Hizbullah says prisoner swap talks with Israel 'serious'
Associated Press
Published: 23.04.07, 07:31
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31. #29, Mike, leb
Harry ,   Land of Oz   (04.24.07)
"Maybe the 1200 person who fell in Lebanon... But at least they fell for a good cause." Who decides what constitutes a good cause? Did they choose to fight and die, or did Hez choose for them? Yeah, right. I got to see lots of video of how Hez would fire rockets from next to houses just so it could claim Israel killed innocent civilians when they fired back. I read first hand reports from people I trust how Hez. would shoot villagers in the legs so they could not run away. Hez wanted a high collateral damage count to psychologically damage Israel. But thanks for being so up front about your true intentions! And you did it right here on Ynet so all of Israel can see your side has no interest in peace... only victory over Israel. Maybe they will catch on and realize any prisoner swap with your side is an exercise in futility. "Under no law is the kidnap of two soldiers an incentive to destroy another country" Ha, hahaha! Who needs a law?? Most schoolboys learn that lesson on the playground! Don't go and pick a fight with someone and then cry like a baby when they beat the shit out of you!
32. Mike, Leb
Harry ,   Land of Oz   (04.24.07)
Well, Mike, Ynet does not want you to know my last thoughts about your post #29. Or, is it they don't want their readers to read what I wrote. Too bad.
33. #30
you are so dellusional, it is scary. but the scariest part is that you probably are the most unintelligent person i have ever seen. what is it with arabs? is stupidity in the jenes or is it lack of education? we are really trying to understand how your minds function because for the life of me or the entire modern countries of the world, no one can figure you people out. you rise out of the 12th century and have not contributed a thing to civilization. your hate is rooted in a severe inferiority complex and severe jealousy of jews and the incredible advancements and life style in israel. get it into your head. we are indestructable. no matter how many nasrallahs you throw at us. we always keep our heads up and you can't stand that we are never defeated. israel after many nasralahs, arafats nassers, etc.... is still standing and standin, despite what you wish, very strong. yes, olmert will not survive and most if not all israelis will make sure of that. however, knowing what happened during the last war, do you think that the next leader will be soft? be careful what you wish for because israel just chose one hell of a military chief of staff who is not very sympathetic to your delusional cause. he's a toughy and a very strong leader, believe me. the next war should there be one, and there always is one, thanks to you folks, the leader will be someone entirely different. jews are brilliant. they do not need force. they are so bright at outmanuvering the simplistic arab mind that it is indeed a shame you have not realized by now that it is and will always be impossible to win against us or to kill us off. get used to it. and when you look ac ross the borders into israel, please do not be so angry and jealous. while you spent a generation hating, we israelis built a model nation to be proud of. an advanced nation which gave the world so many scientific, educational, litarrary, medical, high tech gifts, you won't ever be able to give. so, keep on hating us and let's see how good it'll do you. in the mean time, instead of staying here delluding yourself, go and pick up the trash on the streets of beirut, make sure thousands of your people and hizbulla have heat and lighting in their destroyed kassam launching homes, protect your babies and women and stop using them as human sheilds and finally, grow up! stop whining to the world! mature and take responsibility that you brought your own tragedy single handedly on top of your heads the past summer and please do not challenge us ever so much. we may surprise the hell out of you the next round. you are a weak stupid people who never learn from their mistakes. about the 2 soldiers, no thanks. we'll never release those who do have blood on their hands. never. you can bet on that, shalit or not.
34. to # 33
Mike ,   Leb   (04.24.07)
I found this part, silly a little bit...dont you think? "do you think that the next leader will be soft?" So you think that the only problem was that Olmert went only proves that you people didn't learn the lesson... Waiting for the next round of war...
35. Mikey of Leb
Harry ,   Kansas   (04.24.07)
"Waiting for the next round of war..." This is precisely why there should be no prisoner exchange! Anyone returned to Lebanon will only be returned to combat! Israel, keep these enemy combatants under lock and key!!
36. Harry
Mike ,   leb   (04.26.07)
yes i am sure that someone who has been in Isreali jail for 30 years would just return to combat... My freind, don't forget that Hezbollah also has prisoners...Isreal locks his prisinors, he locks isreal;s prisoners... Beirut for Tel-aviv Haifa for Dahieh Isreali blood for Lebanese blood Prisoners for prisoners
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