Holocaust survivor feels ‘guilty for staying alive’
Miri Chason
Published: 10.04.07, 21:53
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1. oh avital you are right. you deserve much more,
susan ,   israel   (04.10.07)
shame on the government.
2. wwoooww...
713 ,   Seattle Wa   (04.10.07)
not a single talkback about this... why??!??? Most Israelies love to talk about the halocast, when of cource they need something from someone... but to not even take care of the people who ACCUALLY lived through it?? you should feel ashamed of yourselves... seriously. To use their sacrifices for profit, and then to not even take care of them.
3. There will be an accounting
yaakov ,   Jerusalem   (04.10.07)
4. Israel's Gov't Must stop Shameful Treatment of Survivors
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (04.11.07)
It is despicable and shameful that Israel's leaders have given a great deal of money in tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority/PLO, yet cruelly mistreat precious Holocaust survivors by refusing to give the survivors the money that rightfully belongs to them. The government and institution responsible must be taken to court immediately before the survivors die!
5. Very Sad
Jo ,   USA   (04.11.07)
These people who suffered unspeakable horror must be cared for in their last days and years.
6. #2 "use sacrifices for profit?" cynical bastard u are!
7. #2, Most of the Jews today are either Holocaust survivors
AK   (04.11.07)
or children or grandchildren of survivors, or refugees or children of refugees from Arab countries, unless they are Americans or Russians (and even many Russian Jews are.) Yes, elderly survivors should be helped, but it is not that simple. You also have many others in Israel who are needy, especially the Jews from Ethiopia, the expellees from Gush Katif who still live in trailers. Suddenly gifts for grand kids are not the most important thing. You want to help, see what happened to all that money paid by the Swiss and see that property is restored in other countries. Truth is that Israel was far too poor a country for too many years to do anything about the survivors, and when the reparations finally came from Germany, they were used to build the country. In 1948 and early 50's arrivals to Israel lived in aluminum barracks or tents, no money being available for housing. No jobs. I once spoke to a woman who said that her husband could not find any employment on arrival and she was willing to sell herself for milk for her child. it was that bad. The country had to be built from scratch and absorb damaged and destitute people from Europe and Arab countries. There was no UNWRA for the Holocaust survivors or for Jewish refugees from the Arab lands, Israel could only depend on the generosity of other Jews, mostly in the US. And until recently, the survivors were reluctant to talk about their ordeal, which had made it real easy for everybody to forget that they even existed, and were not some images from history. Just imagine, only now the Swiss were forced to make the restitution of property left in their care. I was also under the impression that the death camp survivors have been receiving pensions from Germany, after all Waffen SS are, I guess I was wrong. What happened to that money the Swiss finally coughed up is another story -- apparently Volker and others got paid, the victims were not. Most Israelis got nothing. Even we don't have clean hands, 713. In NY there was Jewish gold confiscated from Germans at the end of WW2. Where is it now, I don't know -- it may still be here. Is it enough of a response for you?
8. another horror for them to survive - disgracefull
gabriela ben ari   (04.11.07)
10. This Sure Is A CORRUPT "government " !
Zvi Tamari ,   Rishon Le'Zion   (04.11.07)
Prime Shyster olmert , and the other crook hirchson - what have you done with the Holocaust Survivors Funds , AFTER you stole it from them ???! ....olmert ,did you just now buy ANOTHER new house from these funds ??! SHAME ON YOU !!!
11. Miriam Yahav
John Cunningham ,   Haverford, PA, USA   (04.11.07)
Miriam Yahav, please keep breathing. Don't let them get away with it.
12. hero
mercedes calkins ,   spokane, usa   (05.09.07)
all of the survivors of the holocaust are great heros to me i am learning about the holocaust in school right now and it just makes me proud of how brave u all were and that u didnt give up or give in to hitlers stupidity. Thank you for showing me how brave people out there can be u are good people and god bless!
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