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Hatikva, like you've never heard before
Or Barnea
Published: 10.04.07, 16:42
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1. keep on rockin the song and the hair
kit johnson ,   boston, ma   (04.10.07)
the hair is simply gorgeous, it helps me really get into the music, where are the tight pants?
2. Q: What happens when you interview a hard-rock guitarist,
Zaphod ,   Pluto   (04.10.07)
and play hard-rock music loud (the artist's) during the same moments? A: You hear NIETHER, just noise! Der!!!!!!!! (& #1 'Kit' is a bit suspect)
3. i agree with 2
dan ,   gua   (04.10.07)
who edited this? someone call mr trump. ur fired!
4. @ 2
Its not hard rock, its metal. And its more complex and more writen well then all the music you hear on the radio. Because you are handicapped of understanding it - dont call it noise. THx
5. @4 - you kind of missed my point, Spinal Tit
Zaphod ,   Pluto   (04.10.07)
a) - " . . its more complex and more writen well . . " HA! C'mon, surely you can write better English than that? No? Never mind - why not try; 'It's more refined than hard-rock, it's its child, as it were, with far more complexity to the riffs, drum syncopation and stage presence, and overall orchestration; lyrics tailored less for commercial radio, more evolved in mystics, fatalism and existentiality, and a refined, and now highly evolved genre that is considered a music 'lifestyle'. ' ?? & 'written' has two 't's. b) - I posted because I like many forms of rock music, and wanted to H E A R I T . But I couldn't. Ant.
6. #4 - Are you actually from the band 'Spinal Tap?
Le'hoo ,   ze'her!   (04.11.07)
whoah, awsome. Man you Rock!
7. how unorignal - a jimi hendrix wannabee
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.11.07)
i'm surprised someone didn't do that before now.
8. Wow. What a tough crowd.
Marjie ,   Miami FL   (05.13.07)
Despite this messed up video, Marty Friedman is awesome. We need more Jewish rockers (whatever genre of rock they play) talk about their roots and come to Israel to both play and support it. Let Friedman join the ranks of other famous Jewish rockers, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Geddy Lee, Scott Ian, David Lee Roth, Perry Farrell and so many more. Rock on Marty!
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