France to try Gaydamak in absentia
Published: 06.04.07, 18:18
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1. nother hero has fallen, but the trail's going ahead !!
would they put the trail to the trial ?!
2. Prediction fulfilled, keep watching the crystal ball!
RedStarYeast ,   USA   (04.06.07)
My Prediction No. 1 -- Gaydamak will be tried in absentia -- has now proven true. Now keep tabs on Predictions 2 (G. will be found guilty as charged and will thus be effectively confined to Israel) and 3 (G. will buy an Israeli political party and have himself elected Prime Minister).
3. Confine him to Uganda
Haifa, Israel   (04.07.07)
It was, after all, the alternative Israel - and he does seem to love Africa so very much.
4. What's the fuss?
Jonno ,   Oz   (04.07.07)
A Russian Israeli selling Russian arms to the legitimate government in Angola is hardly any concern of France. If the would rather he sold them French arms then they should have offered a better deal than the Russians did.
5. France-- Antisemites and Islamist-Jihadists
Brod ,   USA   (04.07.07)
France is obsessed with persecuting Jews as they did to Dreyfus. It is the lethal combination of antisemites and Islamist-Jihadist brew.
6. France, Shmance
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (04.07.07)
As was said in a previous post, he sold arms to the legitimate gov't fighting terror. France, on the other hand provides material support to Islamofascists running the PLO. As for using his money for political activity, so what? Is he supposed to use other people's money ?
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