The world adores us
Lilach Shoval
Published: 24.04.07, 13:23
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1. World adores us
G Sanders ,   Vancouver,Canada   (04.24.07)
Israel is a beacon of light in a miasma of darkness and deceit G-d bless Israel
2. A chance for Irish to prove to Pals that terror DOESNT work.
Ask IRA if Im wrong ,   Alan Sa   (04.24.07)
3. who cares about what the world think of us.
4. lol @ "beacon of light"
Marwan ,   Amman, Jordan   (04.24.07)
it might be a beacon of light alright, but only for children killers, mafia members, homosexuals and corrupt politicians.
5. People are not stupid
During the Lebanon War last summer my apathetic, apolitical all-American co-workers told me that the news coverage was perceived as unbalanced and unrealistic. Many compared Nasrallah, with his personal style, to Hitler who is massively hated here. People who previously couldn't care less, started to feel that Israeli is the victim here and was fighting a legitimate fight against all odds. I had a clash with one left-wing, very anti-Israeli co-worker, after which my peers were in shock and thought she was a racist.
6. dislike of jews
moishe   (04.24.07)
just because you are right does not mean everybody should love you. consider the horrendous acts that Moslems do to others and to themselves. they are some of the biggest slave traders, drug lords, money counterfitters and scammers, terrorists and extortionists, and yet they evoke sympathy in many circles. they discriminate against other religions and their own women. where is justice and where is god? dont look for answers! do what you have to do to a honourable person as part of an honourable nation. end of the "maynseh"!
7. UK public are drowned daily by AntiIsrael media .
Alan ,   SA   (04.24.07)
The BBC, Guardian,, Independent are not the only ones .Chat show hosts like George Galloway, the Muchtar of London Livingstone and most Intelligencia(usually Lefties),Also right wingers with a psychological problem of who to hate more,Jews or Muslims.Usually settling to hate Jews more. There is a lot of Bribery with "contracts",jobs,holidays,study trips to Syria and Iran type of junkets and other incentives paid by middle easters with bulging pocketbooks from oil. All we have on our side is Ranaan Gissin with his film star looks. It is a miracle that more Jews arnt beaten up in UK streets after exposure to non stop Anti Israel and even Anti Jew stories.
8. with merets'
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (04.24.07)
MKs like gal On, Beilin and the rest of that trash- added to many Tel Aviv and Hebrew Univ lecturers pro self boycotters and self haters, little is to be expected from people who are not Jewish That said something true has been said here in this article, Europeans do not love us any more- they are opening their eyes to real Islam for the first time. 20 years more and Europe will resemble more that Iran they fear than the Israel they so much worked to eliminate from the map. Every dog has it's day- I almost feel pity for their self imposed fate
9. By your side
enzo ,   london,uk   (04.24.07)
It's a daily fight against ignorance, hate and prejudice. And each one of us has to be on the frontline to defend what Israel has achieved through hard labour and tears!
10. to consider
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (04.24.07)
Hmm perhaps this is true and optimism is perhaps a good thing as long as it doesn’t lead to naivety. I can only assure you of one fact. America and most specifically the military and DoD, has become controlled by the American Christian religious right and regardless of media coverage their appetite for war hasn’t even been remotely blunted. All the blessings and praise they routinely heap on Israel are very disingenuous their beliefs are predicated on one simple thing they consider an axiom that Jews are at the center of all treachery, villainy and the direct cause of what they see as the greatest crime ever committed. Currently the focus of discrimination and pejoratives are oriented on Muslim Semites due primarily to the inability of Republican Conservatives to form a cohesive discourse of disdain towards Israel because Israel is a Democracy. There is a rather overt effort underway however to “chip away” and discredit the belief that Israel is truly a democracy as defined by the “so called” Christian right western society. Here is an example; currently walls and physical barriers are under rapid construction in and around Iraq to provide safety and security to the citizenry there. What do you think the response would be if a prominent pro American diplomat like say (Bibi) authored a book entitled Babylon - Peace not Apartheid. I think a book like that wouldn’t go over so well and of course I realize that the title is too similar to a book already on the market but, I am just trying to use a fictional example to make what I believe is a relevant point.
11. War or Apartheid Peace or Love that is the qustion
Anon ,   South Africa   (04.24.07)
it seems like (To Me) most South Africans used to compare apartheid to the Israeli -Palastinian conflict, but now, through world media, this is changing. Mostly Black South Africans are seeing the diffrence between Terrorism and peacefull means to end Apartheid, they see it more as a war between two countries rather than a dispute in one country. (in fact the war in Iraq, where a "brother is killing a brother" is indirectly helping Israel in its fight to be understood) but i must stress, they dont see Israel in a good light, but what has changed is that they no longer see Palastinian's in a good light either.
12. Even French are worried .85% turnout to vote for.......Sarko
Alan ,   SA   (04.24.07)
13. My Israel
King of Israel   (04.24.07)
everyone in this world respect you in deepest hearts they have (except my 9 years old doughter, She hates you, She hates your books, Her dad steals her time about you, once she asked me, Jewish people or me, make your chose !!! I said you my darling, you. only you. Her name means as kind of LIGHT) BUT !!! WE ARE TIRED TO SEE DEAD CHILDREEN. No matter what is the main problem, SOLVE IT AND HAVE THE HEARTS IN LIGHT. *** and I feel everyone is tired talk about you. thats enough. Me is same way. But it is not a good way. Let talk about others. if we dont, they will talk behind us as LOOK HOW THEY SELFISH THEY ARE. Lets talk about Norway Girls. Have you been Norway !!! Wow. They did think I was an Italian that time. such a good days they were. *** MyYnet feel free to publish. You my big brother. I am too relax. love Atilla Karagözoğlu Most good looking King :)
14. Islam is the light unto the world!
E ,   Ireland   (04.24.07)
15. The world loved israel after 1967 war.
AK   (04.24.07)
That is when israel took all that territory all the way to the Suez canal. What changed since then? It was the non-stop anti-Israeli propaganda offensive funded by the Soviet block on one side and Arab petro-dollars on another. Unfortunately, Israeli establishment instead of fighting this propaganda war internalized the enemy’s arguments. Fortunately, Arabs and Muslims in general are far from peaceful, tolerant and liberal and as more 'liberals' get mugged by the reality of Islam in the West, the more positive attitude towards Israel you'll see. People who are truly liberal at heart can never support the ‘Palestinians.’
Ray ,   USA   (04.24.07)
Not surprising that Ireland supports the Palestinians , after all they supported Nazi Germany . Their values are still screwed up, can't tell the bad guys from the good ones. Must be all the booze.
17. #7 and teh UK public
Rustum ,   London, UK   (04.24.07)
Actually, you deny the British public can think for themselves. We poor brainwashed people who believe every word of George Galloway etc. Your message says a lot more about your good old apartheid ways of thinking than adding anything at all to the debate. Perhaps you should think that Israel gets such a bad press precisely because of its actions - i.e. the sixty years of oppression, the sixty years of expropriations, the sixty years of killing its neighbours whenever it's time for a new round of "Beat the Arabs", perhaps it's because of the atrocious human rights situation inside Israel, perhaps it's because of the ultimate arrogance of various Israeli governments in dealing with their neighbours... all in all, the dislike of Israel, or shall we say, the tide turning against Israel is because the British public is now realising that for the last sixty years they have been punch drunk on this pathetic mythology of the only "democracy in the ME" - and suddenly it all turns out to be a big charade. As for your insinuations that all the "study trips to Syria" (how many people have gone? 25? ) and your intimations of bribery being the cause for the distaste of the British press for Israel, they are simply underhand insinuations on your part. The biggest mouths in the press in support of Israel - Melanie Philips and Barbara Amiel (hah!) - are totally discredited right wing hawks through whose agenda every thinking citizen can see. Finally, all you have on your side (are you South African or Israeli?) is Ranaan Gissin. Wow, with his constant hysterical shrieking voice and lack of PR skills - he is no more than a bleating goat and I think Israel needs to come up with something a bit more sophisticated than Mr Gissin who seems to have modeled himself on an updated version of a shtetl whinger. Even Margaret Thatcher, for goodness sake, took speech therapy lessons to take the middle class whinge out of her voice. To sum up: it is obnoxious of you to imply that the great unwashed British public is brainwashed by the media. It is also fallacious to state that the British public hates Jews. It is simply not the case - 99.9% of the population couldn't give a flying eff. It is only a small bunch of ultra sensitive in-yer-face Zionist zealots like yourself who constantly interpret the slightest criticism of Israel's cluster bomb policy as yet one more expression of anti-semitism. You are the ones who are brainwashed, my friend. You are the ones who have drunk in, line hook and singer, the whole pathetic mythologised version of modern Zionist history without giving a second's thought to the modern concepts of legal land ownership, habeus corpus, human rights etc.
18. Who Needs Europe? Who Wants Them? We Can Do Without Them
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (04.24.07)
If the Jews as a people ever needed to know how /"Europe" collectively viewed them WWII was all the proof we will ever need. Apart from selected pockets of good behavior, Europeans responded abysmally and murderously. So, who needs them? 1) Do we need their "culture"? No, we have our own culture and our own universities and our own thinkers. 2)Do we need their technology? No. Anything they can do we can do as well or better, or buy it from someone else. 3) Do we need their trade? No not really. We can find our trade elsewhere. 4) Do we need their approbation? Heck no. What do we need with their backhanded self-serving give with one hand and take with the other arrogance. It may not be all that easy but we really do not "need" Europe; it's just that all the Jews who came from there are used to looking at it as the arbiter. Well, it's not the arbiter and it's not the arbeiter. Israel needs to stand by itself instead of sucking up to decaying civilizations who are afraid of the Muslim hordes. Let me say it again for those who don't absorb too well: JEWS DO NOT NEED EUROPEANS TO TELL US WE'RE WORTHWHILE. As for the Internet, a counter campaign of truth would really be useful if all those Jewish computer "geniuses" would get off their behinds and do half the work that the Arab trolls and their cohorts and minyans and fifth column reporters are doing as they spread lies and misinformation like sewage.
19. #14
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (04.24.07)
The religion will be the greatest with the people. This is a story, not complated YET :) The people knows it better than us. Relax :))) Just relax ! Have you been hurt ? Does someone hurt your heart ? Think, you are right, but some people came and hurted you !!! how you feel ? JEWS DESERVE THE MOST CREDIT MORE THAN ANY NATION. everything !!! it takes time. Look how babies walk ??? it takes time. Look at me. Look like I am Muslim. But No pray, drinking, ladies ??? DONT JUDGE. DO NOT JUDGE. THESE ARE NOT AN ORDINARY PEOPLE. THE GOD (G-D) KNOWS YOU KNOW. EVERYONE KNOWS. WHAT IS RELIGION MEANS ???ANYWAY tHIS PEOPLE IS TIRED TO HURTED. THEY FACE THE GOD (G-D) I dont know. I hate who talks about religions. WE NEED EACHOTHER. WE DO. love Atilla Karagözoğlu
20. If you ARE looking for right religion I am your GOD But..
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul / Turkey   (04.24.07)
if you are looking for love, respect and pece I AM YOUR SERVENT. GET REAL STUPID WORLD. Atilla Karagözoğlu
21. Long Live Israel
Tom ,   bsas,argentina   (04.24.07)
Long Live Israel. Keep Strong. Keep towards Peace. You were forced since day one, to DEFEND YOURSELF, even your army says it all: ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES! And you were attacked since 1948 to now, and you have prevailed and you will until the arabs extremists understand they can´t continue with their terrorism, hatred, cult of death, antisemitism... Long Live Israel, shalom from Buenos Aires, Argentina
22. Rustum from London Please Read
Not European ,   Not Europe   (04.24.07)
Firstly, i dont think the British are brainwashed, nor do i think that they can't think for themselves. but Europe on the whole (including the UK, does have a problem understanding the TRUE situations on the ground (Germany not included), you see British press tend to show only the one side to the story (Every time there is a story to tell) rather then both. there are many explanations to this, but foremost is the fact that people are scared to tell the other side of the story, because the other side is so aggresive and brutal to anyone not on their side, this is the main diffrence with American Press, who just dont care about anyone's threwt; they will publish all the facts! The last thing the UK needs is another Terror campain aimed at the streets of the all popular and free London. my feelings of Europe are glim, i see a free society unable to understand the culture diffrence with many of the Europe's new residents. and at the same time the Economic power that its losing aginst developing states. so, as many have done in the past, they use appeasment to make sure everybody is happy. Appeasment does not work, didnt work in WWII, and will not work in the future- but only time will tell. how the west will be able to stay FREE as these new inhabitents grow in numbers & Voting Powers (Sharia laws maybe). to conclude... no, i dont think you are brainwashed, but i do think you (UK) are scared, scared that the melting pot of the world, ie, London will explode with violence and hate if you dare to try and understand the other side of the story. If you told that it takes one to tengo, then it must be true, if it makes everybody happy. Goodluck... not to you... to your kids and grandchildren
23. hmmmm
Wissam ,   Beirut / Lebanon   (04.24.07)
What can i say, i either believe this article, or the survey that was made recently where "Israel" was the number one threat to world peace follow by USA? I'm going for the second ption, threat to worl peace.
24. why Olmert admired in china?
muneer   (04.24.07)
cause israel is the window china can get to US military tech, very simple. If u think chinese admire u genuinly, think again.... they sell hizbulla anti tank weapons ... chinese purse their own intersts in a COLDER manner than eve the americans.
25. Who cares what the world thinks. Screw them!
Jon ,   UK   (04.24.07)
26. #14 you mean the darkness in the world, dont you.
27. Look like #20 is going to HELL :)))
I believe all bad girls will be there, right :))) I am smart, wont you see :))) see you in HELL, girls :))) Note: I wish I didnt write my country name. I feel bad. I am a bad name for them. I apoligise to use the country name. Atilla Karagözoğlu
28. British Hostility Not Surprising
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (04.24.07)
Having grown up in Britain, it is not surprising that the British are hostile towards Israel. British society is traditionally antisemitic though they deny it, like all antisemites.
29. Yeah good spin israel. Actually americans are sick of you.
AR ,   USA   (04.24.07)
Well the educated ones. Only the corporate media was sad to see you leave lebonan (they had nothing better to report) The religous right was also unhappy when you pulled out but everyone else was happy. No country is envious of your relationship with the US that relationship is screwing both our countries up. I mean if anyone here is seriously taking the word of some zionist foreign ministers and applying it to entire nations then they are fools. This article was stupid.
30. Europeans are good people in genaral
Abdullah ,   EuMe   (04.24.07)
and the british and the germans are wonderful -- granting refuge and offering education and opportunities to diverse people from all over the world, even when this is not "politically" popular. The goodness, smartness or kindness of a people should not be measured by which country or religion they like or not like but by how their govts. treat foreigners. (How the "mob" acts or what it thinks is irrelevant). Perhaps as "people of the book" they learnt this quality of "caring for the foreigner" from those elements of Torah teaching retained in their religion.
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