US hopes for deeper Mideast peace talks in summer
Published: 13.04.07, 23:47
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1. tick tock
papa jay   (04.14.07)
the clock is ticking ineed.
2. These idiots only buy more time for Iran
john ,   nz   (04.14.07)
No peace is ever possible. Once Iran got the bomb, it would be a very different ball game.
3. Dear USA
Otter ,   Canada   (04.14.07)
All past attempts by you to prop up unpopular leaders have blown up in your face. Please stop. Let the Palestinians decide who they want as leaders. If they want Hamas, let them have Hamas. When that happens, let nature take its course. Then stop all aid, all support, all diplomatic niceties. Think of alternatives to "land for peace". Financial pressure can work wonders, just as financial persuasion (bribes) does. And it's cheaper and more effective in the long run. The Saudis are doing it. They get results. Above all, don't sacrifice Israel. We have been reading the signs for a long time now. Dear USA, protect Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.
4. Possession is nine tenths of the law
Uzi ,   Haifa   (04.14.07)
Hopefully the talks will be 'deep' enough for the Arabs to offer what they would give Israel in return for what they want. And maybe to counter their too many decades of murderous attacks, vicious incitement and venomous rhetoric, they should start making some unilateral goodwill gestures.
5. Here we go again- Round 7,346 (or whatever number we are at)
Barbara ,   USA   (04.14.07)
Here's a novel idea - what say the Pals quit carrying out or attempting terrorist acts for a change? Peace will descend immediately upon the land, I guarantee.
6. let's stop the nonsense and hype.
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (04.14.07)
why do people spout this kind of nonsense ? Abbas and Olmert are simply waiting to be thrown out and Hamas is the same old Hamas. There is no 'peace process' on the horizon. Perhaps when the above is internalized by all concerned then it will be possible to start thinking about a 'peace process'.
7. Peace
Pedro ,   spain   (04.14.07)
To be honest, i think israel doesn´t want peace because that means it should leave the Golan heights , the whole west bank and east jerusalen which are by the international laws considered ocupied weither the isrealis accept these laws or not, thats the truth which hurts, so don´t blame the palestinians, since 1994 more settelment were built in the ocupied land than ever which means that the israeli take advantage of the peace process to expand its settelments.
8. To #7: Real peace
Frank ,   Canada   (04.14.07)
Giving lands for empty peace treaties is meaningless. This is only European subversion designed to help Arabs in the project of wiping Israel out the map. Moreover, Arabs lost these lands because of their agressions, as a consequence they must pay the price because rewarding crime creates more crimes. Since Arabs are the agressors in this 120 years old war, they must make real concessions and seek peace for peace.
9. Pedro
Gary   (04.14.07)
just the other way around, had the Arabs accepted Israel right to exist from 1948, there wouldn't be no "refugee" problem and no settlements to be expanded. But Arabs are too stupid to understand, the only way to achieve success is nonviolent.
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