IDF soldiers use Nablus youths as ‘human shield’
Ali Waked
Published: 12.04.07, 23:52
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61. Human Shields - Walking Point
Johnson ,   USA   (04.13.07)
This is only effective in preventing attacks by locals, thus saving lives, and bloodshed. On the other hand, many terrorist organizations have no problem at with civilian casualties, and use human shields as a standard operating procedure in combat.
62. to 59
Josh ,   Canada   (04.13.07)
Maurice, your probably just another anti semite from montreal, big surprise. 53 has a point because IF, and I say IF the human shield prevents stones from being thrown which would inturn cause retaliatory action and potentially death then it absolutely is a great idea. Also, if you can't tell me that you have been to Israel and have spoken to soldiers like I have and gotten to know their personalities, then don't comment on the integrity of the IDF Maaauurice non rocket Richard.
63. to Maurice
Josh ,   Canada   (04.13.07)
OK, I just caught a mistake. I think in your 59 talkback you mistakingly contridicted your own comment #53 when you meant to say another talkback number. So actually, we are on the same page. Didn't meen to be an ass to you. And sorry about your Canadiens, Go Canucks Go.
MK ,   USA   (04.13.07)
It is shocking and terrifying reading the what the readers here wrote. I cannot believe how racists you people are. The hatred that is inside you is limitless. Are you really Jewish ? I think even Satan's worshippers would have more mercy than you.
65. #64
Simon ,   Sydney Australia   (04.13.07)
I hope you show the same outrage when terrorists use children as shields.
66. #62 - Josh
Maurice ,   Montreal   (04.13.07)
Yes Josh I had made a mistake. The message number I should have named as inacceptable was #57 not #53 which was obviously my own message.
67. the other option: open fire on the stone throwers
uli ,   jerusalem   (04.13.07)
would the "peace activist" prefer that option?
68. Interesting :)
ben ,   singapore   (04.13.07)
Next time shoot the stone throwers, game over ! Send General Avihal Mandeibit to the ground post for he has been sitting in the air conditioned rooms with his other lady boy general while the REAL IDF Soldiers breaking the riots of stone throwing. For the so called Peace Actvist it seems : throwing stone is OK , I suppose such actions is part of Peace Process for the so called peace activist . Balls ! This is a one sided REPORT ! Message for the IDF Soldiers : If those Pals could launge rockets into Israel and throw stones as an when the feel so , you the IDF Soldiers could do the same in another way. The way is to shoot all who terrorise.Now that includes the so called " innocent human sheild " Israel is the only country that takes this kind of nonsense from the terrorist and the so called activist : the Stone throwing vandals lawless desperados . If the terrorist attempt the same act in other nations they are finished for good.We WILL SHOOT THEM ! BTW to the IDF : keep up the good work , The IDF is RIGHT and CORRECT ! :)
69. one word
Don Juan   (04.13.07)
70. #65 - simon
joe   (04.13.07)
<> Eh.....You compare the IDF with terrorists??? How right You are!!!!!
71. Washing windows
John Cunningham ,   Haverford, PA, USA   (04.13.07)
The IDF just finished washing the windows and didn't want them to get mussed up. Whatever works.
Scott   (04.13.07)
...from hearing and reading ridiculous comments from people just like you - a loud minority of fools. We'll put up with you and your stupid comments - as opposed to our enemies who would have YOU silenced just as well as us if they got to run the world. No hate here. Love Scott XXXOOO
73. To #25- Shame on YOU!
Ayala ,   Israel   (04.13.07)
You don't use our kids as human shields - you just blow them up. And don't tell me the majority don't accept it - you are talking about the silent majority who do absolutely nothing to stop it. Silence means consent.
74. those youths look terrified, NOT!
Ayala ,   Israel   (04.13.07)
The activist sounds like an idiot making stuff up. Note how he speaks really loudly and we cannot hear the responses - or the conversation between the soliders and the youths.. And look at the body language. There was no force or threat involved - nor any threatening or aggressive body langauge. The Palis look totally relaxed and not at all concerned to be there. And where are all those rocks that are spoken about? The only stones I saw were coming from the camera's side of the vehicle. The youths were safer standing in front than they were on this side!! They were probably in the group of kids that were throwing the stones!
75. hostages taking is due, now it's you who justify it
RAGUSA   (04.13.07)
- If a nation allows it's army to use terror to fight terror, what does it make that nation - If a nations citizens support its soldiers to violate not only international law but also ruling of its own highest court of justice, what does it make those citizens Yeah I know self defence and all that , and the other side and other countries are doing the same. Sure, choose you own standards of moral, just don't expect the world to accept you as part of the civilized and democratic nations. Oh - and please do not pull the self pittying anti-semitic card again. The reason why so many people are critical against Israel is not based on race but purey on your behaviour.
77. all is fair in love and war!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Morley ,   farmington , Usa   (04.13.07)
A lot of these people just walk up to these vehicles you do not know what they are planning on doing if they don't want to be used for shields they need to stay away after all these same people blows them selfs up all the time, this is a great plan once again the IDF proves why they are one of rthe best in the world.
78. This behaviour seems to be normal, why the fuss?
Chris ,   UK   (04.13.07)
Although this was morally wrong, no Palestinian should have the audacity to complain about this behaviour: This is how the rest of the Middle Eastern countries behave; hiding behind women and children so that nobody hurts them. Looking at it from this point of view, why shouldn't Israel join in with everybody else? What chance would there be that the children could get hurt by their own people? None. Whereas I am sure that the IDF would have fired upon anybody who attacked them, and then the casualties would have been Palestinian, and they would complain about the IDF because of that! And at least Israel does not use suicide bombers to kill innocent Palestinians. If the enemies of Israel do not want human shields to be used, they should stop using them themselves.
79. human shield in South Lebanon
observer   (04.13.07)
A convoy of 350 Lebanese policemen from the area around Marjayoun, was hit by IAF near Chtaura. Those were previously detained policemen whom the IDF used as human shields in Marjayoun. At first, Israel spread a joke of Hizbullah's launching rockets from roofs of buildings. Military specialists and physicist confirmed that it is impossible to do so, for the simple reason that the firing crew would be killed and the building would collapse from the reaction from exhaust of the burned missile fuel. Then, it corrected its saying to make them descend from roofs to back yards. But why they should have moved from their launching sites in the hills where there are natural hiding places, and most importantly, fixed previously tested sites for launching. The air-surveillance pictures which Israel has presented were absolutely not convincing at all. Heavy bombs and bunker busters wouldn't have been justified to destroy "back yards"
80. I'd like to see the additional footage
Not buying it ,   USA   (04.13.07)
I'd like to see the additional footage that the peace activist and Ynet did NOT show. Has anyone considered what these two teenagers were doing before the peace activist let his camera roll? My guess is they were throwing stones at IDF troops.
81. LOL, I love the racism from the Jewish and American comments
some guy ,   Montreal Canada   (04.13.07)
it's as if they've learned nothing from the holocaust. Sounds fair, so what? they're terrorists, they hate us, they drink baby's blood, they want to throw us into the sea, better them than us, yadda yadda yadda. All the suffering in the world doesn't justify blind hatred like this.
82. #81- very impressive moral posturing in Montreal
Cameron ,   USA   (04.13.07)
I always suspected Canada had something to offer the world and now its confirmed.
83. how dare those peace activists...
itzig schatz   (04.13.07)
...expose the idf for the sniveling cowards that they are?
84. #67
joseph ,   canada   (04.14.07)
here's an option. STOP STEALING THEIR LAND. I will support a zionist state when the zionists convince Spain to give their land back to the Arabs. after all the Arabs held Spain longer and more recently then the jews held palistine. Otherwise, there is NO justification for a zionist state in palistine
85. Hostages etc
James   (04.14.07)
IDF didn't get its man - yet demolished a family home. No wonder they felt themselves under "stress."
86. Rediculous
Ken ,   Boston, USA   (04.14.07)
Anyone on this site making overarching pronouncements about the Jewish or Arab side of the debate shows themselves to be uninformed, biased, and unwilling to remember history. Both sides in this conflict have done horrible things to one another. At the present time, however, the IDF is the oppressor. Conservative Israelis, how do you not see the parallel between your line of thinking and that of the Nazis? OH SNAP, I SAID IT.
87. #86-fear not, Ken, you are forgiven
Cameron ,   USA   (04.14.07)
Running-off at the mouth and/or being deeply in error is a very common symptom of Progressive rot and thus is excused, albeit with much contempt & pity.
88. #86 Equating this with Nazism is STUPID:Shows YOUR ignorance
Scott   (04.15.07)
I cant help it Ken, but when I see and hear smart ass comments like yours its definitely quite clear to me as to why the opinion held by you and others of like mind is of the MINORITY. You don't like living in the world the way its run now. But the world run under your mentality would be worse. BTW, have you EVER seen what the Nazi's did to people? Really?
89. That is the Arab army
Rabi Zeeb ,   NY, USA   (04.15.07)
Civilians. The Arabs have so much land and oil, but are too cheap to support or relocate their own people. The Arab Israelis live much better than Arabs in their own countries.
90. I D f
wayne massey ,   u.s.a.   (04.16.07)
peace actitvist never showed the other story stone throwing. soldiers used easiest way to stop stone throwers. GOD bless the idf
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