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Rabbis against teen marriage
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 16.04.07, 19:09
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1. Train them not to be Impatient Virgins !
ben ,   singapore   (04.16.07)
And we old folks cant wait, to see our grandchilds- a dozen is even not enough.The shabbat table must be full- Jewish Idea Shlomo , it is jewish, the more the merrier :)
2. disagree
ol ,   il   (04.16.07)
while i agree on some pts, i disagree on others. who truly has an idea of how they will be earning a living by the age of 20-25? i think each individual case has to be treated on a case by case basis.
3. Most of us have made money that would last 7 generations...
ben ,   singapore   (04.16.07)
also business and prospects of employment, but the boys are still very busy with the numerous gilrsfriends.All their girls are good, but we are the old folks that is worried. We have given them good eduication and in most cases their mothers can screem, my sons are doctors.I can tell boldly My daughter is also a doctor. THis is a case where financial independence, mental independence is there already,The wise men have completed the highest academic excellence, the girls are equally high achievers. But the problem is they dont want to give up on the bachelorhood to marriage. And the girls with their professional qualification are busy making money . Nonsense ! Money an Money again .I am pray they marry the correct one to have a jewish family.Family Instituition is the central nervous system in any Jewish Homes. I suppose children in the West go through enormous strains. There children are not interested to finish their tertiary education attaining the right training,skills and knowledge.The vices like drug abuse, intoxication, marijuana, alchocol abbuse and drug abuse spoils the progress to self- development. It is must easy to bring up children here in this part of the world. So it is easier learn a trade,then build ahouse and then the boys and girls is ready to marry. As parents we must also counsel to put them on the correct path,keep them together,even should there be a financial situation. NO problem ! We Jews build out children till we die. Parents must bring their children and teach them to honor their parents but parents must not put children into transgression and belittle them ! Jewish education is still the Best !
4. Hassidic and other Rabbis are of a different opinion
David E. ,   Jerusalem   (04.16.07)
The earlier, the better... The earlier, the healthier...
5. Ahhh Rabbies Ahhh :)
this Turkish guy is specialist about religions. ONCE UPON A TIME, HE WAS LOOKING FOR A TEACHER. HE HAS VISIT MANY PLACES ON A FEW LANDS. HE FOUND OUT THAT, THE TEACHERS ARE GOOD GUYS BUT TOO POOR ABOUT OTHERS. than The Man called Atilla Karagözoğlu have decided that no good religious men left on earth. He become be his own Rabbie. First he met The Bad Ladies. You know relax. Than he start drinking.... HE GOT TO UNDERSTAND WORLD !!! dont blame on him :) what was the subject ? anyway :) teen marriage ????? WORLD IS IN BLOOD ??? LOOK WHAT THEY DEAL ? I will talk more. now, its 19.56 pm. no breakfeast, no lunch. I just got my dinner. an order from outside. Let me have my dinner, I am hungry. than we talk. I will be here dont worry. I am also working since morning. I hate religious people. such a poor thay are to help world peace. If I were The God, I would beat them :)))))
6. what is the greatest LOVE ?
to be able to love others kids. Atilla Karagözoğlu
7. dont never ever kiss an older men hand !
they dont deserve. No good I met. Atilla Karagözoğlu
8. If they are talking about teens
probably they are thinking about them ??? trust me. most of religious guys are poor. Atilla Karagözoğlu
9. read the same books over and over again ???
do not trust religious guys. THEY ARE THE HELPLESS, HOMLESS AND THE POORS, MOSTLY. trust me Atilla Karagözoğlu
10. Are you looking for The God (G-D) ?
go drink, as I do now. go to see a working girls heart (I did e few times) FEELL THE WORLD. DO NOT BE CAPTURED IN BOOKS. I REALLY DONT RESPECT THEM. THEY ARE FOR THEMSELF. THEY PRAY TO THE GOD 24 HOURS A DAY. THEY HAVE NO TIME. BUT, THEY MUST DREAM ABOUT LADIES IN DEEP ALSO :)))) Atilla Karagözoğlu Atilla ! why you are that hard on religious man ? I see their poorness, thats why.
11. you dont need any religius man to meet The God
open the book and do how you feel. GOOD NIGHT, MIDDLE EAST. I AM YOUR KING :) I need to go home to sleep. Tomorrow I will not be around. Dont think I am DOWN. My control is in The God. Yes:) I am, Atilla Karagözoğlu. who are you :))))
12. Hooray
Benny ,   CO   (04.16.07)
Rabbis, maybe you should not segregate based on sex....and this problem will go away. The sexual tension in Bnai Brak and Jerusalem is disgusting....but by all means pretend we are a light unto the nations...self rightous bigots.
13. Atilla / you should have two more children
ben ,   singapore   (04.16.07)
and stop that drinking, go home to your wife, buy her flowers every week end. ben singapore.
14. Atilla The Hun Go in Peace, leave us alone
15. The day I leave you, The day I DIE
Atilla Karagözoğlu
16. to Benny #12
ezra ,   canada   (04.16.07)
The rabbis you talk about in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem who advocate total public sex separation are Haredim. The rabbis cited in this article are Mizrahim. If you don't get the difference, try wikipedia. Then you will understand how ridiculous your post is.
17. All I have is YOU
I am waiting for taxi. I dont feel to drive tonight. thats the reason I am here. Atilla Karagözoğlu
18. To Ezra
Benny ,   CO   (04.17.07)
Ezra, wikipedia is not a reliable source of information just so you know. Mizrachim can be haredim...look at Shas for one example. Thinking my post is ridiculous doesn't address the problem or the question.
19. to benny #18 Should have tried wikipedia...
ezra ,   canada   (04.17.07) would have learned that Mizrahi stands for Merkaz Rouhani of rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook, aka religious zionism. I understand it can be confused with the adjective mizrahi relating to oriental Jews. By the way, Shas is not a mizrahi party but a sefardi one. As you say, wikipedia is not a reliable source of information but it can help dummies.
20. This is leadership?
Daniel ,   Los Angeles   (04.17.07)
Why don't these guys tell us something that's not already obvious to anyone with half a brain and a shred of independent thought? If an 18 year-old doesn't already know these things, they're going to need a lot more advice than this.
21. To Ezra--again
Benny ,   CO   (04.17.07)
Despite the tragedy that happened in my country today and Yom HaShoah, you insist on insulting me. Any academic will tell you wikipedia is not reliable and moreover, I really could care less is religious Jews of any kind @$@% their lives up--let them do it, as long as they don't step to me, eh!
22. It's about time someone said this! Poverty can be evaded
23. 18 year old in Singapore already got a university degree
ben ,   singapore   (04.17.07)
It only in the west the children are a bumb and their be bumb magnet to other children. Spoiled ! Some even get admission into Cambridge. You fellows must spank them once in a while when it merits.Strike a balace between mercy and serverity ! Ensure they attend the dinner at the family table on time ! Girls cover their head teach them to serve tea to the men in the family.They learns develope the classy habit from small. It is all how you train and develope the children from the infancy stage. Listen to Radio OU :)
24. got married at 19
yoni ,   jerusalem   (04.17.07)
was the best move i could make. i suggest it to all people who know who they are and what they want. money comes and goes. people who have trades always leave them and change up their proffessions. its not it our hands we just do the best we can and Hashem does the rest...
25. Why Is This News?
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.17.07)
26. I'm proud that Israeli has a relatively high age for marriag
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (04.17.07)
despite pressures from fundamentalists of all stripes to lower it. There are many states in America where a girl can get married at 14.
27. to Benny #21
Ezra ,   Canada   (04.17.07)
Good Benny ! I understand that because you don't care about the way of life of religious Jews, you will stop making stupid comments on them. Like this you won't show to everybody your level of ignorance by confusing the different religious streams which are actually bitter ennemies.
28. To Ben from Singapore
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (04.18.07)
Ben, you are kidding, right? Girls should serve tea to the men in the family???? Does you physician daughter serve tea with class?
29. Immigration needs housing and jobs
Steve ,   USA   (04.18.07)
B"H If a wise man needs to learn a trade and then builds a house, then is that not mandatory in Israel also? I mention it because those Jews imigrating as families may not have houses setup or jobs waiting for them. Why would it be any different for a newly wed couple versus an immigrant family? That is a big part of making imigration possible and stable. I do not see that so clearly from the current Olmert regime and Israeli business climate. I cannot even figure out how to get a working mail address in Israel, especially with the recent postal strike. Quote: "A wise man learns a trade, then builds a house and then he is ready for marriage," determined Aviner according to the teachings of Maimonides. "A foolish man weds first and only then realizes he has no home, and when he is hungry remembers that he has no means to support himself." .... A man is obligated to take in the Holy Scriptures for several years until he is strong enough to command his own life, wrote Levanon, and only then can he establish a genuine relationship with a woman.
30. @ 28 Mike of Tel Aviv
ben ,   singapore   (04.18.07)
It is important our girls know how to cook kosher.NO matter how high the education achievements are the character of a girl must be of high character of finess and class. You see one of the first gift i gave my daughter was two sets of Royal Doultan , two complete set. A complete kitchen for her own . She was trained by her mother to prepared cakes and delicacies. Most evening is high tea, we have friends over and she prepares high tea if she is not working.She bakes cakes like a chef and she is very good at baking and serving them correctly .It is the high culture of jewish ladies to know which plate, which spoons etc , the right food accordance to the seasons of the time and the correct way of preparing them. All these are important skills and knowledge that must be developed from teen. Girls must have finess and master the art of dining and ethics.Be able to carry them selves well in public occasions as jewish ladies of the Torah.The man who marries her must never be sorry.That is the standard of governance that I set for jewish girls. If she could perform a surgery in hospital , she also know how to hold the laddle to cook and bake good food for her husband and children to be in future. I hope you understand :)
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