Israeli seeks asylum in Canada due to terror attacks
Itamar Eichner
Published: 08.04.07, 10:54
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1. "not the victim of terrorism based on her ethnic identity,
an Israeli   (04.08.07)
not the victim of terrorism based on her ethnic identity, religion, nationality" ? actualy, these are exactly the bases of her persecusion.... but I resent her request, though, because Israelis should not run away like cowerds to seek refuge. At least we can protect our selves here, what we won't be able to do in Canada or every other country.
2. Israelis in Canada
Israel Israeli ,   Israel   (04.08.07)
I think that everyone should live where they want to. However, these Israeli-Canadians are kind of pathetic. They lie to try and get refugee status, then work in jobs they would never dream of doing while they lived in Israel, cut off from friends, family and culture. Sad.
3. Liberal Canada
Barry   (04.08.07)
In 1939, when the Nazi program to kill the Jews of Europe was well underway, 907 desperate German Jews aboard the S.S. St. Louis requested sanctuary in Canada. The Liberal Prime Minister of the day, Mackenzie King – who had previously flirted with Adolph Hitler and declared him to be “one who truly loves his fellow-men” – refused their request. Most died in the death camps of Europe. In 1942, 1,000 Jewish children in a French refugee camp were denied entry to Canada and, following the Nazi invasion, were shipped to Eastern Europe for liquidation. Of Jewish immigration to Canada, Mackenzie King’s immigration minister declared, “None is too many!”
4. Welcome to the "New Jew"
Ilan ,   Ariel   (04.08.07)
Should have tried to get asylum for the risk of driving on the roads here. Even without moose to worry about it is too dangerous (and statistically more likely than being a victim in a terror attack).
5. Refugee
John Cunningham ,   Haverford, PA, USA   (04.08.07)
I tend to agree that people should stay where they are so as to defend their country. I really resent those healthy, young Iraqis that are fleeing Iraq thereby letting the Americans straighten it out. But, then, on the other hand one should be allowed to legally live where they want. We could fit her in somewhere here in the Philadelphia area. Besides, all they have is snow and beer in Canada.
6. Canada is a funny country!
Logic ,   Israel   (04.08.07)
They deny the visa of this woman but let in countless islamist cells. Stupid!!!
7. Bogus Israeli "Refugees" in Canada ,   Jacksonville, USA   (04.08.07)
The Canadian authorities are now wise to this scam in which Israelis claim refugee status in Canada due to perceived danger and/or various forms of persecution. Many are from the previous Soviet Union and once they have exhausted their benefits in Israel, they flee to Canada. These are fraudulent "economic" refugees who deprivive genuine refugees of their righful place in Canada. They should be denied access and deported immediately back to Israel.
8. #6, Canada is a funny country,
John Cunningham ,   Haverford, PA, USA   (04.08.07)
I hope I can do this story in 25 words or less. From '75 to '80 I drove a taxi in Philadelphia. From '84 to '94 I drove a taxi in Buffalo, NY. From '97 to '02, 17 miles up the road I drove a taxi in Niagara Falls, NY. Niagara Falls being the strangest city, but, that's a whole other story. 17Mar99 I was given a call to go to the Rainbow Bridge to pick up a fare. It turned out to be this young couple with child from Turkey. They wanted to do a landed immigrant status thing in Canada. New York has the Cadillac of welfare, Ontario has the Rolls Royce, go figure. Anyway, procedure is to go to Immigration on the Canadian side and the driver has to wait in case entry is denied. Immigration was giving them the third degree and when it began to look as though they would be accepted, keep in mind we've been held up for an hour and a half. The Immigration Officer decided to mess with me. Now, up to that time I, having lived in the area since '81, had been back and forth a million times. Never did anything that even hinted at illegality, I respected the border. The Immigration Officer asked me if I had ever been arrested. I'd never been asked that before. I'm not good at lying and in an effort to be honest blurted out, 'yes'. Back in '77 I got into a confrontation with a security guard in a Philadelphia hospital's parking lot over where I had parked the cab. To make a long story short, we went at it and I wound up getting arrested, was convicted of harrassment, fined $100 and the record was to be expunged in one year. Operative word here, expunged. When Canadian Immigration that day at the bridge asked me if I had ever been arrested, I could have said, 'no'. And, technically, I wouldn't have been lying. The Immigration Officer dug up this sub, sub, sub, sub paragraph in their 'book of rules'. Found some provision that enabled him to because, even though I volunteered the information, the record had been expunged, I could have lied, what I did was 22 years before, a youthful indescretion was enough to ban me from Canada. Banned from Canada? Yep. The people were put in a Canadian cab to take them down to the Peace Bridge where there was a Turkish interpretor, yes, they were admitted. I was told, 'leave our country and don't ever come back'. It hurt for a while, I got over it. In Jun '03, I moved back to Philadelphia. Ask me if I care if I'm banned from Canada. O, Canada, you've lost your mind. Must be all those fwenchy fwench people.
9. Refugees
William ,   London, Canada   (04.08.07)
In Canada, about 75% of refugee claiments (a few thousand) are accepted. Since Israel is not a police state, the ratio differs. This woman still has oppertunity to go to the courts. She was turned down by the refugee board. The courts are independent of them. I am embarrassed when we turn down refugee claiments. It's not like Canada is a small counrty. Immigrants in general in Canada make less money. We are working on having foreign credentials recognized. IOn the plus side, there is very little risk in riding a bus, which this lady considers. Most Canadians have never seen a moose. We're a nation of city-dwellers. The Arabs want to be a nation within Israel. Sorry for Steve Harper giving them ideas. We call the Quebecois (not Quebec), and the First Nations (Indians) Nations.
10. John (nr 5)
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (04.08.07)
What's wrong with beer ?
11. Whazzat??
Joan ,   Haifa   (04.08.07)
OK, if Canada doesn't want to give her refugee status, I'm fine with that. But the Canadian authorities *really* make themselves look stupid when they say that she isn't being terrorized based on her ethnic identity and religion. Sounds to me that those are *precisely* why she's being terrorized...
12. Not for posting, just the only way of communicating with you
John Cunningham ,   Haverford, PA, USA   (04.08.07)
Thank you for posting my number 8, #6, Canada is a funny country. At the end I was doing a little take off on that Monty Python movie 'The Holy Grail'. If you saw it remember the scene when they were storming the castle and there was this French sounding guy on top of the wall. He was taunting those below. That's where fwency Fwench comes from. And the last line is him saying, 'I fart in your general direction'. I thought I'd clean it up a bit and say 'break wind'. But, again, thank you for allowing me to vent at Canada, it's been sticking in my crawl since it happened. Now, thanks to you, the whole world knows. We have much better beer here in Philadelphia, plus the Liberty Bell sitting outside of Independence Hall. Come visit us sometime.
13. most are russians
blablah ,   canada   (04.08.07)
when they immigrated from russia or the ussr to israel and received everything from israel they were happy. now that the tap ran dry they're moving on up and canada is a favourite destination for them. this is a well-known issue in the israeli community in canada. by claiming refugee status they also spare themselves hefty immigration fees. canada like many other industrialized nations needs immigrants to keep it's labour force productive, especially skilled workers. the people that this article is talking about, however, they're coming here to first and foremost milk the system.
14. #10, John (nr 5)
John Cunningham ,   Haverford, PA, USA   (04.08.07)
Nothing. There were many times I'd make a quick dash across the bridge for the sole purpose of going to the Beer Store and make up my own six pack of six of the most delicious beers you could imagine. But, I'm back in Philadelphia drinking a local brew, Yuengling. No headache the next day.
15. Yet they accept cowardly weak kneed American men.
jan   (04.08.07)
16. Canaduh sucks
Erin ,   Van Canada   (04.08.07)
I live in this stupid backwards left wing country,, I hate it.. We let in countless criminals, muslim terrorists, and all the other dregs of society.. My family had to wait years to get in,, going by the proper chanels is not the way to go,, Flush your passport in the planes toilet, and cry refugee.. I would love to leave, but normal countries dont let people just move there.
17. Nice Try!
18. denial citizenship tp isralis
miguel ,   toronto   (04.08.07)
I hope that our country is aware that how we treat Gods people, God will treat us and if it was up to me all of them would have been granted staus. I can already see judgement in our immigration system.
19. 15# The peace niks who won't fight?
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (04.08.07)
You can keep them...They are related to Edward Kennedy. At least they won't fight the terrorists that Canada has hugged and let in.
20. Refugee Status
Brian ,   Toronto, Canada   (04.08.07)
Before we all come to harsh conclusions one way or the other, let's remember what refugee status is for: people who are facing persecution based on a particular group to which they belong, as distinct from general risks faced by the population-at-large of a country. If someone lives in a country where bombings happen or where poverty is a widespread problem, that's not grounds for refugee status, or else the entire country's population would suddenly qualify. However, if one is being hunted down by a criminal gang or stalked by an abusive ex-partner and the government/police is refusing to offer adequate protection, that is grounds. If people can't demonstrate that they are being specifically, individually targeted/persecuted, their claims should be denied and generally are, regardless of whether they're from Israel, Pakistan, the USA, China, or wherever else -- and likewise they should be accepted if they can demonstrate this. Most claimants from democratic countries are denied, as there are sufficient safeguards at home. If they don't fall into this category, that's why we have economic immigration, which is how the majority of new Canadians get admitted. Our economic and demographic future relies upon economic immigration, and unlike refugee status, there is nothing charitable or humanitarian about this -- it's basically us snatching skilled workers from the countries that provided their education, so as to ensure our own future.
21. Whats your problem?
Daniel ,   Newfoundland, Canada   (04.08.07)
I'd just like to clairfy reailty for a second. I am a born here Canadian. Every person who comes here is taking care of with my tax dollars. Free health, education which is better than the US at least, all kinds of benifits, min wage level subsidedy, etc. Your taken care of. There are only 30 mill canadians. Lets just let every refugee come here when ever they want to , because they can do what they want right. And i will just pay for them., every dollar i spend i already have to pay 14% tax. So we worked really hard to live here to the damn cold north, lets just give it away, bankrupt our people and become another america. israelis are occupiersd not victims, it's like gettin mad at the girl you just raped for scrathing you.
22. Get out then
Rival ,   Canada   (04.08.07)
A few of you people, well actually most of you seem to be out of touch with some fact of reailty. #16, get out if you don't want to be here. I don't want to pay for your ungratefull ass no more. Why doesn't this lady want to stay in US or any other country? Because were careful as to who we let in. Why should we let in anyone. Why arn't we removing some of you? If you don't want to work for what you have, don't try and milk those whove worked hard for what they got. Israelis shouyld have never moved to a place where to built their homes on someone elses. What do you expect? thanks you for taking away our lives, now i accept your right to exist in the skelton of my lives, while i live on the ground. Take responsibility for your actions. Instead of critising others, why don't you send a poor child a blanket? I await your judgements.not your responses
23. They are good with explosives number 20#
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (04.08.07)
Are they going to work in the gold mines, oil shale mines? Or will they come to America to practice their trade?
24. 13 There are more than enough skilled workers in
freedom ,   canada   (04.08.07)
Canada. You can see them working in coffee shops and such. Most have university degrees. You fall for that government story eh. Too bad go do some research.
25. 20 If that is the case Brian then we should not have
freedom ,   canada   (04.08.07)
diplomatic relations with these countries that do not have so called democratic ideals. Its likely the only way these countries will change. By accepting immigrants from these countries we only prolong the pain. And we dont need immigrants in regards to skilled labor that is one of the biggest fallacies out there... As per my previous post, you can find them working in many coffee shops, underemployed.
26. #22
Barry ,   Ott Can   (04.08.07)
You really are dumb. anyone could be a canadian, there is no pride in it.. We let ANYONE in,, anyone with a criminal record that is.. You make me puke.. Adios loser
27. #22 chill brother, take your meds
Wade ,   USA   (04.08.07)
I visited canada last year,, good looking girls, but very stupid,,, I will go back, but I wouldnt want to live there.
28. to rival#22
Don ,   canada   (04.08.07)
You are misrepresenting yourself,, you sound like a bleeding heart woman liberal,, I'm glad you love your cuntry, I wouldnt live there but hey thats me,, as long as you like it lol..
29. Not suprizing
Eric ,   EDM CAN   (04.09.07)
I have lived in Alberta all my life. Lately there has been a major crime spree, purpatratid by minority imagarants.. It is really odd that bad people get in when good people dont.
30. Thank you, Barry #3
Joanna ,   California   (04.09.07)
Thanks for reminding the pathetic and hypocritical "liberals" the glorious record of the Canadian compassion and generosity when it is about Jewish (true) suffering.
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