Palestinians release Shalit kidnap training video
Ali Waked
Published: 10.04.07, 16:27
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1. The old , pure evil
Eli ,   Haifa   (04.10.07)
2. Behold, Hashem is riding...
Norway   (04.10.07)
upon a swift cloud and coming to Egypt; - the Gentiles... the Egyptian false gods (false gods and false prophets, Xtianity and Islam) will tremble before Him, and the heart of Egypt will melt within it... when they cry out to Hashem because of oppressors. He will send them a savior and a leader and deliver them... And Hashem will become known to Egypt for the Egyptians will know Hashem on that day, and they will worship with sacrifice and meal-offering, and they will make a wow to Hashem and fulfill it. Isaiah 19 Therefore My people shall know My name; therefore they shall know in that day that I, even He that spoke, behold, here I am. How beautiful upon the mountains - nations are the feet of the messenger of good tidings, that announceth peace, the harbinger of good tidings, that announceth salvation; that saith unto Zion: ' Thy God reigneth!' Hark, thy watchmen! they lift up the voice, together do they sing; for they shall SEE, EYE TO EYE, the LORD returning to Zion... The LORD hath made bare His holy arm IN THE EYES of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth SHALL SEE the salvation of our God... Isaiah 52 Shortcut to:,7340,L-3385301,00.html
3. The PRC is HAMAS
Zvi ,   USA   (04.10.07)
And HAMAS is the "responsible government" that the world is lining up to talk to.
4. Kidnapping is a cheap and extremely effective terror tactic
Kevin G ,   Oregon   (04.10.07)
All Israeli citizens should be trained in how to prevent kidnappings. Not only that but they should all be allowed to carry weapons at all times. Particularly vulnerable Israelis should consider having electronic chip implants for easier tracking.
5. To the prat from Noway #2
Avi ,   Israel   (04.10.07)
Thank you for writing all these wise things in your talkback but is it from some kind of a book that we can buy and read ourselves? or is it available in some kind of a library???? We here in Israel or in the wide world have never heard of Isaiah 52 or Isaiah 19, because we are tree dwelling monkeys and we need a prat like you to come here and open our eyes. A friend of mine just told me it is from a book called a bible, is that right? did I pronounce it correctly???? bible, no, I've never heard of it so thank you for giving us excerpts from this book but please don't tell us how it ends coz I want to get the video. You are a Norwegian prat aren't you
6. Giving Over Jewish Land ALWAYS Brings Catastrophe
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (04.10.07)
This is precisely what happens when you 'gift' a part of your homeland-and yes, Gaza/Gush Katif has always been a part of Israel-to ones mortal foes. What EXACTLY did Sharon, Olmert and their comrads expect the jihadists to do?? NOW, Olmert, Peretz, Livni pretend to give a damn about Shalit. Not exactly.
7. Video?
BK ,   Israel   (04.10.07)
No, no, I meant a video showing Gilad alive and well at today's date!
8. ARAB MK: 'I advised PA to KIDNAP SOLDIER'
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (04.11.07)
Treason and maliciously endangering IDF soldiers' lives by Arab MKs is allowed in Israel whilst patriotic Jews are punished and jailed and regarded as ENEMIES OF THE STATE. It is urgent that demonstrations are held outside the Knesset and outside Israeli consulates world-wide to protest that Arab MKs are allowed to commit treason - collude with the enemy - repeatedly call for intifada against Israel - and encourage global jihadist religious supremacists to kidnap IDF soldiers. And to protest the persecution and politically-motivated, unjust jailing of Jewish patriots. Arab MK: 'I Advised PA to Kidnap Soldier' Jul 09, '06 / 13 Tammuz 5766 by Hillel Fendel Knesset Member Wasal Taha, corresponding publicly with internet surfers on the Arabic-language IslamOnline site, said he repeatedly advised PA terrorists to battle and kidnap Israeli soldiers. According to a report in Maariv newspaper on Sunday, Taha told surfers on Thursday that he repeatedly advised the PA Arabs to stop shooting and targeting civilians, and to concentrate on IDF targets...
9. Wise Ones
Frolics ,   US   (04.13.07)
If everyone here can honestly say that Israel's tactics have been noble, honest, and pure, then you could all continue to act high and mighty. You don't come into a land, oppress the people, and expect no struggle or rebellion. What really is expected to happen? You have a major super power supporting your every move, don't act like kicking people out of their home country is a legitimate and commendable thing to do. The problem nowadays is that we have all acquired this desire to stamp everything in arm's reach as our own. This may be a Utopian concept, but there has got to be a possibilty that we can all live together, as we have done in the past. Is it so ludicrous a notion? Am I being unreasonable in asking that we truly, and sincerely consider the peaceful route?
10. #8 and #9
jack bauer ,   #1 superpower   (04.22.07)
If taha idvised them to kidnap shalit, then he should be tried for treason and then hanged as for #9 pull your head out of your a** you idiot! what past are you refering to? One that has been recorded in the last 5000 years? Solomons time perhaps? Yes it was peacefull then, because he had a massive army and tolarated no threats against his people(daddy david slew them all) And yes the Hittites (supporting superpower of the day) were also on his side! truely and sincerely? what? give it all to those who wish for more blood?
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