Delta Airlines to expand Israeli service
Published: 19.04.07, 11:33
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1. what about flights from washington, dc to tel aviv?
dc jew ,   usa   (04.19.07)
2. Chareidim will flock, I hope
Religious FF ,   Israel   (04.19.07)
and thus leave El Al to us. They should go B. A. too. They deserve each other.
3. YES
J K ,   NYC, USA   (04.19.07)
Now when I go, I can qualify for all those Medallion status miles and also apply them to my Million Miler status. Couldnt do that on El Al since it was simply a code share partner. Good news for all Delta flyers
4. Yehh
Ron ,   Los Angeles   (04.19.07)
This is why I paid $600 with Delta more for this trip to Tel Aviv then the trip I took 2 years ago with Continental Air. I thought if a company adds more routes, then the prices go down....
5. Continental is the best
Joe ,   Los Angeles   (04.21.07)
Continental Airlines has a great service to Tel Aviv. I flew with them last month. Great service.
6. #2
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (05.14.07)
Didn't Delta used to have a Saturday afternoon flight out of Tel Aviv? Hardly a big hit with fundamentalists, but certainly popular with some other people.
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