UN envoy on children says Israel broke international law
Associated Press
Published: 13.04.07, 02:13
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1. bla bla bla WHO CARES ABOUT THE UN.
SUSAN ,   ISRAEL   (04.13.07)
2. Dounle standards
Jonno ,   Oz   (04.13.07)
"I think the message is very clear - the need to respect civilians'' and to distinguish between civilians and combatants," She should tell it to those who launched missiles from civilian areas onto civilian areas.
Bunch of perverted UN idiots!
4. Children should be protected ...however...
Roy Galut ,   Selah Washington   (04.13.07)
hezbelah and other combatants in the area think nothing of placing thier rocket lanchers near civilian facilities ...inviting the sad carniage that we saw in the last war.... perhaps a better way for the israelis to deal with these rocket lanchers is to drop a bee hive in the area then hit the launcher with something that would attract the bees...... let nature help
5. UN=BS
JB   (04.13.07)
"I'm shocked! SHOCKED!...THAT I mean that Jews are allowed to defend themselves." Another voice: "Your gift from Hezb'allah" "Oh, thank you very much"
6. If she can't present a unbiased report
Joe ,   Ohio, USa   (04.13.07)
then stop her at the airport and send her packing!
7. Killing Jewish Children With Rockets Is OK?
Yonatan Koss ,   Chiloquin   (04.13.07)
Bla bla bla bla bla, Jews are bad, bla bla bla bla.
8. Did the US use
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (04.13.07)
''disproportionate use of force,'' in subduing Afghanistan? I mean after all, the Taliban and Osama only knocked down the World Trade Centers. Should their whole country have been attacked and occupied? What about all those poor kids, traumatized by all that bombing!? What a jerk. Stop her at the airport, perform a invasive cavity search on her and send her back to La La land where she belongs! God I hate the UN. I wish we'd just close down the whole thing and send these boils on the backside of humanity back to their respective homes!
9. more propaganda
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.13.07)
hezbollah deliberately fired at israeli civilians, and used lebanese civilians (and unifil observers) as human shields. where is the united nations' condemnation of hezbollah? or is it safer to condemn israel than to risk being kidnapped and beheaded by jihadist fanatics?
10. war
theviper311 ,   Hymie Town   (04.13.07)
1) war is a fact of life. disproportionate use of force ends the war sooner thus saving lives. my life is more valuable than my enemies life. therefore i will do everything in my power to protect me and my family. 2) the geneva accords are a sham. they only protect enemy agents. if you want your captured to be treated humanely then you better treat ours the same way. that includes beheadings. 3) war is disgusting but if you are in one, you must fight to win at all costs. this was not really a war. ask the people of dresden what real war is like.
11. UN envoy,what is your reaction to this?
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (04.13.07)
I live on the border of Gaza,and my kibbutz,along with Sedrot and other towns have been hit with mortars,and kassams almost every day. Inside of Israel,innocent people,with many of them children,have been murdered by terrorists. Where is your outrage with that? I think I know the answer,Israelis are not human people to you and we are fair game,but How dare Israel protect herself,it is against the international law.
12. Destruction in Lebanon
mark ,   raanana   (04.13.07)
The RAF and the USAF utterly destroyed Dresden killing 40,000 people (that is the official toll) all in 34 HOURS! War is war and somebody should tell this UN wimp what it's about.
13. cont.
abu ,   usa   (04.13.07)
from civilian areas...
14. Fire Coomaraswamy now.
JPS ,   Efrat   (04.13.07)
For the moment, let's try to forget that the UN is a corrupt, bloated, money sucking institution of criminals whose only two purposes seems to be to 1) steal as much money as possible for corrupt bureaucrats and 2) ignore every problem in the world except for the Israeli-Palestinian issue. If the UN is going to get any respect in this region, it has to stop sending idiots like Coomaraswamy. Instead, it should fire him and try to find somebody competant. However, we're not holding our breaths.
16. #10
mother of four ,   Israel   (04.13.07)
Right on!
17. The UN envoy is wrong
Bernd ,   Germany   (04.13.07)
If Israels use of force against the terrorist entity called Lebanon was adequate and 'proportionate', Hisbollah would not exist today. Bernd, Germany, Old Europe
18. Jews are strange People
We breath, live, love, thrive, educate ourselves, defend ourselves, our homes and our families. We exist, therefor we break international law.
Scott   (04.13.07)
What a stupid person. There is no glory in WAR, there's nothing nice about WAR. This fool carrys on is if Israel just decided to 'attack' and besiege a 'lovely arab village' FOR FUN. Israel was'nt having a WAR by itself! OBVIOUSLY DOPEY PERSON there was a lot of enemy 'activity' there. Get this stupid out of the UN!
20. To 12? So hitler was right too then?
21. Still clinging desparately to the lie
Danny   (04.13.07)
4 million cluster bombs, yet they have have found only 850 strike sites - max of 600,000 cluster bomblets..... The UN mine clearing site says they'll have cleared all the bomblets by end of this year. So either they need to pull their finger out or someone is telling porkies...
22. waaaaw is it the first time ?
It's normal for the outlaws to break the laws .... since when Israel cares about laws .... hey UN you dare to punish them ? try you will find the famous VITO wating for you .... not funy
23. This article is disproportionally biased
freejay ,   Israel   (04.13.07)
Do your ccould Israel drop millions of cluster bombs over such a short period...............liars!!!!!
24. Hillary Clinton supported these Israeli crimes during war
Obama-Mania   (04.13.07)
Hillary Clinton marched during that war in various rallies to support Israel in its brutal war in Lebanon. Obama did not marched, and I am a staunch Obama supporter. Generally at the moment Obama and Hillary have similar policies and he does not distinct himself from her – this is a mistake. If he wants to distinct himself he should talk extensively about the importance of a peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians and that America should push both sides to achieve peace including pressuring Israel when needed. He should talk about such peace agreement in a positive language a language that typifies his campaign so far i.e. That he is the man of hopes.
25. Class action lawsuit against UN lies and dangerous bias!
26. my friends !
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (04.13.07)
I dont remember where I did read. it was about Mrs. Golda Mair. How crazy, how difficult, how none stop she was working to build Israel. I think, that time she was a mother of three kids ! maybe I am wrong. SHE EVEN DIDNT GIVE THEM A MOTHER LOVE BECAUSE OF NON STOP WORK. working...working..working as mad. what is my point ? THERE ARE A LOT WORKINGS AND BLOODS ON THE GROUNDS YOU LIVE NOW. their visions were to build ISRAEL. THEY ARE NOT THERE ANYMORE. YOU MUST GO FURTHER. THEY BUILD THE COUNTRY CALLED ISRAEL. THEY BUILD THE LAND FROM HEARTS INTO ITS OWN PLACE. NOW, YOUR DUTY IS TO BUILD THE PEACE ON THE LAND CALLED ISRAEL. try to live with others happy love Atilla Karagözoğlu
27. To nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert ,   farmington , wv   (04.13.07)
Rockets and bombs everyday falls upon israel cities and the international community does nothing about it , then when israel takes action against the enemy of the state of israel everybody cries foul play. this is what happens when you choose war over peace. I think israel been way to nice so far
28. denying recognition to israel is against international law
shimon ,   madrid   (04.13.07)
29. The Arabs are THE REALITY in ISRAEL
as long as they feel they raped no peace will come. there must be a way to love each other. FREEDOOM !!!! SOON OR LATER KNOCKS ALL DOORS. NEIGHTER ISRAELIES NOR PALESTINIANS REALY FREE. I SEE NO FAR FUTURE IN THIS WAY. What is The God (G-d) 's plan about the future ? who knows ! But, He CANT take sides. he wont. ALL TOGETHER FREEDOM, OR ALL TOGETHER BOOMMMMM. simple life love Atilla Karagözoğlu
30. when a peace comes there :)
I will be gone. I will go Japanies web news sites :) try to find a girl friend, there :) DONT WORRY ABOUT ME I GOT A BLACK BELT IN KUNG FUU years ago. I beat all samurays :) love Atilla Karagözoğlu poor with mind ! but good with heart :)
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