Israeli-Syrian conflict can be resolved in 35 minutes, Clinton says
Roee Nahmias
Published: 15.04.07, 12:36
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1. how many more peace deals like Oslo and Wye can we survive?
2. Never sellout of the Golan
3. to give up the Golan Heights in exchange for a defense treat
oy vey we're done !!!!!!!!!
4. 20 minutes longer than Levinsky
Ilan ,   Ariel   (04.15.07)
And about as worthwhile.
5. Ya, right after he has his way with the intern
Mike ,   Israel   (04.15.07)
6. 7 minute abbs
Josh   (04.15.07)
If not satisfied you get the eight minute for free. Step into my office! Why? Because your f...... fired!
7. I'd love to see how Clinton explains one thing
David ,   Rehovot   (04.15.07)
The last sentence is strange. Bibi offered the Golan Heights for peace yet "the Syrians were more flexible"? I'd love to see that seeming contradiction explained.
8. LIAR! LIAR! Corrupted LIAR! 8 years of LIES!!
Arthur ,   S Francisco   (04.15.07)
9. and don't forget
in case of peace with Syria, we will be invaded by millions of jobless Arabs begging and stealing all over Israel. WHO NEEDS THAT KIND OF PEACE ??
10. i could make peace in 10 minutes
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.15.07)
and it would be as worthless as what clinton could do. he gives iran too much credit, that they influence syria as much as they do. syria has allied with iran because iran has the same objectives and values as syria, as opposed to allying with saudi or jordan or egypt. ol' bubba is smart enough to know that. too bad he's not honest enough to admit it.
Scott   (04.15.07)
I've been there. Its not a big area but its strategic value clearly obvious. Not withstanding the fact that many Israelis died to gain it, and as we all know, as result of a war started by the arabs. The Syrians lost it and have shown nothing but continued hate of Israel. The Sinai was handed back and although there has been peace - cracks are starting to form in that relationship, and of course the withdrawal from Gaza an unmitigating failure , has served to remind Israelis as to whether handing land back is a good idea. IT IS NOT.
COLIN ,   ISRAEL   (04.15.07)
WhenClinton was president he made a complete mess of negociations between the israelis and the arabs how does he think that now anybody is interested in his ideas.Suggest he keep out of Israeli politics and play house to his wife.
13. Bubba's solution
mike ,   Jerusalem   (04.15.07)
Old bubba Clinton has one solution to all the world's problems: SEX . he could probably fantasizes that he can have sex with all the women in Syria in 35 minutes
14. Only thing Clinton can get in 35 minutes is 7 orgasms
Alan ,   SA   (04.15.07)
15. Clinton, the man who didn't have sex with that woman. LOL
Avraham ,   Netivot   (04.15.07)
Clinton is full of himself, amoungst other things.
16. 35 minutes for a BJ for billy boy
FormerAmerican ,   Israel   (04.15.07)
17. # 14
Mike ,   Rishon-le-Zion   (04.15.07)
Seven orgasms in 35 minutes????!!!!!! Well, that's not bad - remember he's 60 years old as well!
18. Clinton
Larry ,   NC USA   (04.15.07)
Yea, I lived through 8 years of his playhouse admin., starting his day after testing which way the (polls), wind was blowing that particular day, that was what he "was" for. He disgraced the highest public office of this land, and lied about it. The Oslo Accord - I understand that Oslo in Hebrew, means "toilet seat", and that's where it belongs, flushed! It would better serve Israel for USA to stay out of its affairs, and let Israel make her own decisions, we have YHWH with us and that's sufficient. Thanks, Larry
19. Clinton
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (04.15.07)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, and if the dog wouldn't stop to poop, he probably would catch the rabbit. And if if's and but's were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry (insert holiday of your choice.) What's phace II of this trip? He'll reveal, for a hefty fee, of course, how to keep Iran out of the peace process?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.15.07)
Sure, that way we are presented with a fait accompli & our weasel politicians can claim US pressure for making a lousy deal. That bullshitter Clinton brought us a disaster with his crap ideas. Well, his time around, we don't need any land for peace deals. Let the Syrians give up the Golan if they want peace. Otherwise, things can drag on until the next war & maybe we can negotiate the return of Damascus.
21. Clinton...
Nikka ,   Jerusalem   (04.15.07) such a tart!
22. Phase II; not Phace II. Sorry!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (04.15.07)
Send some cigars to Clinton and then forget about him.
23. #4 Very Funny Response!
MARK ,   USA   (04.15.07)
24. Clinton is an Idiot
Roch ,   Albuquerque NM, USA   (04.15.07)
Any president, including Bush, who says that Israel must give up land for peace is not to be trusted. It is not any americans right to even suggest it. This land was given to you by G-d and no one including your leaders have the right. Stand up once and for all and say NO!
25. Yea Right the architech of OSLO
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (04.15.07)
Yea Right the architech of OSLO. Sure LOL.
26. Clinton: First I give you Arafat...And Nooooww ...ASSAD
malcolm   (04.15.07)
27. Isn't it interesting....
jan   (04.15.07)
That since his wife is running for pres. that he now has the revelation that only a 35 minute meeting is needed to bring about peace?? What, that thought never came to him the 8 yrs. he had a shot at it? To bad all the other players in this peace process are'nt as smart as him. He, like his robot like wife , is full of hot cigar air. Give it a rest Bill. You will never be able to change world opinion about your horrible legacy and disgraceful contribution you gave for another chance to get a boost in the polls. What a meglomaniac!!!!
28. Don't Trust Clinton
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.15.07)
Mr. Clinton is a very clever and crafty guy. He appears to be a good friend of Israel and has made much of his seemingly goowill towards us. But, I have never thought that he really has ever had our best interests in mind. Mr. Clinton's tactics have always been to lull us into believing that he is our friend but, on closer look, he has consistently taken positions which undermine our security and weaken us vis-a-vis our enemies. Pay attention to what he says, people, and you will see that he is always setting us up.
29. peace in 35 minuits will not last more than 35 days
bob ,   cochin   (04.15.07)
It will be an ultimate stuppid idea to give up golanhights for peace. It will be like surrendering the defence for a piece of paiper of so called peace, which could be violated by any insurgent and the concerned state(syria) may play the role of a blind who see every thing but never see.More over this place the golan must belong to Israel at least as a honour for the sacrifice the past heros made in yomkipoor war-- those who --allready got insulted by giving up senai....
30. We had enough of slick Willie's instant crap!
Mamalama ,   Israel   (04.15.07)
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