Terrorists endorse Pelosi's 'good policy of dialogue'
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 05.04.07, 19:33
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1. Speaks for itself regarding left wing ignorance
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.05.07)
"Terrorists endorse Pelosi's 'good policy of dialogue'
2. Oh please
JimH ,   Colorado Springs USA   (04.05.07)
I've never seen such a close-minded administration as the Bush one. He'll gladly supply the syrians with arms in place of oil, but god forbid we actually have talks with them to ensure they understand our position. Right wing idiocity.
3. Is this what you call news?
Evan ,   Los Angeles, USA   (04.05.07)
4. "terrorists endorse Pelosi"
tony ,   chicago,usa   (04.05.07)
Interesting how "patriots" within the USA are so desparately engaged in NOT talking to groups that might expose them for who they are, selfish, self preserving individuals without ANY allegiance to the ideals this country was built upon..or worse yet, as individuals willing to sacrifice the US for their tacit sworn allegiances.
5. The horror, they can't be talking with Syria !
Stacie ,   Canada   (04.05.07)
What if dialog wins over isolation? What if peace cames out of it? Where will that leave Israel and the billions Uncle Sam sends?
6. She is a fool...
Mike ,   USA   (04.05.07)
as are we for voting her and her like into a power holding situation in our government.
7. To No. 2, Jim in Colorado
New Yorker ,   New York   (04.05.07)
Better this "right wing idiocity" of Bush than Chamberlain, Carter, Fonda and Pelosi put together.
8. Pelosi's Visit to Syria
Dwight Rife ,   Columbus, Ohio USA   (04.05.07)
I think the endorsment of Pelosi and the Democratic party by Khaled Al-Batch a Militant and Islamic Terrorist speaks volumes. He knows the Democrats are weak, willey Nilley do nothings. No wonder he wants them to win elections. Then he and his kind can kill, mame and destroy without retaliation.
9. Article
Mirza ,   New York, USA   (04.05.07)
"Comments containing incitement, slander, racist slurs and inappropriate language deemed to violate our terms of use won't be published." -YNet policy You should look to the same disclaimer when writing a piece, rather than to dismiss a small group as a whole by slander and desecration. The problematic nature exists in your bias premise as seen through your writing. Thus the argument and news you put forth becomes invalidated of any previous credence.
10. What's wrong with talking?
Mentor ,   New York, NY   (04.05.07)
When Bush says "mixed messages undermine US policy" it makes me laugh. What policy is that exactly? One screw up after another? I'm generally in favor of Israel, even though at times it is difficult to condone some of its actions. One thing that needs to be remembered is that even though the US and Israel are allies, they're still 2 different countries with different national interests. Nancy Pelosi is trying something Bush did not, in order to achieve goals that she thinks are in the best interest of the United States. She is talking to a head of state not a terrorist organization. That terrorists are trying to spin this to their own interests is irrelevant in my book. After the performance of this administration in the Middle East, I say it's OK to try something different.
11. You an idea is great if it's supported by Islamic Jihad...
so lame ,   former Dem   (04.05.07)
12. This is a news article?
George ,   Isreal   (04.05.07)
Doesn't this belong on some pro-isreal blog or something? I thought news articles were supposed to be unbiased. This looks like a crazed bloggers work. I wish could let people remove certain sites.
13. Terrorists endorse Nancy Pelosi's...
Jason West ,   Fayetteville, AR USA   (04.05.07)
Who funds your news(???)letter? AIPAC? The RNC? Thank God fewer Americans listen to such nonsense. One of these days, maybe we'll stop giving Israel $15 million a day. Israel has government-sponsored health care for all its citizens. And the U.S.?
14. What?
Al ,   Oregon   (04.05.07)
Thank you Nancy for opening a dialogue these terrorists who really wanted peace all along. I think we've found a major contributer to the Democratic party, the peaceful terrorists.
15. Damascus Nancy is as unamerican as Hanoi Jane
American Patriot ,   Denver, CO   (04.05.07)
Not since Jane (insane) Fonda met with ho chi min in hanoi has an american democrat proved so sucincly that she is a traitor to this nation. I vote we no longer refer to her as soeaker pellosi but as damascus Nancy, sister of Hanoi Jane.
16. Wow
Kiko Jones ,   Miami, FL   (04.05.07)
Amazing how there are still people that actually suppor this incompetent administration and say that wars and invasions are better than talking. In fact, by talking you avoid the "kill, mame. and destroy". Some of the comments here justify why the Republicans endorse reducing education funds: it makes ther base grow!
17. haha terrorists.
Al ,   Texas   (04.05.07)
So the terrorist say she is 'brave' for talking to them? i.e. "You are 'brave' for talking to us, cause normally we just kill people on site." Why would you talk to people who shrug off accidentally killing thier neighbors when they attempt to bomb thier enemies. I don't think I'd talk to people who define themself as 'Terrorist' and are always looking for profile targets.
18. "Terrorists endorse Pelosi"
Ian Reid ,   Austin, Texas, USA   (04.05.07)
I think that part of the current world conflict stems from an abuse of power on the part of the USA. Invading and destroying Iraq, for instance, has generated hostility, heat and resistance that 'we' conveniently term 'terrorism'. We label the perpetrators "terrorists' and it gives us more fuel for our 'War on Terrorism'. Conflicting interests and desires are facts of nature that can often be resolved through mediation and negotiation, but now without creating an atmosphere of mutural respect and trust. We must behave like humans if we are to achieve the promise of our humanity. Please stop the name calling..
19. the expected biased behavior
mik ,   bay area, california   (04.05.07)
all of this blather about a democrat speaking with syria, mainly from the ignorant right. did they have an opinion about the republican'ts who were in syria last week or republican't congressman issa's visit today? nope, silence. israel is more interested in sucking the money nipple from the united states while standing behind us as we fight stupidly for their existence, than they are in understanding the nature of the confilict that they've helped to create. is there ever an actual offer of reconciliation from them that is not ultimately followed by invasion, bulldozing and death, and occupation? act like humans - not the extremist right that has run the united states into the ground. bush doesn't care about israel, he cares about himself - only.
20. what hypocrits you at ynet
John ,   Essex, Vermont USA   (04.05.07)
Whatever this piece is, it isn't news, it's opinion and a rather closed view showing such a clear bite of hypocrite I think it should be used as a text book example. I really have the opinion that the entire middle east is the cesspool of consciousness and spirituality. If it's not muslim jihad then its a jewish jihad or if not the two aforementioned jihad then its a money grubbing jihad. By the way, why didn't you slander brainless Bush's boys meeting with the same terrorists. Sheesh, grow up you creeps.
21. is this site owned by FOX news?
Jacob ,   United States   (04.05.07)
Maybe it's time Israel stopped whining and stopped stepping on everyones toes. Big brother won't always be here after school to help you against bullies.
22. Mention the Republicans who have gone to Syria
je ,   Little Rock, AR USA   (04.05.07)
In regard to your article, "Terrorists endorse Pelosi's 'good policy of dialogue', please be advised that numerous Republican lawmakers have met with Assas recently. See
23. A Disgrace
Fred Barker ,   Byron, Ga   (04.05.07)
Now she shows her true colors. Pelosi needs to move on in with the terrorist in Damascus, she is of the same caliber. She is a disgrace to our government. God bless you George W. Bush!
24. Is There An American Liberal Who DOESN'T Back Arab Terror?
David ,   Marietta USA   (04.05.07)
25. Since the Terrorists like her so much...
RonPaul4President ,   Austin, TX   (04.05.07)
maybe they can talk her into strapping on a vest bomb and walking into the White House. Seriously as an American citizen (who is not a big fan of the Bush approach to internaltional relations btw) I am EXTREMELY unhappy about this "mid-east tour" that Pelosi is taking. It is inappropriate and dangerous to our country. We have ONE President, elected by the people, who directs the foreign policies of the country. Disagreeing elements can dialog/argue all they want within the intra-national context but this trip in direct contradiction to the President's official foreign policies is wrong and I REPEAT dangerous. Oh yeah, Ron Paul for President in 2008. Seriously folks.
26. Counter Productive
Captain Obvious ,   Los Angeles, CA   (04.05.07)
'Abu Abdullah, a leader of Hamas' military wing in the Gaza Strip, said the willingness by some lawmakers to talk with Syria "is proof of the importance of the resistance against the US.' That's the only important sentence from this article. Pelosi has done nothing but validate their strategy that if they kill more Americans, they will eventually get their way... ...and by their "way" I mean impunity to burn israel to the ground, commit genocide in Darfur, and continue to allow sunnis and shiites to massacre eachother so that they remain oppressed and easily ruled. Only a fool would believe that you can reason with people that blindy follow a religion in matters of life and death. That goes Islamic Jihadists and Good Christians like Bush alike. So disappointed Pelosi would do something just as dumb as the administration she pledged to protect everyone against. You can bet money violence in Iraq will increase after her little emboldening field trip... meaning more dead American soldiers... which is just going to make the administration say "now we really can't leave, it's too dangerous for the poor iraqis!" Good job giving them another excuse to prolong the war, and make it more costly at the same time.
27. to dwight #8
Santa ,   north pole, usa   (04.05.07)
you are an idiot. hmm...who was in office on 9-11-01?
28. Queen Pelosi
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. USA   (04.05.07)
It is a pretty sad state of affairs when the self appointed Queen Nancy (Stretch) Pelosi going to Syria undermining our President and the war effort to fight terriorsm. Now she is endorsed by the most ruthless killer terrorists who are hell bent on destroying us.
29. Re: Since the terrrorists like her so much ...
Mentor ,   New York, NY   (04.05.07)
RonPaul4President This president ran this country as if it was his fief. He and his cronies trampled on both the houses of Congress, denounced and smeared anyone who disagreed with his policies as "unpatriotic" and what not. That's not how people "disagree." The point is Bush did as he pleased for 6 years making the post Cold War world a whole lot more dangerous for Americans and the West in the mean time, than it has ever been. I seriously doubt Pelosi's visit will make matters worse than they are. If anything, hopefully it will keep reminding this bastard of a president that he should listen more to the voices of elected citizens in Congress and less to the ones in his head.
30. Syria has no oil, Pelosi has no brain
armando ,   norwalk usa   (04.05.07)
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