or held in strict confinement for his crime of killing a afather, dashing a child's head thereby killing her and indirectly causing the death of the couple's other child. What other prisoners are these people talking about?
11. humanity + islam = oxymoron
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.05.07)
12. Massive Loss Of blood At Abush Site.
Yoni   (04.05.07)
I must say I am very sorry to the families of these brave heroes who were attacked without provocation. Both men who were taken suffered terrible wounds from the loss of their blood at the scene. Under normal circumstances men in that condition have only a one in ten chance of survival if they receive substantial medical attention in the first hour after being wounded. Sadly this does not appear to be the case. Hizbullah has lied in the past about captives being alive. It would be a “Miracle” if they were alive but we must be realistic in dealing with the lying arab captors. If they were alive the Arabs probably would have used them in propaganda videos by now. Not hearing a thing for so long is a very bad sign.
13. JA!
DAVID ,   LONDON,UK   (04.05.07)
yeah right. 13 days for the brits... MONTS AND YEARS for IDF soldiers being Killed, and Kidnapped. With no Red Cross to check them, No Video appearances, .... DAMN YOU ALL YOU BLOODY TERRORISTS! RELEASE THEM NOW!
14. Talk is cheap. Offer a sign of life as proof!
simple as that ,   USA   (04.05.07)
15. #7 mazen
Garreth   (04.05.07)
YOU talk about dehumanising and then you call us 'garbage''????? You say that you are told that Israeli Jews are 'garbage', then state that you are a '"free thinker? What a primitive ignorant you are!
16. # 7 is right
papa jay   (04.05.07)
I dont understand why the jewish mind cant understand the simple fact that their beloved IDF "students" are regarded as terrorists by the arab world. Lebanon included. your innocent loving young IDF children are the Arabs enemy. You can call them incident until your blue in the face wont change the fact that they are the enemy to the Arabs. Likewise are the Lebanese prisoners. they are the enemy of Israel. it's pathetic for one side to call the other criminal, when all you have to do is jump the fence and see which people regard which as heros and which regard as criminal.
17. infinite hypocracy
alan ,   frisco   (04.05.07)
What is striking about the statement from Hezzobollah is the infinite hypocracy. Prisoners Israel holds were caught for crimes of actively blowing up civilians which is illegal under any rule of law. Regev and Goldwasser were merely solidiers engaged in an active war that is legal under any rule of law. While it is legal for Israel to hold terrorists and while Israel allows the Red Cross access to prisoners, Hezbollah refuses to comply with a rule of law that all other nations honor--Red Cross access to determine if prisoners are being treated according to the Geneva Accords. Refusing these Israeli prisoners any access to the Red Cross is an act of barbarism. If the Hezbollah representative is sincere about humane treatment, why not allow the Red Cross access?
18. martians
mike   (04.05.07)
Easier to understand martians
19. Where are you Olmert? SHAME!
Olmert Lied ,   Israel   (04.05.07)
Remember last summer when you were adamant about getting the soldiers back? Was that all for show? You've done absolutely NOTHING to get these soldiers released while you whine and worry about the Winograd report. SHAME ON YOU OLMERT! G-d help these soldiers!
20. # 17, come on, get real
papa jay   (04.05.07)
if you were Hezbollah would you let the red cross visit? The answer is no, because if Israel knew where they were held, what do you think would stop them from crossing into leb and causing destruction? Nothing? so for those stupid enough not to UNDERSTAND the difference between why Israel can let the red cross and Hez can not, hope this makes sense.
21. to papa jay
freejay ,   Israel   (04.05.07)
I dont understand why your mind camt understand the simple fact that the arabs calling the IDF is nothing but pure propaganda. You cant be serious in your absurd comments........I dont think you understand whats actually going on here. .Every Israeli citizen is considered a terrorist and fair targets to the arabs..... not just the IDF. There is a huge difference between someone who is in the IDF and a terrorist from Hezbollah or Hamass. You seem to be playing right into the terrorists hands implying that they are freedom fighters(did hezbollah fight for anyones freedom?).............this is propaganda and youre falling fall it. The Lebanese prisoners you claim are in Israels jails are mainly affiliated with Hezbollah and were not fighting in the Lebanese army. I bet you dont realise that there are a hell of alot more Lebanese in Syrian jails than there are in Israels. Israel doesnt consider all Lebanese terrorists, only Hezbollah.
22. # 21 FreeJay
papa jay   (04.06.07)
my complements on your name. i gant you there are many leb prisoners in syria, these prisoners where acting against syrian control over leb. let me ask you a very simple question, and please give a very simple answer. with the last lab war, why did the popularity of Hez soar in the arab world? we're talking about 400 million people in what 23 arab countries. the arab network news stations showed unprecedented support for from a predominant sunni people to a predominant shiatt group. why do u think that is? you can always claim your the moral side, but then again you will find many millions more on the arab side claiming the same. it's all relative, depending on which set of eyes you see this conflict through you will see an entirely different picture.
23. War with Hizbullah is imminent!
Stuart Miller ,   St. Paul, USA   (04.06.07)
The Kabbalists are now saying that war is upon us. I just freaked out when I read this: Must read!
24. papa jay, your arguments are undermined by themselves
logic ,   USA   (04.06.07)
You censure Israelis for considering Lebanese militants the enemy, using the argument that the other side considers Israelis the enemy. Your argument ignores the fact that Israelis consider Lebanese MILITANTS to be the enemy (not all Lebanese) while these same Lebanese militants consider Israelis (including civilians) to be the enemy. However, even if you ignore this distinction, your argument has a gaping hole: if we flip the coin one more time, then, according your argument, Lebanese need to understand that Israelis consider them the enemy and act accordingly. You're censuring talkbackers for an argument that you yourself support. This gaping whole in your argument suggests a clear, anti-Israeli bias.
25. two soldiers
nathan ,   gaza   (04.06.07)
who knows of two soldiers taken hostage by terrorists then MURDERED. Names were Martin and Paice and it all happened in 1947. Oh yes the terrorists group was called Irgun.
26. well.......
Unlike Abu-ghraib jail, where prisiner were treated worse than animal by USA.
27. Samir Quntar
Talish ,   Phoenix, USA   (04.06.07)
Free prisoners like Samir Qantar? The guy smashed a little girl's skull with a rifle butt. F*ck Hazbollah.
28. #17, Are you suuuuuure?
Persian CAT   (04.07.07)
alan, I defy you to produce any shreds of evidence that all of the 5000+ hostagers in Israeli Gulags, including the minors, are "Prisoners Israel holds were caught for crimes of actively blowing up civilians which is illegal under any rule of law". I know you love to parrot the crap the Zionists put out but then stop using words like HYPOCRACY - since you're at it LEAVE frisco! frisco does not need sewage running on its streets.
29. the whole world is devil playgrond. people belive in lie as
susan ,   israel   (04.07.07)
its the truth. israel and america are standng alone. may god bless us and help us against those dark forces.
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