Israel has highest fertility rate in Europe
Meital Yasur-Beit Or
Published: 10.04.07, 12:03
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31. Europe for Europeans
Benny ,   Denver   (04.10.07)
Jews are not considered European; nor should they be. We are Semites. We come from the Middle East. Al-Mashriq al-Arabi or Ha-Mizrach ha-Tichon if you will. Israel is in between Egypt and Lebanon. We are SEMITES like our Palestinian cousins.
32. #20
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (04.10.07)
The "arabic numerals" were not even invented in arabia, they originally come from India. we only call them arabic numerals because they were introduced via arabia. as usual, the arabs claim somebody elses work as their own. .
33. Israel is NOT a part of Europe!!!
Jon G ,   Lockport, NY   (04.10.07)
Who are those people saying Israel is apart of Europe??
34. Israel is not in Europe
AK   (04.11.07)
And like in Europe, the highers fertility is that of Arabs.
35. #20, you are wrong about everything
AK   (04.11.07)
Assyrians and not Arabs created math; Hebrews most likely created alphabet, which traveled from Egypt eastward (with Exodus?) and not westward. The earliest alphabet was found in Hebrew prayers to God El in a cave in an Egyptian mine. Arabs have nothing to do with ancient Lebanese, who were Phoenicians; or with the Assyrians or Persians or Babylonians or medicine or science or achievement. The Arabs simply invaded more advanced societies, killed or converted local population to Islam by force or through coercion and claimed their achievements as their own.
36. #29, go and practice population control in China, India
AK   (04.11.07)
and other big countries. The entire Israel has population less than half of Cairo, Egypt's capital.
37. #36
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (04.11.07)
while that is true, Israel is more than twice as crowded as China, only slightly better than India and four times as crowded as Egypt. Unlike those countries though, Israel do not have to worry about limited resources of the land, they're rich enough to import what they do not have enough of.
38. Silly comparison
Lee ,   New York   (04.11.07)
Comparing Israel's fertility rate to countries in Europe is silly. What should be compared is Israel's rate to that of its neighbors, and the Jewish rate of reproduction versus the Arab/Moslem rate. That would clarify the demographic threat.
39. Israel and EU geography
Oscar ,   Sydney   (03.13.10)
Since when Israel is in Europe ???
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