Israeli-Syrian conflict can be resolved in 35 minutes, Clinton says
Roee Nahmias
Published: 15.04.07, 12:36
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31. To #14
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (04.15.07)
Now there's a good one!!! Unless you know something about cigars that is lost on the rest of us, what do you suppose they were for, and why do you think that Hilly was so magnanimous and forgiving about the whole Monica affair? She probably had a lot of experience with exercises in futility. As for the rest of us, what better punishment for assaults with a dead weapon than ridicule or pity??? You have to give the man credit though. When it came to some things - running the country wasn't necessarily at the top of the list - he put a new spin on the good ol', American adage that if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. Instead of listening to anybody's BS, just send some of those fine, Israeli melons to Ahmadinejad. Paradise, I'm sure, has a special reward for Immaculate Infections.
32. The Sociopath Speaks, all too often.
Yonatan Koss ,   Chiloquin   (04.15.07)
For a man without the tiniest modicum of shame he certainly has many opinions about Israel and what should be done. His reference to thirty five minutes to attain a treaty with Syria behind closed doors seems more like an oblique recognition to his sexual tryst with another sycophant Jew. The absolutely worst president in the last 150 years of US history is still parading like the over stuffed peacock he emulated in the oval orifice. His foreign policy concerning Israel brought us the “Oslo War Accords” that decimated the Israeli Jewish population. Do we honestly need to speculate about is pandering to the arab media? The impeached ex-president should be focusing on his steps surrounding his sexual addiction recovery. His need to copulate with unwilling Jews and the sycophant left within Israel is a more disturbing addiction. A majority of the American public voted against this base vile creature in both elections, unfortunately for two different candidates. How any knowledgeable human could possibly care to place another family member with the same sociopathic sickness in the white house is beyond my comprehension. We Jews should have more pride than to associate with people as base as this shameful impeached ex president and his adoring wife with their completely dysfunctional relationship.
33. Clinton vs. Bush
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (04.15.07)
President Clinton is a very polarizing figure as can easily be demonstrated by all the name calling in these posts. The only difference between the current US Pres and Pres Ahmadinejad of Iran is that one speaks fluent English and the other has a ranch in Crawford Texas. I knew we were all in trouble when this current President responded to a question from a reporter during his first campaign; when asked who his favorite philosopher was he said "Jesus" because Jesus changed his heart. I am not trying to imply this is necessarily bad, all I am saying is he and his administration are not actually governing in a coherent, realistic and rational way they share some supernatural apocalyptic vision of the future that skews all the figures and clouds their judgment. At least the Clintons are able to separate fact from fiction and conjecture/speculation from reality. This current Pres will bless you and heap good will upon you until there is no "you" left, the current popular little saying/jibe within the conservative dominated US Federal establishment is Israel is the 51st State of the US and this is always followed with the typical giggles and snorts. Keep hurling your invective's at the Clintons and keep discounting the liberal left here in states and prepare to reap that which you sew. True, Clinton Lied but, when Bush Lied people died and continue to do so daily. This preoccupation with the Clintons "sex life" and marital fealty to me is quite frankly "goyish" and not really worthy of consideration. The consequences earned by the last eight years of incompetence and malfeasance of this Bush administration have yet to fully manifest and sadly due to geographic proximity and traditional diplomatic allegiance those consequences will be shared by others in that region as well. The definition of "peace" has morphed just as the definition of "war" has changed and everyone needs to be cognizant of this reality for both terms. They are so ambiguous now that they are really only useful in media "spin" borders can be expanded, redacted and realigned just as drastically in a "time of peace" as they can in a "time of war" the most logical goal for Israel should be retention of territory, economic security and peaceful coexistence with it's neighbors. More nondemocratic governments have fallen in times of "peace" than in times of "war". "War" galvanizes the electorate and support will coalesce around a focal point and it is best if that focal point (whatever or whomever it may be) is constrained within the parameters of the law as constructed and approved by the people. Do you really believe that US military presence in the region is actually enhancing the security of the "State"? Are you being protected or marginalized and negated? Since I am liberal and bound by honesty I am not going to pretend I know the answer but, I think these are points that more relevant then considering the romantic or sexual activities of any diplomat or politician.
34. there can be peace in a second, but we won't evacuate Golan
Huzpa   (04.15.07)
Just that small matter of thousands of Jews living their lives there for 30 years, peanuts, isn't it? well, Presidant Clinton, let me tell you that that "small matter" is not going to happen. We are not going to ethnic cleance the Golan from its Jewery like we did in Gaza. Forget it. If assad really wanted peace he wouldn't ask us to, too.
35. clinton's peace
elliot ,   point roberts, wa   (04.15.07)
iran will 'stay out' of it when pigs fly!
36. Selling the Golan
Dan ,   Toronto, Canada   (04.15.07)
It's interesting how a politician like Bill Clinton, clearly still enamored with his own failed legacy, does not remember the error of his own Oslo policy. Namely, the sacrifice of land won by Israel in wars of self-defence for the sake of himself. No other country in world history has ever been asked to cede land legally conquered in just wars to appease the loser, like Israel is being asked to do once again. Imagine Germany demanding the return of East Prussia from Poland as a pre-condition for recognition, and maybe peace one day! As demonstrated by the second Intifada, Oslo was nothing more than a Trojan Horse, the loss of the Golan would likely be the same. Why would the Arab states, whose leadership can be quite pragmatic and patient, try to win back lost territory by wars they cannot win, when they can reclaim it through Western appeasement, like Mr. Clinton is offering? There really seems to be two streams of thinking in the wider Arab Middleast towards Israel, to destroy it by force in the Iranian/Hezbollah/Hamas brand, or whittle it away over time with Western acquiescence, accomplishing the same thing. I just wish our politicians would come to the realization that sometimes the solution is no solution, at least for this generation. The Arabs, more than anything else, respect power and are obsessed with land. Ceding the Goloan it for nothing shows weakness. If Israel conitinues to act like a wounded animal the vulchers will keep on circling.
37. I take it he DID inhale before this interview.
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (04.15.07)
Good grief.
38. OOOO!, #4, words right outta my mouth!
39. #33. Clinton vs Bush
John Cunningham ,   Haverford, PA, USA   (04.15.07)
"Since I am liberal and bound by honesty..... " You gotta' be kidding. Don't be telling that lie. Just because we've given up on calling you on your psycho babble, doesn't mean we agree.
40. #37. I take it he DID...
John Cunningham ,   Haverford, PA, USA   (04.15.07)
Apparently, he hasn't exhaled.
41. Mr. Klinton is invited to visit the Golan !
Eddie ,   Sarasota, Fl   (04.15.07)
Dear President suggests for Israel to give up the Golan Heights in 35 minutes. Maybe the president forgot what happened during the 19 years Syria had the Golan - they've attacked Israel villages in every possible chance they'd had. Maybe Mr. president wants to move and live in the Kibbutzim on the Kinneret that will be attacked after his 35 minutes solution. So, Here's the news Mr. President - Israel is a democratic country that most it's citizens will never give up our dearest Golan, in fact we will fight as long as we live to keep it !
42. # 33 You're a liberal and bound by STUPIDITY for sure.
One who believes   (04.15.07)
I have reservations about a president who doesn't say he gets his strength from G-D. Clinton showed us exactly what he was. A man with no morals, no integrity, and no class. The only thing he had going for him was his ability to control and mesmerize a crowd with his false charm. He lied to a whole nation. Bush didn't lie. He got the same false intel that Clinton did. Clinton let 9-11 happen while enjoying his sexual daliances and cigar rolling sessions. He is the most disgraceful president ever. Don't forget that he was the one who negotiated with the terrorist arafat that damn near ruined the whole state. Oh yeah, he was charming though.
43. The BITTER BETRAYAL of Israel and the Free World
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (04.15.07)
Not one inch of G-D given Jewish Holy Land to the enemy! There is no greater betrayal than the betrayal of Jews to Barbaric Global Jihadists. Rewarding and APPROVING terrorism and mass murder of Jews, the US EU UN are relentless in seeking a Global Islamic Terror State in Biblical Judea and Samaria, reducing tiny Israel at mid-section to 9 miles wide, indefensible Auschwitz borders. An Islamic terror state openly dedicated to Jewish annihilation and world conquest. In Australia, two Christian pastors were tried in court for offending Muslims - not because the pastors lied, but because they told the truth about Islam. U.S. leaders prefer Islam. Judaism and Christianity are despised. Some US public schools teach an indoctrination course in Islam - written with the help of a Muslim with ties to terrorists. Revealing contempt for Americans' safety, U.S. Feds gave CAIR a personal tour of U.S. airport security. Addressing a youth session at the 1999 Islamic Association for Palestine's annual convention in Chicago, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) founder Omar Ahmad praised suicide bombers who "kill themselves for Islam," Our nations' leaders work aggressively alongside Islam to destroy Israel and annihilate the freedom of the Free World. We are witnessing the death of Western civilization. Council on American-Islamic Relations: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." - Omar Ahmad (CAIR co-founder). An authoritative Muslim stated: "Thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you; thanks to our religious laws we will dominate you." STOP Inciting Children to Kill ! The Free World's people MUST defend their freedom. Must resist with all their might, EVIL, anti-G-D, vicious religious Jew-cleansing of Judea, Samaria and the Golan. Jews move to these areas by the hundreds of thousands! Some boast in chariots and some in horses, but we will boast in the name of the L-RD, our G-D. Psalm 20
44. What Is Clinton Thinking?!
Sarah ,   USA   (04.15.07)
And he's a Rhodes Scholar?! The very fact that Syria wants the Golan Heights proves they don't want peace with Israel because they don't need that land as a land mass as Syria is at least ten times the size of Israel! Syria wants Golan Heights because of pride. Pride to impress Israel? Ha ha, what a joke. Pride to impress the Muslim World. You watch. If Israel gives them back that land Syria will have celebrations that rival the ones the Palestinians had in celebration of 9/11. Assad will be a hero in Syria, Iran, etc...and so even more empowered to harm Israel.
45. Fools, Knaves & Traitors For Leaders
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (04.16.07)
Oh yeah. The only thing missing to achieving 'peace' is to listen to Clinton. This is the man who honored ! Arafat and legitimized him as a 'statesman' DESPITE knowing that he was the grandfather of Arab terrorism. Clinton should keep his lips shut and his pants zippered. Also, Bibi is a disgrace if he agreed to 'assurances' from the US in order to give up the Golan. Why the hell don't they give up ALL of Israel while they are at it?
46. Jews and Fundamentalist Christians
Wayne Byrd ,   Leoma TN USA   (04.16.07)
I have never understood why most Jews are inclined to be liberal, politically. They have a ready and eager ally in fundamentalist Christians around the world. Christians are the constant friends of the Jew around the world. Fundamentalist Christians know the history of the Jew. They realize that Christians are the offspring of the Jews and that Abraham is the spiritual father of the Christians as well as of the Jew
47. HaShomer Emet
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (04.16.07)
Wow, all the name calling now; my feelings are hurt. HA!! you must be kidding and you should feel and ashamed of your Shonda. You are talking this craziness on Erev Yom HaShoah and actually on the sanctified day depending on your time zone. Bush Senior prophetically and emphatically stated on 9/11 1999 that there was indeed a "new world order" he stated this upon the victory of the Maktabal Kalimat in Afghanistan headed by the one and only US sponsored UBL or as I like to call him Al Laddin - HA! Then as little "B" while trying to gain a fortune in the oil business dealing exclusively with many Arab petroleum entrepreneurs with the exclusive support of the Carlyle Group founded by Daddy gained wealth and camaraderie with those we now call nefarious but, that in and of itself was not enough. Wealth of course is nice but there are bigger "fish to fry" and larger goals to attain, after all there was an account left delinquent in the Bush's family ledger and that account was one of Grand Daddy Prescott Bush and his money laundering adventures with German National Socialist Party in the 1930s and 40s. After all he was just a "good ole boy" trying to make his way the best he know how. Exchanging currency for a world power that created such bold innovative programs as the tiertestgarten project and the endlosung der judenfrag - well these were exciting programs for a certain segment of the "Amelican population no doubt" aimed at bettering the understanding between peoples and putting the "right" in righteousness HA!.
48. HaShomer Emet II
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (04.16.07)
Poor Prescott, Henry, Charles L. and others, hey were just betrayed by the villainous Jewish bankers in New York and Chicago that wanted to subvert the truth huh-right?. HA! these Bushees have one interest and one interest only and that is their own prosperity and privilege. Bush wants Palestine so bad he can taste it; if he achieves no other thing it will be that. Uppity Jews what are you thinking? GWB is a Skull and Bones Dude, he is old school; and he is an adherent to syncretism of monotheism but the sad thing is at the top of the pyramid must be him and instead of blocks of mortar and straw there must be dollars. Ironically I have nothing against Neo-Cons they can no more help the way they are anymore then a Shark can help seeking out chum for consumption. They are a force of nature that can be neither countered nor reformed they and their condition must be weathered as we weather the storm. Is there no pride in the Jews of Europe surviving the Shoah? I would say no, there is GREAT pride in surviving that and, it is a testament to universal compassion and it is miraculous or, as close to a miracle as I can discern. Israel and its Jewish identity is not a minor footnote or secondary annotation in the chronological record of human existence on Earth. The Jewish State is the center, the origin and the focal point of humanity. Its prosperity and existence is necessary for all the worlds inhabitants. We are greater than the sum of are parts and we need to know "that which makes us similar exceeds that which makes us different" if we can grasp and appreciate that we are inching closer and closer to the rectification. I have nothing against Republicans it is just an unfortunate reality that the party leadership has been seized by a wealthy, powerful and elitist lot that can't see past their own ambitions. Hillary is the best choice in 08 because of her experience and knowledge, even if she isn't the brightest, her managerial skills will ensure that competent individuals are empowered to correct the errors we are now enduring. The State Department and DoD are the first institutions that require repair and I think the former Generals Clark and Shinseki would make excellent stewards of that . Anyway - I am hoping for a brighter future but the will of the electorate is still hard to predict people like Don Imus, Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Bill O'Rielly, Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Mark Foley, Gen Boykin, Gen Patreus, Col Steele and the candidate list goes on, of those that chafe at the law and favor a certain ethnic and social quality for leadership consideration. These guys remain popular but, I hope that will change and attention will be paid to those with a more egalitarian perspective.
49.  Bill trying to compete with Hillary over Middle East policy
zionist forever   (04.16.07)
Of course a deal is possible in 35 minutes all Israel has to do is saw we give up best man won Assad here is the Golan with our blessings. We will expell every single jew from there even though they make up over a thrid of the population and are the largest single group living there. Assad we will share the waters in the Galalee with you, our early warning stations will go and our troops who defend the borders will go Assad you can have it all. Today Assad will be happy with the Golan today but tommorow he will want more .. when the arabs were busy dreaming up this plan that Olmert has embraced Assad was saying that a condition of the plan must be Israel gives up its neuclear deterent and it must scale down its conventional millitary to be on a more even level with the rest of the countries in the region. Does anybody belive that once he has the Golan Assad wont start demanding these things again and he will get full arab backing this time once they have fooled Israel into accepting the arab plan before they knew it would never pass if they added conditions like that this time its time to push for more. Also can anybody imagine Assad giving up his close friendship with Iran that pays Syrian bills and provides it with weaponry so instead it can develop close peacefull relaations with Israel. If Iran wanted to use terror to fight Israel allthough it would be done more subtley Assad would support it how could he say he is going to crack down on arab heros so he can help the zionists he would end up going out the same way as Sadat. Clinton misses the limelight he hates the fact that its now his wife everybody is looking at as a potential presidential candidate Bill wants to be in the white house not his libary writing books about what a wonderfull president he was. Clinton has come to belive the stories about his mythical achivements .. there could have been peace if they just let me stick around as president another 35 minutes and now becuase they didnt give me the chance then they dont have peace but I know give it 35 minutes Israel will surrender. He should also Assads father that he dreams he was so close to peace with in 2000 not Assad junior Bill Clinton has never even spoken to little Assad who changes his mind daily on weather he wants to make peace with Israel so if Assad himself cant make up his mind what he wants how does Clinton expect to make peace in 35 minutes.
50. invest in settling the Golan
zionist forever   (04.16.07)
There should be more settlers coming to the Golan rather than spending money on small outposts in Judea and Samaria that Olmert will destroy. There needs to be a balance of jewish settlement .... increase in the major settlement blocks in Judea & Samaria create a realistic demographic situation on the ground which will make it harder for the politicians to uproot them all spreading around small outposts is a waste of recources. The Yeshe should also be encouraging jews to move to the Golan ( its jewish land and promised under the Balfour Decleration ) make the situation on the ground there impossible for Clinton, Olmert or any other crooked anti Israel politician to sell the place. Jews allready make up over a third of the population but increase that and create more major towns like Katzerin when jews make up two thrids and they generate enough income for the Israeli economy then the politicians will be forced to think twice before they do any dirty deals. The Golan should be the easiest place for jewish settlement because the majority of the druze are pretty friendly, the jews are not a small minority surounded by hostile arabs, terrorism isnt a major problem there and Syria is to weak to try anything. The place is also a beutifull area the Israeli government should be encouraging settlement there. Instead we have Clinton talking about deals that could be done in 25 minutes or Olmert embracing the arab plan that involves giving up the Golan and everything else. There is theorieticly supposed to be a refrendum on its return but now the politicians are trying to betray the people and deny them of that right by accepting package deals.
51. RE 27 isn't it interesting
Roy Galut גלות ,   Selah Washington USA   (04.16.07)
the only thing hes good at being politcaly correct and apeasement
52. Golan
Iovannes ,   Perth, Australia   (04.16.07)
The Syrians are not going to cart their artillery to the heights and shell anybody these days. It's not 1967 anymore and Damascas knows war with Israel will end in their destruction. The Balfour declaration was a crooked scam and British used the Arabs to fight the Turks in WWI and then screwed them, Balfour is hardly a source of legitimacy. Golan is Syrian, and for as long as it is occupied, Syria will continue to support Hezbollah. Hezbollah do not make Katushas in their worksheds, they come from somewhere. A withdrawal from the occupied territories is in the long term security interests of Israel.
53. Hillary will do it in 30 minutes flat
Asylum Aleikum ,   Guantanamo Bay, Cuba   (04.16.07)
54. #47-48 Your'e hilarious. DEMENTED, but hilarious.
one who believes   (04.16.07)
55. 45 minute peace
elliot ,   point roberts,wa   (04.17.07)
to #53---30 or 45 minutes...still "faster than a democrat can raise taxes"!
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