Girl from Pulitzer-winning photo calls it 'disgrace to Israel'
Efrat Weiss
Published: 20.04.07, 07:34
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1. what a brave girl- this is inspiring
2. The israeli police and the army should apologize right now
Dave   (04.20.07)
3. I am a volunteer in the israeli police and I am ashamed
Dave   (04.20.07)
4. like golda
manal ,   jerusalem   (04.20.07)
but younger .religouse and pretty /// but she can not do what golda was done / to me i cant be like any of both // /and i cant be proud of any destruction of people houses and life // i think golda was proud of destruction of the life of the people more than construction of the life of her people // nilli cant be proud of destruction of her people sure not to be proud of construction of other people
5. a shame what happened to her, but..
John ,   Jerusalem   (04.20.07)
This is a girl who didn't live in Amona, wasn't old enough to vote but was participating in a violent political protest against the police enforcing a legal decision by the government. She shouldn't have been beaten, but she shouldn't have even been there to begin with.
6. This photo will enable Israel bashers...SAD
Peter ,   Las Vegas, USA   (04.20.07)
7. With the youth like Nili, Israelis can stand up proud.
AK   (04.20.07)
What a wonderful, brave girl.
8. this girl is far wiser than the whole gov't
aaron ,   ra'anana   (04.20.07)
"Instead of defending the people and land of Israel, security forces destroy Jewish homes." exactly why Israel is losing the wars with its enemies on its borders !
9. Brilliant photograph
Israel   (04.20.07)
10. Dear Nili, to us you´re worth 1000 Pulitzers!
Isaac Haskiya ,   Roskilde - Denmark   (04.20.07)
11. Nice last quote
Suzanne   (04.20.07)
and anyway, whatever, but it is still a very fancy and artistic picture
12. too smart for a pretty girl
13. True Paradigm
Choni Davidowitz   (04.20.07)
Nili represents the difference between a "right wing" JEW and a "left wing" Israeli. Nili you are a inspiration to all of real Judaism. Your mesiras nefesh is of the highest level. God bless you and all your freinds.
14. i knew when the pulitzer committee picked this picture
debra ,   usa   (04.20.07)
it was chosen to make israel look bad. i didn't even have to see it after i heard the description of the photo. anti-semitism comes from many directions and it always seeks to make israel and the jews look evil.
15. Take the pulitzer prize awam from Oded Bality.
Ely Greenhut ,   Tzfat Israel   (04.20.07)
16. NILI
sas ,   israel   (04.20.07)
17. All the credit for this Pulitzer Prize should go to
Yehuda ,   Shomron   (04.20.07)
Olmert, the initiator of this disgrace of Israel. A copy of this photo should therefore be hanging in every room of the Knesset and of his home. Free, of course.
18. # Choni
Nadav ,   Misgav   (04.20.07)
I am sick of your disgusting distinctions between "Jews" and "Israelis". It was the leftwing "Israelis" who founded this country, forgot? If you guys are sooooo holy so go an build you own kadosh country and leave the "Israelis" alone!
19. "lord" should be capitalized, you secular fools.
Yonatan ,   Los Angeles   (04.20.07)
Dum dum leftists at ynet
20. Nili
enzo ,   london,uk   (04.20.07)
You are wonderful!!! Everybody is proud of you!
21. # 16
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Shomron   (04.20.07)
You talk like ananti-semite. The "world" will never love Jews because they are like them, but will respect us if we respect ourselves and live the Torah way. Nili for President!
22. "it was chosen to make israel look bad" ... yes, and also
avi   (04.20.07)
to have Olmert & co look good to their masters ...
23. i 2nd that Nili worth more then all Pulitzer prizes.
Yisraeli   (04.20.07)
24. #16 - Be a Proud Jew
Eric ,   Bet Shemesh   (04.20.07)
The difference between Nili and the rest of secular Israel is that when trouble comes from our enemies, she'll be fighting on the front lines, while guys like #16 will be fighting their way to the front of the line at the airport to get the first flight out.
25. The Admirable Marvelous One
Tran ,   Placentia, USA   (04.20.07)
Dear Nili, As brave and wise as you are. People of Israel as well as many Good People around the World would support someone like yourself to become leaders of the God's chosen People to fight with the Evil.
26. Future hope
Mervyn Doobov ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.20.07)
Young people Nili give hope for the future of this country, provided we survive the cess-pit that is our government.
27. there is hope!
uri ,   nahariya   (04.20.07)
28. oh please
michelle ,   jerusalem   (04.20.07)
the only way the police forces treated you badly, dear nili, was because you were violating the law. you weren't supposed to be there and deserved all the beatings and pain for interfering with their job. if you say you love this country try to live by its rules instead of go around wasting the citizens' money and the lives of the young men in the army. i wish people like you would finally understand peace is the way for israel, not some stupid war over a piece of land.
29. #16 what is with the extra "a"
Ilan ,   Ariel   (04.20.07)
Must be a spelling mistake after typing 's' twice I can see an 'a' slipping in by mistake. You and your men in black with the shiny boots. Such heroes.
30. I am humbled by her bravery and sense of dignity
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