Bishara is under investigation, court reveals
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 15.04.07, 13:40
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1. Is it a sex crime? Why is he hiding
Yosef ,   ny,NY   (04.15.07)
It has to be serious like a sex crime if he is afraid of them lifting his MK immunity.
2. Bishara is only one of several Arab leaders, both political
Nadav ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.15.07)
and religious, within the Arab community of Israel, who set out to use Israel's liberal and democratic political system in order to undermine its very existence as the national home of the Jewish people. Israel was created based on the universally accepted right of peoples to national self-determination and the establishment of the nation-states. This is in fact the basis on which the UN called for the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel back in 1947. Yet, this Arab leadership is now attempting to undermine this principle of the right of peoples when it comes to the Jewish people and its nation-state within its historic homeland of Eretz Israel (Land of Israel), yet, demanding the very same right to the Arabs of this Land. This is Bishara, Tibi, Barake, as-Sanaa, Shawqi Hatib, Raed Salah and other such political and religious leaders.
3. his problem is with the rule of law
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.15.07)
bishara is being treated no differently than any other public figure under investigation. maybe he should get back to israel and deal with this without jet-setting all over the world crying about the israeli judicial system. if he didn't do anything wrong, you sure can't tell by the way he is behaving right now.
4. maybe its better the arabs vote for bishara than labor
who will an extra 12 mandates could really destroy the country.
5. I hope Tibi and other clowns will be next - traitors OUT!
Roni   (04.15.07)
6. Bishara is persecuting Israel. So there.
Haifa, Israel   (04.15.07)
7. Get Rid Of The Whole Bunch.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.15.07)
We don't need enemy agents in our gov't. Democracy & freedom of speech are not without limit.
8. Nadav (nr 2)
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (04.15.07)
Your comment is essentially correct. However, the undermining activity of Beilin and other leftists must also be included in that which you describe.
9. Leon, I may not agree with Beilin politically, but Beilin
Nadav ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.15.07)
and his friends are Israeli Jews and Zionists, and as such, I respect them. They do not wish the Jewish state of Israel to be eliminated. In fact, you would find among their people some of the best officers and soldiers in the IDF and some of the greatest contributors to other aspects of Israeli life. Hence, no, I would not add these people to the names I listed above, sorry. Regards.
10. Re #9: Such nonsense
Steve ,   USA   (04.15.07)
B"H A Jew who undermines his own people is worse than a non-Jew who does so, since the Jews rots the people from the inside versus the non-Jew who rots the outside but leaves the core intact. I see Beilin as a Jew who is against the Zionist government as well as an insider, and I think something is rotten not just in Denmark.
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