We need to kill him
Uri Orbach
Published: 20.04.07, 15:23
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61. Is this a joke?
Don D ,   U.S   (04.21.07)
Is this a joke or what? I cant believe Ynet lets someone like Uri Orbach write stuff like this in its web site. Articles like this just brings down the sites credibility. There is a fine line between being a right winger and simply being crazy.
62. Be careful Uri - you look like Ahmedinejad!
Cohen ,   Utopia   (04.21.07)
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the resemblance between Uri (Orbach ) - just add a beard - and Ahmedinejad (see the photos above). It would be ironic if the assassinator mistook the target too. Also, its funny how the rules for talkback state: "Comments containing incitement, slander, racist slurs and inappropriate language deemed to violate our terms of use won't be published." Yet the whole article fall foul of a number of these. Cohen.
63. Killing won't help!
Christoph Messner ,   Liebelsberg, Germany   (04.21.07)
Law is Law and Injustice is Injustice. That is valid for any nationality. Assassination is against international law. But one can understand, when threatened so much. But one has to understand that Israels nuclear weopons can be seen as a threat to others, too. So the solution is: we have to bring truth, democracy, law and love even to our enemies, if we want to get rid of mutual fear and the spiral of force. Freedom takes a risk and needs boldness! Go to the Iranian and the Palestinian people and help them in their struggle of life. That makes friends instead of enemies! Greetings from Germany
64. the terms of use
james ,   canada   (04.21.07)
"Comments containing incitement, slander, racist slurs and inappropriate language will not be published?", and yet they'll publish an article containing all of the above (minus the inappropriate language of course).
65. #57 U R a hypocrite
jerome ,   basalt, co   (04.21.07)
Ahmadinejhid called to destoy the state of Israel and you say it's immoral for Israel to protect itself and that zionist have a different god. How ignorant and what a very strong opinion you have. When has GW bush beheaded someone in the name of Jesus. Maybe you should look for a new head with a better more clear think'n brain.
66. to Mahmood from Londonistan
Ernesto ,   Argentina   (04.21.07)
In case you did not learn from the biased Eurabian news sources, Iran already engages in wholesale murder. Ask any Argentine about who was responsible for the AMIA terror inicident. Coincidentially, our ex-Syrian president, a Muslim who "converted" to Chrisitanity Menem received USD10 million to cover up the incident. Israel has a right to erase this menace.
67. Reagan killed Kaddafi´s wife and daughter
Singh ,   Malaysia   (04.21.07)
after the Lockerbie incident He´s morfed into a purring pussycat ever since. Learn from history. Muslims (the so-called "religion of peace") from the Middle eastern totalitarian states, being backwards as they clearly are, only understand the language of a good whacking every now and then.
68. logic?
Dean Smith ,   Glenfield USA   (04.21.07)
How exactly is Ahmadinejad supposed to exterminate Israel when you Israel has enough nuclear weapons to turn Iran into a sheet of glass many times over? You sir make about as much sense as Ahmadinejad, none. Fear always seems to be used by those that wish others to go out and kill for them, you and Ahmadinejad share a lot in common.
69. It is possible that most of Israel is paranoid schizophrenic
some guy ,   Montreal Canada   (04.21.07)
The definition of paranoid schizophrenia are feelings of svere persecution (check- see the Torah) auditory and visual hallucinations (check-see mistranslations of Ahmadinejad's speeches, ) erratic and violent behaviour (double check- see a history of assassinations, heck they even made a movie about it- see Munich)
70. similarity bet. ahmadnajade and virginia shooter
Abo Torffa ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (04.21.07)
respectfully i consider ahmadnajade as insane as the virginia tech. shooter
71. To #18
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (04.21.07)
Besalel, Your response is near-sighted. What about the invalid elders who cannot tolerate the journey; what about those who will be unemployable in the US or Israel; what about the mixed marriages; what about those who won't leave without their children or their parents? I am all for aliya, but having changed countries of residence three times in my 34 years, I can tell you it is anything but easy and trivial. A lot more goes into that decision than selfishness or lazyness. The Jews of Iran should not be there -- agreed. But for as long as they are, we, the Jews of Israel, US, etc, are responsible for them.
72. Amit's criminal statement
Ray Snew ,   Missouri, USA   (04.21.07)
To Mr. Amit: How DARE you call for the assassination of a sovereign nation's leader!? Do you want Israeli Jews to continue to be known as "fanatic Zionists"? Your hate speech is unacceptable. You should immediately publish a public, sincere apology to President Ahmadinejad, the people of Iran, and the UN. And while you're at it, why don't you call for Israel to start complying with the numerous United Nations sanctions against its past illegal actions? If you truly want peace, you should stop trying to harm/kill those who differ with you.... Also, FYI, Ahmadinejad did not call for 'Israel to be wiped off the map'. See: www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/print.asp?ID=5866 "WIPED OFF THE MAP" - The Rumor of the Century by Arash Norouzi January 18, 2007 -------- Or go to: www.irna.ir/en/news/view/menu-234/0612134902101231.htm "... the actual IRNA quote was: "As the Soviet Union disappeared, the Zionist regime will also vanish and humanity will be liberated". " ********** Iranians and Palestinians are human beings too, you know. Please have more compassion, kindness and love for your neighbors. Our Earth is too tiny, and our hearts and souls too precious, to be forever despoiled by war and hate. (See Leviticus 19:16-18) For peace & justice, Ray Snew
73. Uri Orbach and Ahmadinejad are the same
Bob ,   United States   (04.21.07)
So If Ahmadinejad is the bad guy would that make this Uri Orbach guy the good guy? I dont think so. As long as we have people who think killing other people will solve the problem we are going to have problems. When are these people going to learn that killing each other is not the solution?
74. ERNESTO....................#66
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.21.07)
You dont seem to have read my article well..................nor did i expect you to do that.I never denied the right of your favourite leaders to go for Ahmed Nejad's life.All I wrote was that Iran has equal right to try and eliminate any threat it sees fit to get rid off...........dumb
75. To #18 & #71
Darren ,   Toronto Canada   (04.21.07)
Why shouldn't the Jews in Iran be there? Should they be driven out? This doesn't make any sense to me.
Does this mean that you and yours are a similary target? Is this CHOSEN WORLD a one way one? Can Iran dare try to 'exterminate' a nuclear infested giant? Ahmadinejad called for 'regime change' but the Laying Brigades converted this to 'externinamtion. As a matter of fact, these Lying Brigades would have us goyim believe that we are ready to exterminate the Jews who live and thrive amongst us. What feeble or racist or elitist thinking forms the soul of Uri Orbach and his like minded killers? Herzl and Ben Gurion live on as do the other ethnic cleansers of Palestine - in the genetic souls of some.
77. to #4- the first is bush???what are you talking about?crazy
susan ,   israel   (04.21.07)
god bless bush!
78. Fire Uri Orbach from your newspaper
Someone ,   California   (04.21.07)
Uri Orbach thinks like a killer and is probably a killer. when Mussolini wrote articles for its newspaper he called for assassination of other people.It's funny how all the radical extremists use the same language.
79. # 29 The New Hitler ?
Hank ,   Rotterdam Holland   (04.21.07)
No new Hitler ?? Ahmedinejad told the world several times that he should wipe Israel from the map. Little knoledge is a dangerous thing. If you do not know what is happening in the world than expand your mental horizon.
80. Israel
Dion Jackson ,   Silver Spring, USA   (04.22.07)
And you call yourselves God's people...i beg to differ. Seems to me like you guys like causing trouble........particularly with our Senate and Congress, who you have bought and paid for. You'll soon get yours........it's only a matter of time.
81. To #15
Hans Brink ,   Boston, USA   (04.22.07)
People like you and the way you think reinforce why i am not reiligious and keep saying that religion is dangerous. Claim to have christian values, but call for killing someone because he thinks differently then you do. You are exactly the same as fundamentalist Muslims. Sad.
82. But Uri Orbach has to do it himself.
Persian CAT   (04.22.07)
Let's see if he's the man?
83. ..Ahmadinejad is not really the problem..
Don D ,   U.S   (04.22.07)
All thoes people who actually actually agree with Uri Orbach probably don't really know anything about history and politics. Arafat is gone, Khomayni is gone, Saddam Housain is gone, Naser and most of the people involved in Arab-Israel wars are either retired or dead. So if the problem was caused by individuals it should have been solved by know. Unfortunately the real problem is the radical extremist ideology on both side. Add the corrupted money driven warmongers in washington and major oil and military tycoons to the mix and you will get the picture of the current Middle East.
84. Kill the man in Iran
Mannstein ,   USA   (04.22.07)
And if you kill him another will take his place. Your gov't and its willing executioners are the real terrorists.
85. Killing Ahmadinejad?
Neal ,   Texas, USA   (04.22.07)
While it is tempting, it is a rather foolish proposition. Firstly, you wrongly assume that once he's gone their is not another like him to replace him. Secondly, by assassinating him, even threatening to assassinate him, you provoke the Iranian people, and you are inviting the Iranian Gov. to do the same to an Israeli PM. Yes, yes, I know he want to destroy Israel, as do many others in his government. However, there is a thin line that has not been crossed and that is a declaration of war. To assassinate Ahmadinejad is essentially a declaration of war. Is Israel ready for that? A war provoked by Israel will surely enflame more than just the Iranian people, but will serve to unite the Moslem zealots in the entire neighborhood. THAT will indeed be Israel's destruction if the war in Lebanon is any indication of Israel's ability to defend itself. There are other ways of dealing with Ahmadinejad, but an assassination sanctioned by the Israeli Gov is not the answer to securing Israel's safety. On the contrary.
86. don't portey this as a one mad man's problem. The exterminat
The extermination of Israel is the mullah's long ranged policy, and it won't go away just because of Ahmadenijad. It was Rafsanganee who has said Iran can spare the lost of a few millions in retaliation for a nuclear bomb on Israel, and that it is worth that sacrifice in order to exterminate Israel. The nuclear program has been going on even when I was in the inteligence, some ten years ago. It has been going on under Hatami, it wasn't born with Ahmadenijad's cadence, and it won't fade away when he's gone. If anything, he does to us a great service of accompening the program by hight profile declerations of just how dangerous their regime will be if it ever acquires the bomb. I usually love your columns and your apinons on the radio, but this time I really hate to see you fall into this trap of making the pupit or the "bad cup" the issue.
87. 62# Aquire for thyself a pair of good lenses
88. 78# Nothing wrong in trying to kill Hitler II
89. #83 History lessons
Aliza   (04.22.07)
That all those murderers that you name are already gone does not prove anything because they were gone **much too late** Uri is pointing to the fact that we are about to loose momentum in a matter of months
90. To #75
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (04.22.07)
The Jews of Iran should not be friven out. They should have left Iran (in the ideal world) when they had the chance to do so. Now they are siting ducks. The decision to leave was their alone and unless Israel or the US Jews were able to provide them with as good as quality of life as they now have in Iran, there should be no whining from our side as to why they sill haven't left. Having said that, I believe that Israel and Jews in general are responsible for the Iranian Jews wherever they are, because they are part if us.
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