Egypt: Nuclear engineer admitted he spied for Israel
Roee Nahmias
Published: 18.04.07, 15:07
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1. This Mossad is good at planting agent....
ben ,   singapore   (04.18.07)
..but cant get the release of the kidnapped soldiers. :) Mossad do some work on Gilat Shalit :)
2. look the guy in the picture looks like me
rashid ,   palistinian   (04.18.07)
but it is not me, i am not the spy, our mustachio looks similar but that is it believe me, so stop sending me emais saying that i am the spy because i will never do it, unless the money is right, believe me
3. The confession
jan   (04.18.07)
Was that confession before, or after they tortured him?
4. we should rescue this guy and bring him to israel
give him full imunity in our country for helping
5. Confession
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (04.18.07)
"State-owned paper". This phrase says it all.
6. Just like those Iranian Jews who were imprisoned years ago
7. What torture did the Egyptians use for this "confession"?
Chanan ,   USA   (04.18.07)
so quickly?
8. #2 Rashid
Mike ,   Israel   (04.18.07)
Something tells me you're not smart enough to become a spy. Unless you hold a PhD in Nuclear Physics.
9. Philistine occupying Jewish land: Suicide bombing for money
Chanan ,   USA   (04.18.07)
for their families. Saddam Hussein gave each such family $25,000 and an additional $10,000 came from Saudi Royal Mafia funds via Arch Terrorist Al Qidwa (nicknamed Arafat). Since Saddam's fall there are much less suicide bombers because the monetary payoff to the family is vastly reduced.
10. Forgive me for asking ...
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (04.18.07)
... a stupid question, but, if the allegations were true, what on Earth would Mossad want that information for? I mean, that Egypt has nuclear reactors is not exactly a state secret?
11. Confession?
Brod ,   USA   (04.18.07)
'Programmed Confession' after being tortured mentally and physically by Egypt's secret police. The brutality of Egyptian torturers and torture chambers is revealed in Mark A. Gabriel's powerful book, "Islam and Terrorism" [2002]. Former Professor of Islamic History at Al Azhar University, Dr. Gabriel, tells of his experience of being persecuted, jailed and tortured by Egypt's secret police, and stalked, stabbed and almost killed by Islamist-Jihadists all because he came to know the Prince of Peace.
12. I love this story
So James Bond - Mossad agents of Irish and Japanese origin dupe a gawky looking average guy into selling state secrets. Now, where is the femme fatale? I can't wait to see who will play her.... in this government staged farce...
13. Tough guy
Pickle ,   Nowhere   (04.18.07)
Broke after 2 months. Must have been willing to say anything in the end. Humanitarian laws are for everyone but themselves. My sympathies for this guy.
14. If Mosaad recruited him now mossad must
ben ,   singapore   (04.18.07)
take him out and give him political asylum. Or else it would be another case like JONATHAN POLLARD ! Mohammed Sayed Saber was used and abused in espionage but forgotten to rot. Mossad do some justice, get him out ! If know how to make a baby, you be responsible for the baby too.
15. Peace when they arrest torture their own HOW ???
M. Segal ,   Mpls America   (04.19.07)
If they do this Egypt arrest torture 1 of their own what kind of peace deal can may Israel exect from Egypt Syria Palisteinians the 22 Arab state peace offers of the 22 members Arab league that met in Saudi Arabia in 2002 2002 this is 2007 sounds like Arabs want to copy England dealing with America in 1776 try gain favoritism with England the British Common Wealth smart move but still it is 2007 April 18 2 days after the 33 dead Virginia Technicial school shooting masacre RIGHT ??? THANK YOU... M. Segal
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