We need to kill him
Uri Orbach
Published: 20.04.07, 15:23
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1. Just do it - and make no appologies - never again means...
Andrew ,   Miami,fl   (04.20.07)
never again the world will be just fine without him
2. Less Talk & More ACTION
malcolm   (04.20.07)
Uri, Bluster and chest pounding is the last thing Israel needs. After all the bullshit the world saw flowing flowing from Olmert & Livnis mouths, the only commodity of value right now is ACTION. Israel's deterrent in the past was NEVER based on bullshit. In fact the cornerstone of Israel's deterrence was TOTAL SILENCE followed by action. This worked beautifully and the impact usually left the world stunned, impressed and had it's enemies on guard 24/7. Even Israel's worst critics and Jew haters couldn't help but respect the "shitty little state".
Leo ,   Israel   (04.20.07)
It seems to me really non professional for Mossad official (even former one) give interview on this subject. If something has to be done, do the job, rather than talk to the press.
4. killing of the one will not end any problem
kiki ,   jerusalem   (04.20.07)
arafat was dead . nothing is changed / but sure i will not be sad if he is in a grave or any other leader like killing of the people . and they are many the first is mr bush
5. Stop talking a lot --- Just DO IT ! ! !
Joel   (04.20.07)
6. what a dumbass article
Danny   (04.20.07)
Ahmadi nejad has next to no power under the Iranian constitution and the living proof of the proverb "an empty drum makes the most noise". The real power brokers are Ali Khameini and the Revolutionary guards, one would hope a former head of the Mossad would know that, especially one as successful as Amit was.
7. Kill all who smells blood and BUILDS A BLOOD EMPIRE !
King of Israel   (04.20.07)
make sure to start it from inside. and be sure you got ENOUGH STRONG HEART to do that. Atilla Karagözoğlu King of ısrael
8. It's Not Just One Man.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.20.07)
As easy as it is to hate this mamzer & see him put down, our problem is in stopping the Iranian nuclear program. Just killing Ahmadinejad will not do this. They have plenty more crazies besides him. We have to use any (& I really mean any) means necessary to eliminate this threat.
9. eliminating Ahmadinejad
Alan ,   Israel   (04.20.07)
Granted I don't in principle disagree with you, but what happens next? Who will replace him? After Iraq, this seems to be a relevant question.
10. What about revenge against Jews living in Iran?
Bobby ,   Washington DC   (04.20.07)
There are currently about 30,000 Jews living in Iran. Do you just assume that Iran won't target them or do you just not care?
11. "Iranian Archenemy"
muka ,   far away from hell   (04.20.07)
While back in the 1970s, when Shah was rulling Iran was a friend and Israel provided weapons and other military assistance to it. Even after the radicals took over in 1979, during the war with Iraq, Israel was the largest military supporter of extremist Iran. But now, suddenly everything has changed. Well, it seems that the only thing that hasn't changed are the ruthless tactics of Zionism. You simply deserve to have such bad neigbours, simply deserve it!
12. a great suggestion
alan ,   Kodiak Alaska   (04.20.07)
sooner rather than latter Who would say it was a mistake not to kill Hitler before 1934?
13. yeah, but just do it, dont talk too much around it.
14. Faster the better
Daniel ,   Israel   (04.20.07)
15. I agree with Uri Orbach . We need to Kill Him
Kenny Waldron ,   United States   (04.20.07)
I am a Christian and my belief is that The Jews Are Gods chosen People. And being a gentile I believe Im born into the family of Jew through the sacrifice of My Lord Jesus. And The Jews being God people put any on who threatins the zionist in my Gods enemy and there for my enemy. And I believe this man is a mad man being lead by a spirit of an evil nature. And Knowing this mad man is doing everything in his power to distroy Gods people. This makes him so dangerous to the world that killing him will save many lives. David killed a giant and saved many lives and so killing this giant of evil would do the same. Just my feelings. But bottom line the world should beware. God will not allow this man or anyother to threaten His people long. History has shown Our God is rich in mercies and long suffering . But He will not allow anyone to continue long down a path against him before His wrath will be shown. All I can say is All should fear the Lord and pray that God forgive us and keep us form judgement. We have to remember God is God.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.20.07)
By the same token,the Iranians should also plan to eliminate someone they don't want and make it public the way this article has been printed............................what a farce!!!
17. but ,how dumb ass ?
18. To #10 about Iranian Jews
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (04.20.07)
Why are Jews still in Iran? Because they want to be there. They are making money, living selfishly. They have every opportunity to leave like the rest of the Iranian Jews have done but they choose to stay. Hence, we, living outside Iran, do NOT have to control or limit what is necessary to do in order to allow these selfish and lazy Jews to remain in Iran. The Jews in Iran should not be there. They alone must bear the consequence of choosing to stay there.
19. Whoa, are these people out of their minds?
Richard Silverstein ,   Seattle, USA   (04.20.07)
On 2nd thought, that was a rhetorical ? Is Israel prepared to unleash a nuclear apocalypse with such unbelievable lunatic behavior??? I've got news for these cowboys: Israel may be happy to take us to the brink of nuclear war, but that doesn't mean we're going to follow you as you blithely jump into the abyss.
20. You make me sick
Otto VanSquiff ,   CA, USA   (04.20.07)
someone needs to off Uri instead
21. killing the president
steve ,   beer sheva israel   (04.20.07)
If Hitler had been killed six million Jews and countless million of the others would have been saved. Same applies.
22. If you are a writer of opinion,Talckback writers must
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (04.20.07)
If you are a writer of opinion at all, Talkback writers must be each giant philosophers, you had better read than write Mr Uri Orbach! 1. Ahmedinejad is affraid of nothing except GOD, and he may sacrifice himself like any suicide bombers. So it is funy to threaten him afraid of killing. 2. If he was killed he will be replaced by a worse even you may wish he was not killed. If you kill the next one, even worser will come and all will be ready to sacrifice them. Please learn their religious basis before suggessing anyting.And watch street demos during UK soldiers event, he may be very moderate comparing the demonstrators! 3. Iran is not preparing any nuke to use against Israel, and will never use unless Israel use nuke against them. Ahmedinejad, despite a religious and Iranian nationalists, try to optimize Iran's oil revenues i) by rising oil prices with international tensions. That is why you do not need any mossad agent to learn any "progress", they announce themselves LOUDLY to rise tensions. International community suspected his last announcements about 3000 centrifuges, they really thought he was making show. What should he do then? Call atomic energy intitution to watch! Hey, They are not lying, please rise tensions! ii) building Nuke centrals for Energy to Consume less Oil as they burn oil to produce enegry, in that case they will have more oil to sell, otherwise they cannot because they have no significat new oil field development because Western capital fled there. He has to this because Population increasing but oil revenues do not. Only above two ways available for them. If you make a war with them you will not effectively handle situation, lost billions in everytin inclunin tourism and he will earn billion times billion as oil will skyrocket 100-150 USD or more.
23. Ahmadinejad has no control over anything in Iran
Eric ,   USA   (04.20.07)
The religous leaders have the control. Killing Ahmadinejad is the dumbest idea ever conceived, let alone patently illegal and absolutely morally wrong. Such an event would cause utter chaos in the Middle East and it would be the source of immediate and unending revenge attacks against Israel and Jews around the world. Why in the world would any intelligent Israeli want more chaos than there is now? The people calling for this assassination are insane. Their motives plainly cannot be for the safety of Israel.
24. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Robert ,   NY, US   (04.20.07)
These are idiotic statements by Meir Amit and the author of this article. Iran is no Iraq and Ahmadinejad is no Sadam. Iran has a a very strong military and the control is not held by its President. An assassination would rally all of Iran against the US and Israel. Any military action towards Iran would be grave for all involved.
Joel ,   Canada   (04.20.07)
For a modest price i will whack all who support and commit terror, which government will hire me to do so? I am in need of employment.
26. Here's another reason why Uri is wrong:
Avi ,   USA   (04.21.07)
If the Israeli government starts talking like he suggests, the difference between Olmert and Ahmadinejad will start to blur. To outsiders they will both look like extremists and Israel may loose some of the support it has from other nations. They'll just say: why should we get in the middle of this between two nut cases; let them sort it between themselves. However, Israel should strive to get this conflict solved with the help of or entirely by these other nations. So stop barking and be ready to bite only if there is an immediate danger.
27. KIll him before he kills us
Dan   (04.21.07)
When he is dead, then those NK guys that met with him should also be killed.
28. Ahmadinejad Assasination
Simon Templar ,   Australia   (04.21.07)
Your kidding right? Your regional Hitler? Could you be any more of a drama queen? Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear weapons? Israel has them, and has been historically proven to be an agressor to it's neighbours. And don't give me that "he threatened to wipe Israel of the map!" Most educated people know that he never said those words and it's just propaganda. Give the Palestinians back their land that you stole from them, and your peace and security will be guaranteed. Quite simple really isn't?
29. The New Hitler?
kizilbash ,   Pennsylvania, USA   (04.21.07)
Iran has not attacked another country in its entire modern history. Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, while generating a great deal of rhetorical controversy, has little power in Iran. The Hitler comparison is just _slight_ hyperbole, don't you think? Go ahead, kill whomever you please, our 'special' Israeli allies, but one day Americans will finally say enough is enough, let Israel lay in the bed she has made.
30. What if...?
Matthew ,   U.S.A.   (04.20.07)
What if the United States disappeared tomorrow? Israel would be attacked by every arab country. Think about this closely, people. The only thing keeping the arab countries from attacking Israel is America. And this is okay. America and Israel are strong allies. But the deeper lesson is: If Israel knows who would attack them, due to an absence of an America, then Israel knows who their enemies are. Would Greece attack Israel if no America...no. Would England attack Israel if no America...no. Would Ireland attack Israel if no America...no. Get my point? And the biggest threat to Israel right now is Iran. And Israel will do what it takes to disarm Iran soon...trust me. Israel can not afford to have Tel Aviv destroyed. Read your Torah, people. Israel belongs to the Jews and not to the muslims. Stay strong Israel and send a clear message to your enemies you are not going down without a fight.
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