State of Israel turns 59
Lilach Shoval
Published: 23.04.07, 22:40
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1. The older it gets, the more it sinks in murky water.
David E. ,   Jerusalem   (04.23.07)
The Hamodia last Friday had a perfect caricature of what Israel with its politicians look like today.
2. Good. How about SOME REFORMS IN THE DREAM !
King of Israel   (04.23.07)
soon or later The Dream need to have some changing. A NATIONAL SOUL IN ISRAEL ! TODAY, I DONT SEE IT. THE PEOPLE OF ISREL ARE NOT AS ONE. THIS IS THE REAL DANGER FOR THE FUTURE. The people of Israel have hearts as human. They just want to live a life term life NOT MILLION YEARS STYLE??? long live Israel, in love & peace. Atilla Karagözoğlu King of Israel
3. 59 Years Old
Chris ,   Stanford CA   (04.23.07)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ISRAEL! and many, many returns!
4. Happy Birthday Israel
Andrew ,   Dartmouth,NS,Canada   (04.23.07)
5. Israel will be ISRAEL (THE GREATEST) When...
(04.23.07) Arab child will recognise THE INDEPENDENCE ! until than, she is our friends Land. but after that, She is The Light. love Atilla karagözoğlu King of Israel
6. Israel's honored torch-bearers
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (04.23.07)
One sees in this list of torch-bearers people of honor, deserving of recognition. No celebrities, no party hacks, no politicians beyond former President Navon. These honored are people who worked on behalf of their people, their communities, and their country, some to the point of putting their lives on the line. They are the face of the Israel we admire.
7. To all Israelis:
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (04.23.07)
Happy Independence Day!!! May you have 3000 more!
8. Congratulations!
Ali ,   Ramallah-Palestine   (04.23.07)
You, the Israelis, are celebrating your 59 indepndence. Each year I watch the fireworks at that night and I ask myself many questions: 1) Is this a true indepndence? 2) If the Israelis remeber their suffer over time, why don't they realize the fact that they are cusing suffer for others, the Palestinian people? In fact, your indepndance is our disaster! Your State was built upon our Land since 1948 and then you occupied our 1967 land! It is indeed our NAKBAH. We will NEVER forget or forgive!
9. Congratulations Israel!!
Y ,   N   (04.23.07)
10. to No. 8
maximus ,   Rome   (04.23.07)
Hello, Your points are invalid and quite distorted. Typical victimhood syndrome. Jews never built anything on "Your land". Quite the contrary; the Al-aqtsa mosque is notoriously built on Jewish ruins. Virtually, all of Judea and Samaria are built over Jewish ruins. Joseph's tomb the most ancient Jewish tomb ever - has been run over by angry muslim mob, killing an Israeli soldier and converting it into a mosque - just to name a few. Stop living in this hate-fest dream world. "Palestine" wasn't anyone's land, it has been a constant re-occupied colony under no official government, language, ethnicity ever since the Jews had been brutally forced out by the Romans, who deliberately called Judea "Palestina", to insult the Jews (AKA Philistines, the greek-origin people Jews have been defending from for millenniums). You, the so-called Palestinian arabs and muslims, have never learned to accept Jews' right to return to their historical and legally recognized homeland. In 1948 it was the relentless and shallow hate arabs had (and still have) for the Jews; you and at least five more armies launched an annihilation war that brought your own demise and the independence of the Jewish state. Up until 1967 you have invoked nothing but terror and murderous hell. --- Instead of trying to destroy what's right and keep losing, try for once in your lives to bloom from where you're planted - drop your stinking blood lust jihad, relinquish your hate, you'll see only miracles hence forth. Good luck Ali. And of course, congratulations Israel, Zion and Jerusalem - for your 59th year of modern existence!
11. Happy yom ha'atzmaut, Israel and the entire Jewish people,
Avihu   (04.23.07)
both in Israel and in the Diaspora!!!
12. Congrats, You have shown your enemies you are here to stay!
jan   (04.23.07)
13. Happy Birthday Beautiful Israel
Adam ,   Manchester, England   (04.23.07)
Against the odds another year is celebrated! G-d is on her side!
14. #11
hanina   (04.23.07)
many tanks
15. #8
ali, your leaders lied and used you. and you are the product of such lies and abuse arafat, nasser, etc.... they used the palestinians as scape goats. believe me that israel cares about your suffering much more than the leaders who called you refugees, created the refugee problems by multiple wars and violence against israel, confiscated and stole all the european and american aid money from you and let you live in poverty without education and with hate for a whole generation. if you really want to complain about your condition, israel is the LAST country to be blamed. israel responds to your terror so much of the time that itv has no extra time to be able to respond to your suffering. for your leaders, your suffering was their propaganda tool to demonize and destroy the jewish state in the middle east. it is very bad that you palestinians were caught in the middle and used as tools for the most corrupt, unfeeling, disastrous arab leaders the world ever saw.
16. Indeed, 59 years of occupation is something to celebrate
Dion ,   USA   (04.23.07)
since most occupations don't last that long. But in Palestine it is a different story. The Crusaders and the Turks occupied Palestine for generations but they ultimately lost the power to maintain their occupations and fell. So it is an Israeli interest to accept and withdraw to UN-1947 borders to live peacefully in the mideast, instead for reaching the same fate as previous occupations of Palestine.
17. America Love You Israel -- Happy Birthday!!!
AJ ,   Washington DC   (04.24.07)
18. Happy Independence Day!
enzo ,   london,uk   (04.23.07)
19. Too bad Olmert & Livni DESTROYED what took 59 years to build
malcolm   (04.24.07)
Namely: Israel's deterrent & security
20. we send our love to Israel on her 59th Birthday!
debra ,   usa   (04.24.07)
21. Congratulations Israel !!
Arul ,   Malaysia   (04.24.07)
Best wishes and congratulations Israel, on the occasion of the 59th year of Independance. May GOD bless you richly, protect you and prosper you in the land he has given you as an eternal inheritance.
22. Happy bithday from Paris! 59 and here to stay!
Michael ,   paris, france   (04.24.07)
23. A very happy birthday Israel!!!!
Tracy W   (04.24.07)
and may you have thousands and thousands of many more happy anniversaries, with peace, prosperity, and security. Thank you Israel for being there for all of us and for being such a courageous country in a difficult world. You makes us all so proud! Congratulations!!!
24. # 15
Ali ,   Ramallah-Palestine   (04.24.07)
Keep your dirt knowledge for yourself. All what you said did not make any sense to me. Look carefully at your UGGLY occupation and you'll know what I mean.
Shusha ,   Frankfurt, Germany   (04.24.07)
Come back to your fatherland!, our homeland! --- ISRAEL NEEDS YOU ---
26. The Difference between Israeli and Pal society -----
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.24.07)
Israeli President to the People of the PA: "Has there not been enough blood spilled, yours and ours? Replace your Katyushas and Qassams with computers and education, and finally, be rewarded with peace and quiet,"" Dalia Itzik. PA Citizen: "We will NEVER forget or forgive!" Ali from Ramallah-Palestine. How sad for the Palestinians - and the saddest part: you will never defeat us - ever. But you can make peace with we Israelis and live side by side with us. Meanwhile - happy birthday to the State!!! Despite our problems - we have a wonderful country.
27. #16 - Dion - when did your history begin?
Arthur ,   S Francisco   (04.24.07)
Unless you are a complete wacko you should know that before crusaders - moslems conquered our land, and before them - it was Romans (do you know they existed?) and there were Babylonians, Assyrians and others as well. So - the moslem occupation was long, but, thank G-d, it's over.. Accept reality, learn history - and, maybe, one day you will understand what the promise of the Allmighty to his people of Israel really means. As for the occupiers - they can dwell peacefully in the desert of Arabia. If they will stop blowing themselves up and go to college - the may turn their desert into a garden. Or they can live in a wasteland - as they do now in Gaza; it's only their business.
28. From a Lebanese Christian
Walid ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (04.24.07)
I wish Israel and its people a happy birthday. I am educated, i read the news online, and I would give up my right arm to live in a place like Israel. I was taught in the filthy islamic schools here to hate you, but I don't. Please understand, not all Lebanese are your enemy, only the hizbollah terrorists are your enemy. But, they are also my enemy. They are animals, they are satanic. They rape women, and kill anybody who disagrees with them. Even now, the clouds of a civil war are gathering. As a citizen of Lebanon, I once again congradulate you. I hope you wipe out all of Yassir Arafat's terror groups who destroyed Lebanon in the 80's.
29. to #16
Alex ,   Canada   (04.24.07)
So what are you doing about your occupation of Native American land?
30. bcoz of this........
sami ,   lebanon   (04.24.07)
i have been a palestinian refugee in lebanon since that time and living like shit.........
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