Soldier unidentified for 59 years
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 23.04.07, 18:51
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1. Liberation of Jaffa?
EK ,   Montreal   (04.23.07)
Who were they liberating Jaffa from. The history needs to be clarified. Were Arabs forced from their homes as they claim or were they told to leave by their leaders as Israelis claim? The "liberation" of Jaffa would suggest the former, especially as this operation was conducted over two weeks before Independence. Israeli history always claims that they are completely innocent and that all the Arab armies started fighting as soon as the STate of Israel was proclaimed.
2. Happy Birthday
Arnold Penk ,   Canada   (04.23.07)
Happy Birthday to Jewish Israel and may God bless Jews Worldwide Jewish Israel For EVER!
3. #1: history is not your strong point
Lednah ,   Europe   (04.23.07)
But this is true for all the leftist terrorist lovers. Jaffa WAS CONQUERED by arabs in 636 AD. As well as third part of Europe was conqured by turks. Is this making Europe turkish lands? If not why Jaffa is arab land? Because they conquered it? But no return to the original owners is allowed? BTW - when you and likes of you will leave Canada to return it to the the rightfull owners - the indians?
4. #1
Meni   (04.25.07)
The problem with looking at the 1948 war from a modern perspective is that one forgets that this war was a brutal war of survival between the jews and arabs of palestine, with the arabs openly declaring that they would 'massacre' the jews (look it up if you don't believe) and the jews not openly, but still knowing, that they would need to expel large arab populations. there was no ethics or morality, it was only survival. today, in the age of CNN and kofi annan and etc etc, it is easy to look back and blame the winning side for being 'evil' or committing ethic cleansing, but in 1948, only 3 years after some tens of millions died in the epic story of world war 2, the 1948 war of independence and its atrocities were very tame by comparison.
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