Abbas tells forces to help stop Gaza rocket fire
Published: 07.04.07, 16:52
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1. Hamas spokesman Mahmoud Abbas says stop kassams !?
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (04.07.07)
So there should me no more kassams ?! Right ? Wrong ! No one any longer believes all this proxy nonense ! They are doing it not us; it was them not us etc etc ! It worked for a while but no more .. Hamas is responsible for the Kassams and Mazen is a part of the Hamas government. Unity government right !
2. Useless Abbas
JG ,   Florida   (04.07.07)
Let me get this straight , he says "... Stop useless Qassam launching " I guess that is better than useful Qassam strikes on Israel he still wants to happen.
3. Useless JG , Florida
Normal Jew   (04.07.07)
There are alwyas some useless people who can't accept the Palestians as people.
4. I think he mean usless to the peace process and the Pal unit
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (04.07.07)
Because what those rocket do is: 1- Call for IDF to come attack Pal and who get hurt in are mostely civilian "except this week were the IDF got the right target" 2- at Some point and very soon the PAl security forces/interior minester need to have the area under their control secure, save and under the law respecting the agreement signed with Israel, if they don't stop the firing and confontation will occur and this time Hamas as is a part of the Gov will need to enforce those law along with the presidential guard. theyre is always onther way to read words and sentences. thank you
5. Abbas lies.
Uzi ,   Haifa   (04.07.07)
6. Abbas: Stop attacks bc they're impratical, not immoral
Abbas asks to stop the Qassams because they're bad for the Palestinian cause. He doesn't oppose these attacks that target civilians deliberately. Continue in Abbas' rhetoric: If it were good for the cause, it would be totally ok for Palestinians to target Israeli CIVILIANS. Likewise, Abbas in the past censured suicide bombings ONLY because they were hurting the Palestinian cause and for NO OTHER REASON.
7. Arafat all over again
Jack ,   USA   (04.07.07)
This is the same thing that Arafat used to do. He would order an attack and then turn around and condemn it. The whole world must be blind not to see this. Abbas is worse than Hamas. At least Hamas will tell you they are going to kill you. We have to get rid of ALL these terrorists lunatics NOW! A snake is a snake no matter how you look at it.
8. Speaking of firing useless stuff
Frank ,   Canada   (04.07.07)
Israel should fire Olmert and Peretz in Gaza as retaliation.
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (04.07.07)
I've been asking for well over a year why Abu Quisling Abbas hasn't deployed all those thousands of security people to end the rockets. And I've been asking why the US and Israel haven't pressured him. THIS SHOWS HOW ABSOLUTELY WEAK AND POWERLESS A MAN IS WHO HAS NO SUPPORT FROM HIS OWN PEOPLE. ----------- ANY PEACE MADE WITH HIM WOULD BE USELESS BECAUSE IT WOULD BE PEACE ONLY WITH HIM AND NOT WITH THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE
10. HaHaHa
john ,   nz   (04.07.07)
11. Abbas, Shut your Face
teif1948 ,   DC   (04.08.07)
Abbas needs to shut is mouth and get back to suckling at the teet of the US/Israeli cow. To call the Kassem rockets usless is complete BS, the kassams are effective. When used agaisnt a hysterical society like israel, the kassems are a great weapon to have in your arsenal. How much land has Abbas "Talk" with the israelis and the US regained? Not an inch. Abass should leave our state and reitire to one of his villas in paris.
12. Ask your Jewish friends to end their occupation of Palestine
TH ,   USA   (04.08.07)
Palestinian premitive rockets must stop, which are no more than fireworks compared with Israel WMDs, tanks, air force, submarines, guided-lethal missiles, and not to forget Israel's huge stockpiles of nukes that can wipe out Europe and mideast in a matter of minutes. Whereever there is foreign occupation there will always be trouble, this has been the case since the beginning of time and will be the case till the end of time. All the BS and crap mentioned to hide this simple fact is not gonna work. This has been going on for 60 years and the conflict remains the same: Jewish occupation of Palestine. Israel's withdrawal to its UN-recognized 1949 borders is the only way to peace. Installing corrupt leaders for the Palestinians and negotiate with them is just a waste of time and lives and a way to buy more occupation time. I am for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but unjust peace is another form of occupation that won't last long.
13. #3 - Palestinians are people - Abbas is a terroist
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (04.07.07)
Abbas is now the head of Hamas ! Its aim is to convert the world to Islam by any means possible. Subversion, violence or whatever it takes .. You failed to say where you are from .. Gaza perhaps ? Mike
14. My G-d what a pretender this Abbas !
ben ,   singapore   (04.08.07)
15. Redmike
teif1948 ,   DC   (04.08.07)
You are an idiot.
16. #15 - ah hah, an anonymous Muslim grafitti writer :-)
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (04.08.07)
thanks for the comments they were real food for thought. If you're a fan of Abbas then say no more -- he he he You're obviously a Muslim who may have run away to the US . Mazen is very bad news for the Palestinians. BTW - the word is thief not teif :-)
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