Lawsuit: Recognize 2nd generation as Shoah victims
Reuven Weiss
Published: 13.04.07, 12:20
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1. you are qualified for a price
Ali ,   Lobnan   (04.13.07)
and always been qualified .. shamless race award in human history . the Quran said it ...1450 years ago .. you just proved it as a miracle holy book..
2. another skum lawer from newyork
jr ,   new world   (04.13.07)
3. EU should fund survivors instead of billions to Pal terror.
Atilla karagözoğlu   (04.13.07)
...THE EARS ARE CLOSED. you know why I am around here, more than a year ! I f.......g hate to see holocaust photos. specially there is a little girl showing her arm's number. YOU CANT MAKE THE EARS TO HEAR YOUR CRY IF THE EARS ARE CLOSED.
5. just forget and leave
hey ! what is life ? too simple THE GOD (G-D), ı DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY. I am crying these days too much without reasons. I am not happy too. too tired. somethimes I wish to sleep and never wake up. sleep endless. But, I got a little doughter. I MUST SURVIVE FOR HER. dont you have, too ? love Atilla karagözoğlu
6. Shame
Privateer ,   Budapest, Hungary   (04.13.07)
It's a shame and a great joke. Trauma caused by the holocaust for those ones, whose never lived it??? It's crystal clear it is all about money, has no connection to any sort of trauma. Frankly, this is the best way to turn the Europeans, especially the Germans, where Anti-Semitism is on the rise, against the people of the Jewish community. Meditate a little before you would act and stop this non-sense, because the Europeans have enough about this.
Bad things happen to all of us. We all move on.
8. But Germany recognized
Myackie ,   Austin, TX   (04.13.07)
the great grandchildren of arabs who fled Israel as "refugees"???? Makes no sense to recognize that and not recognize the trauma in second generation holocaust survivors. Shame on the world.
9. they're a bunch of morons
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (04.13.07)
this is the stupidest thing i've ever heard. how on earth are they victims? nothing happened to them. it's just as silly as when the arab "palestinians" somehow inherit refugee status generation after generation. they're not victims, they're a bunch of crybabies that should be smacked on the head for making such ridiculous claims.
10. # 8 great point
Ivri   (04.13.07)
# 1,2,6,7,9 your comments show your true collors.
11. Compensation
Bill Landau ,   Mexico City   (04.13.07)
Germany is entilted to choose whom she compensates and who not. A class action suit is just another vehicle scam for hangeroners and psychopats to obtain money. If at all (and why 60 years later?) issues should be revised on a case by case basis and perform a thorough psychiatric investigation. of each claiming individual
12. A right to medical treatment is a VALID CLAIM...
ben ,   singapore   (04.13.07)
....The MP must bring this up in the German Parliament which is also a court on its own right to listen to constituitional rights. The court should recognise these claims as valid , this claim cannot be time barred ! Go for it children if not go to the European Courts of Human Rights ! Valid Claim !
Guess that Palestinian children of the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine [Ilan Pappe] must be taking note of the People of the Compensation. As will the survivors of the Black Holocausts of slavery, Belgium's Congo and Christian colonization. I am also a victim.
14. Enough of the Schnorrer shtick....I am sickened
Al ,   Canada   (04.13.07)
As a child of Survivors who gave me a great sense of true Yiddishkeit, I am sickened and disgusted that the trauma of our parents is being used for personnel gain by these low life schnorrers To this organization I say you are a loathsome group of half baked dreck. Suck it up and get on with your lives. If not, blow your brains out and so hand the Germans another victory. Either way shut up. You are a disgrace.
15. Al , Canada
Gary   (04.13.07)
1st you must ot insult Yidn (so far your Yiddishkait), then it must be reconized that there are unlike you (and me!) children who are truly traumatized and who merit help and trearment. These must never be ridiculed. have a gitn shabbes w tiyeh bari
16. #10/#12
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (04.13.07)
what colours would that be? colours of sanity? it is a stupid and pathetic claim they have. anyone who seriously can think they make any sense is not mentally fit to take care of themselves, seriously. / The right to medical treatment is supposed to be given to anyone who needs it there is no need for some "feel-more-sorry-for-me-than-everybody-else"-fund. that's just arrogant. these people are parasites who wish to exploit the terrible tragedy of others, which they never experienced themselves, for their own personal gain. sickening!
17. #14, Al - Agreed! I'm the son of a Survivor.
Allan ,   US   (04.13.07)
and live with my mother's experiences everyday. They are a source of strength for me. These people are, just as you say, schnorrers. Let them pull themselves up by their bootstarps, just like the rest of us did, and move on with their lives. Enough of the victim mentallity already.
18. @ 16 / Nensak , Stockholm, Sweden
Take Sodium Valproate 200 mg three time a day, go and see your swedish doc's.You need mood regulator !
19. Kinda messed up
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (04.13.07)
They should be happy that the allied soldiers freed them and gave them their life back and the opportunity to have kids. Lets not milk this anymore. What about the allied soldiers that died defeating Germany and freeing the holocaust victiims, Without their support they would still be used as scientific experiments for the germans and would still be in concentration camps. What about the allied soldiers children, who's dad never came home so that these survivors can be here today. Where is there compensation? Your compensation is already granted. Your alive and your walking this earth, and the nazi regime is gone.
20. Ali "Lebnon?"
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (04.13.07)
Your post is unintelligible.
21. The world does not Jews a living
Metatron   (04.13.07)
22. My father lost 47 family members.
Tragic times ,   USA   (04.13.07)
He was suffering all his life and it greatly affected me too. Try to live with a parent who went through such tragedy at a very young age. He did not recover and it was hell for all of us.
23. What is the phone # in the USA? Who is in charge?
Steve ,   USA   (04.13.07)
24. Ali , Lobnan
more Islamic hatespill against the Jews your ilk will never change
25. Ryan in Canada
SAM ,   USA   (04.13.07)
Hey Ryan, they do appreciate that the allies won. Get real. I dont know that this is any of our business, but if it was up to most people, they wouyld say the Holocoust never happened, give no one anything. Germany started the war with the allies. our fathers and grandfathers fought to defend thier countries, not free the concentration camp inmates. I like you Ryan. I appreciate your posts, but I am sorry to say this to a book. The crime of a Jew to a NAZI was just being born a Jew. Jews had everything stripped from them, Thier personal wealth, dignity and lives. Dont belittle the fact that the ALLIES made Germany pay for thier sins. Thats right , Ryan. WE MADE GERMANY PAY. Germany did not offer payment. and what, Ryan is the price of a family, a father, a mother, a son, daughter? what Ryan. Its pitiful when you think of it. If it helped somewhat to help people rebuild thier lives, that was a good thing. Please do not re-inforce the bigots comming on in here. They are the filth and genetic waste that we eventually will have to fight. Remeber Ryan, it didn't end with just the Jews. tens of millions of people were murdered because at first the NAZIs were acceptable to a point. I really do like your posts, but this one you are off your mark. as for the scum who are angry at the survivors being paid retribution, I only wish the same happens to you. As for the Arabs, go to hell. You teach your children NAZI ideals. This is a known fact. You will pay in the end. what will you do when Jesus returns to save the nation of Israel. what then will be your excuse
26. Ex husbands too
Kiwi boy ,   NZ   (04.13.07)
Germany should also compensate the ex husbands of second generation holocaust survivors. My ex was seriously affected, which led to a divorce, for which I am also seeking compensation.It is only fair isn't it?
27. I must say,for children to claim is real Garbage.
Alan ,   SA   (04.13.07)
28. Where does this end? (Or does it?)
RedStarYeast ,   USA   (04.13.07)
Quick, milk that German cow before it goes dry!
29. it's a shame
Alex ,   Latvia   (04.13.07)
I’m from Latvia, it was part of USSR during the war. The majority of Jews here were killed, my grandparents and many relatives too. My father fought in the Soviet army. Obviously children of survivors were traumatized, but not they alone. In USSR very large territories were completely devastated, 27 millions died. Let me remind you, the war ended 62 years ago. I’m ashamed of these demands, organizers are just greedy. They are using ill people in their interests.
30. i should sue the state of israel
pali   (04.14.07)
cuz of the trama i got when i was a child!! my brother get killed upon my eyeys!! but who caressssssssss! we are not humans after all!!!!!!! what a world!
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