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Jihadis aspire to 'conquer France'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 23.04.07, 08:36
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1. nobody deserves jihad more than the french
2. Chirac of Arabia will be happy
semsem ,   New York, USA   (04.23.07)
This should make Chirac of Arabia very happy.
3. Yep, French appeasements and kowtowing...
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (04.23.07) islamic fanatics in international platforms aren't working. Hope this news reach the French public so that they finally realise they are not jihadists' friends but infidels to be converted or murdered. C'est la vie.
4. They will soon claim France occupies Arab land, and the
world will gradually begin to believe it. They will make up an Arab "nation" of France and say they have "always" been there and own the territory.
5. Eiffel Tower will be good platform to call Faithfull to pray
Alan ,   SA   (04.23.07)
6. Today it is France then every other country
Daniel ,   Israel   (04.23.07)
Come to gather and curb them when time is in our favor, if not now our progeny will curse us in very near future. Today it is France tomorrow Spain then every other country in the world.
7. More reason to vote for Sarkozy...
2 billion rabbits ,   Rabbitostan   (04.23.07)
9. France, Spain, Europe
Ruhi El Hakim ,   Saudia   (04.23.07)
Asia, America, Australasia, The World, The Universe, The Planets and The Cosmos all belong to Islam. They were given to Islam by The Great One, blessed be his name, by the hand of His faithful messenger, Mohammad who is destined to live in the hearts of all mankind, forever. This is the will of Allah and all the infidels in the world will not be able to prevent this. Islam will prevail.
10. With enemies like that...
Tony, France ,   Paris, France   (04.23.07)
This news has "reached" France, yes. First reaction is "The battle in 732 took place in Poitiers, not Tours, how come our enemies know their history so bad"? I won't comment on the "Chirac of Arabia" and "kowtowing" comments, they're emotional reactions that sadly are not constructive at all. Please be aware the issue of terror is at the heart of the current presidential campaign, and everyone's here fully aware of its significance. You probably heard of Sarkozy as the candidate who a) is far ahead in the 1st round result, b) is far closer to the US and Israel than any president before him, c) French Israelis massively voted for. Supposedly as a "friend of the Jews" he should have been lambasted by the Muslim community in France? He wasn't. He wasn't because the Arabs/Muslims in France are not the Palestinians you're having trouble with in Israel and the Shtachim. Problem is you guys consider the Arab/Muslim issue to be homogeneous across the globe, while it's not. Now I'm not disputing there is a core of terror-minded activists plotting against Europe, and they have to be eliminated. But seriously, how can one turn *one* post in *one* online forum into a newspiece? I could find dozens of posts on the Internet calling for the elimination of Palestinians, Jews, Americans, Moldavians, Australians through the worst means imaginable. Please Ynet, get your act together. One message in one forum on the Web is not a newspiece. You've been digging this just to present the French election with a terror /Muslim threat background. Just yesterday I read on Ynet an article calling for Ahmadinejad's assassination. Not that I would feel sorry for the madman, mind you, but should be have headlines in Europe stating Israeli opinion-makers are organizing a call to murder? I had a better opinion of the Israeli press. One final note and I'm done: While Chirac and France has generally had a rather pro-Palestinian policy (which you guys usually equate to being antisemitic), believe me things are bound to change whether Royal or Sarkozy is elected. The latter makes no secret of his sympathy to Israel (even said he felt sorry for the pain of the settlers in Gaza during the hitnatkut, if you can believe that), and the former comes from a party that supported America's war in Irak in 1990, and whose leader was stoned in Ramallah a few years back after calling Hizbullah a terror organization. And he never took it back.
11. ASPIRE!????
David ,   Marietta USA   (04.23.07)
Hell, it couldn't happen to a nicer country. The Islamic Republic of Algeria-France. Lech Lecha!
12. So you believe in the words
Isac ,   Florida   (04.23.07)
of a child molestor?!@#
France: the 23 Arab country.
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (04.23.07)
15. #9...typical brainwashed Muslim!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.23.07)
The stars, the moon, the sun, the Jews, and yes even Christians were all here before islam was even created. Your reasoning, therefore, is not only wrong, but rather stupid. Islam is a man-made invention (just like the other religions) which was meant to keep ignorant, uneducated people like yourslef in line.
16. So I take this as the U.S. has to bail out France again!
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (04.23.07)
17. They are reaping what they have sown.
AJ ,   USA   (04.23.07)
18. already islamic country
David ,   France   (04.23.07)
I live in France and I can tell you that in some neighboorhoods it's always islamic. Fortunately if Sarkozy will be president. He will clean the country.
19. sarkozy is going to deal with those jihadist
dovdevan ,   ashdod , israel   (04.23.07)
with the same kind of energy that he lead his presidential campaign !! those muslims who won't honor their french cytizenship will get back to their homeland algeria morrocco or tunisia !! they will have to choose between being french muslims or muslim jihadist !!
20. as an Israeli, I can't even bring my self to be sorry for Fr
an Israeli   (04.23.07)
France. Their hpocricy has cost us (and the Palestinians and the Lebanese) thousands of deaths. Had only they were willing to call terror terror, and violation of the agreements violation of the agreements- when Arafat turned to violance again, the second intifada would have been over in a week. If only they had let the European union include Hezb-Allah in its terror list, Lebanon might have gotten some help in dissarming it and executing resolutions. How many lives has the blood libel of Muhamad Al-Durah, produced by the Franch TV, cost us? Even their courts are antisemitic and hypocrite, to rule they don't have to provide the raw metirial and prove it wasn't libel(?!?!). And their treatment of Arrafat as if he was a saint! the man who had robbed his ppl of their money, their sanity, their hope, by taking away the time and resources put at his hand to build a Palestininian state and cynically use them, with children being indoctrinated from birth, robbed of their sanity and ability to love and hope and build and live. The man who hasn't replaced one refugee camp tent with one house, on purpuse, even though he had billlions of dollars for that. He was treated as a saint. Why? bcs he made it PC for them to hate us. So I wish I don't ever have to watch France go down. Not because I'm afraid I would care, but because I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to care or to even feel sorry for them.
21. #9...Ruhi El Hakim , Saudia
Arthur ,   ISRAEL   (04.23.07)
22. # 18 David
You got it back to front. The Muslims will clean up Sarkozy
23. Jihadis aspire to 'conquer France'
Al Barrs ,   Greenwood, USA   (04.23.07)
I have been saying for several years that these terrorist acts are not the 3rd World War but a battle in a continuing war going back to the 8th century. This earlier series of Muslim attacks on Christianity and other religions didn't stop at the end of the historic Crusades, it goes on even to today. Only swift and decisive military action will stop this battle. Talk and politics won't change 1500 years of Jihad. This is survival of the fittest!
24. I am reminded of Constantinople.
Joan ,   Michigan   (04.23.07)
#20: As much as I agree with you, I am reminded of Constantinople, and how devastating it would be to lose another major nation to Islam. That said, I would NEVER AGAIN want U.S. troops to bail the ungrateful French out again. Let them deal with it themselves.
25. Frankistan
Peter ,   Adelaide, Australia   (04.24.07)
The Islamics want France? Yep, that's OK with me. Help yourselves guys.
26. karma the consequences of empire
aesaac ,   rio, brazil   (04.24.07)
France in the name of 'progressive humanism' will find itself bleeding from its knees, again.
27. muslim raids
lali ,   atlanta ga USA   (04.24.07)
people of the world had better return to the GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC & JACOB AND THE MESSIAH, YESHUA. this is the only thing that will stop the muslim cult, or moon worship (same thing) from spreading.
28. The Creator G-D of All LIFe-Israel's G-D will Rule, NOT man
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (04.24.07)
The violent will not inherit the earth. Man's cruel kingdom of violence, and massive idol worship of 'Power and Control' will end. And the L-RD will be king over all the earth; in that day the L-RD will be the only one, and His name the only one. Zechariah 14:9
29. Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez
Johnson ,   USA   (04.24.07)
What no more French wine, fashion, or culture?
30. Appeaser ... LOL
Some French ,   FRANCE   (04.24.07)
Read this ... France has the lengthiest and greatest WAR records of every nation on earth. Do you know another nation with a Joan of Arc and Napoleon (not to mention Charles Le Hammer') ? Read a little bit about the Algerian war (who really won ?) or watch those movies: 'Lost Command' with Anthony Quinn or 'Amary of Shadow'.
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