8 Palestinians killed by IDF in West Bank, Gaza
Efrat Weiss
Published: 22.04.07, 07:53
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1. Jewish terror & occupation keep mideast turmoil alive
tony ,   usa   (04.22.07)
2. Useless half measures against a growing Terrorist Army
Yonatan Koss ,   Chiloquin   (04.22.07)
The incompetent regime in power is trying to hold on to power by placating the publics need for some true reciprocity. The false promises of Arabs and the sycophant, arab loving Israeli government heads leave Jews to absorb the brunt of arab violence. Very little too late for the rats who see their imbecilic ship sinking and the wave of Whine-O’l-Mert Grad about to drowned all of them in their self made sea of incompetence. I just wonder how much BB will want to hand the arabs for nothing in return?
3. #1 - All except for one Palestinian were GUNMEN!!!!!
armed is armed ,   fair is fair   (04.22.07)
The title of this article is tendentious, but that doesn't change the fact that 7 out of 8 Palestinians killed were ARMED COMBATANTS (aka, legal and legitimate targets). Over half of them fired first.
4. Occupation a Myth, Arabs murdering and continued terror real
Tony   (04.22.07)
5. i knwo for a fact that they was killed
rashid ,   palistinian   (04.22.07)
for nothing believe me buy ynet will not publish my words because they are afraid of the truth, believe me, all our people that was killed was only shephards looking after some sheep and nothing else and one of them was helping small shildren to cross the street and one of them was a shoe salesman we was never terrorist believe me but ynet will not publish my wise worlds
6. a simple, possible solution
simple simon   (04.22.07)
declare and designate any area, from where qassams are fired, as terrorists abodes. any moving things sighted there will be stilled (exterminated}. Problem solved, everyone wins.
7. to #1, No ceasefire in West Bank
Andi ,   Israel   (04.22.07)
Not only were they combatants, but most were also Islamic Jihad members who refused to accept the ceasefire in Gaza so are definitely legitimate targets. Neither side has agreed to a ceasefire in the West Bank which is why continued pinpoint IDF activity is justified to prevent suicide attacks. Nearly every week Israel succeeds in preventing yet another one. Of course a peace process would be preferable.
8. The IDF rules of engagement implies
robert   (04.22.07)
the death of palestinians civilians. This policy has a name : state terrorism. The consequence is well known, the palestinian population consider the armed groups attacking in israel proper their only defensers. Good luck for the residents of Tel Aviv. You will pay the price for the foolish behavior of low-level commanders.
9. Defending the nation
Brod ,   USA   (04.22.07)
The number of deaths is irrelevant. What is important is Israel needs to defend itself against Islamist-Jihadist terrorists that continue to attack Israel. The goal is to neutralize them for good so that peace and stability can be attained in Israel and its territories--Judea and Samaria. Israel should not just focus on the thugs but should also go after the terrorist leaders and preachers and teachers of hate.
10. #1- pull your head out, tony
Cameron ,   USA   (04.23.07)
11. talk to the hand
Dawood ,   U.S.   (04.24.07)
You should wake up and smell the butt! If you know what I mean. You better shape up, or else you will feel Allah's Wrath!
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