IDF soldiers use Nablus youths as ‘human shield’
Ali Waked
Published: 12.04.07, 23:52
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1. So what? "Peace activists" should try to film in Darfur
Roni   (04.12.07)
2. That English speaking terrorist should have been arrested.
Cynic ,   USA   (04.12.07)
3. If true, its wrong, but not nearly as bad as Arab terrorists
David ,   Boston, USA   (04.12.07)
Its not right to use civilians. Dont sink to the levels of the arab terrorists. Of course thats pretty hard to do since the terrorists target civilians for death while this allegation is only about human shields, not killings.
4. Embarassment
E. Cohen ,   Montreal   (04.12.07)
When an occupying power resorts to corrupt cowardice practice such as this, it is the beginning of the end of that power. Similar to the beating a few weeks ago, this is shameful, and as a former member of the IDF, I am embarrased. This practice is contrary to the Fourth Geneva Convention which the State of Israel is a signatory, and these soldiers and all other abusers of the Convention should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. At the same time it should be mandatory for the PA to be signatories of the Convention as a precondition to further negotiations, so that all their criminals be held accountable as well.
5. And who said arabs are good for nothing!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (04.12.07)
6. sounds exceedingly fair to me
Cameron ,   USA   (04.12.07)
I could not think of anything more just than both of these rock -throwing Pali writeoffs to be properly brained by their own peers.
7. ?
dan ,   california, USA   (04.12.07)
You call that a war crime? Its not like they were using them to shield themselves from bullets....just rocks, and it seemed to work! Get over it.
8. so what if soldiers ask the palis
jerome ,   basalt, co   (04.12.07)
to stand in front of there trucks, they do it for a pack of cigarettes!
SID ,   JERUSALEM   (04.12.07)
10. And the problem is?
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.12.07)
the arabs use their own kids as human shields to keep us from shooting at them. They have shown openly how they value the kids. As for those kids, if they stage assaults they should be treated as the terrorists they are
11. IDF should use Arabs as human shields
Jan ,   Copenhagen   (04.12.07)
12. the soldiers did nothing wrong
jon ,   usa   (04.12.07)
The use of human shield in this case was legitmate. The soldiers prevented death by using human shileds instead of using guns to repell the rock throwers.
13. They should have used the "Peace Activist" as a shield (End)
Simon ,   Sydney, Australia   (04.12.07)
14. Only 2?? they should have used more.
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (04.12.07)
15. SO WHAT ?
pete ,   france   (04.12.07)
human shield against STONES !!! they don't risk a lot, come on!! use the proper word for the proer case. that's not the case. do rather a report on what's happening now in weeb cafés in Gaza. but may be it will be more risquy for you thant asking a idf soldier !!
16. these boys need to grow some nutts
papa jay   (04.12.07)
they are just standing there, not tied to anything. if you get an order like this from someone occupying you, give em the finger and run. what would the solders have done? shot them in the back? not likely with the camera rolling. or arrest them for failing to protect their armored jeep from rocks. what a joke.
17. This is only what we saw
Imagin what we didn't see till now ... this is another ugly face for the IDF after beating the child in the check point few weeks ago .... you say the Arabs do this too ... i thought you are more civilised like you always says ... hmmmm ... i don't think you are , only your propaganda is stronger to show what you want and to hide what you need to hide but your humanity and your civilization is not better at all .
18. GREAT IDEA, they quit throwing stones! .....
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (04.12.07)
Photographer is lucky we weren't in the field or he would have been the shield!
Sam ,   Israel   (04.12.07)
20. Whats wrong with that? If it gets the job done, so be it.
RA   (04.12.07)
21. I HAVE A BETTER IDEA, use LOL mert & Peretz instead
sAM ,   iSRAEL   (04.12.07)
This form of Shock Therapy is the only cure for them and their dillusions of reality and Israel's situation.
22. But it is okay for Pals to strap bombs to their children?
Cynic ,   USA   (04.12.07)
23. #4
shoshana   (04.12.07)
Would you rather the 'occupying power' use force to stop the rock throwing? Or should 18 year old Israelis get concussions from rocks to their heads because they are afraid to upset the self-righteous western media?
24. It is perfact and just what they did,
YB ,   NJ   (04.12.07)
Did that lefty nut ask the Pals to stop throwing rocks, thats NOT legal? and if yes were is the VIDEO? Ynet?
25. Shame on you
N.I   (04.12.07)
I can't imagine that you have the guts to tell you kids that it is ok to use kids as human shield. We Muslims are not happy about you people and I think every Muslim want you out of our land, but we will never use your kids as human shield. Even if some angry Individual did such thing, the majority will not accept it. It is very difficult for me to understand how people form the US clearly are supporting this behavior. Shame on you
26. # 4 You can not logically demand of the IDF
Joe ,   USA   (04.12.07)
to fight those animals with one hand tied behind their back, while those animals have no consience to kill women, young children, and other civilians. Be fair when you criticize, you will talk differently if you were targeted.
27. And Palestinians use teenagers as bombs
Gary A. MD ,   Boston USA   (04.12.07)
Look folks, the world has two standards: one for jews and one for everyone else. No one says a word when terrorists brain wash young children and send them to blow themselves up in Israel. No one says a word that they teach children in Saudi Arabia and in Palestinian schools that Jews kill Arabs so they can make bread with their blood. The world stood by while 6 million were butchered and now they attack us for defending ourselves against Arab terrorists and murders. Wake up Jews. 99% of the world wants us exterminated, and if you ever think otherwise you're completely brain dead.
28. whole world is damn wrong, talkbackers are absolutely right!
observer   (04.12.07)
it might have been okay to terrorize the terror, but it was totally wrong to terroize two civilians by random. don't tell us, next time they'll set rules to pick the correct civilian .
29. PEACE MORONS:I cant see any guns at their heads??!!!
Scott   (04.12.07)
These Pal youths were asked to stand in front of the vehicle. They did so. They were NOT held at gunpoint and I cant see them being threatened by the soldiers in such a way. These peaceniks are CLUTCHING at straws - really trying to get something on the Israelis. They got NOTHING but a display of how to get stupid people to behave themselves.
30. to #26
Noor ,   Nablus, Palestine   (04.13.07)
Those are not animals. If you are an animal do not think that all humans are animals. As you said, be fair when you criticize!!!
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