'Stop treating Arab citizens like enemies'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 24.04.07, 17:53
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31. 850,000 Jews fled arab states:$1-billion in land confiscated
yonatan ,   Israel   (04.24.07)
And these Jews are the REAL refugees in this conflict. They lost what they owned merely because of who they are and not because of what they did. The "palestinians" , on the other hand, lost the land they lived on in the process of trying to kick the Jews off their own land. So I shed no tears for them. The only ones the should be compensated here are the Jews who fled arab states.
32. On democracy rule and separation
Steve ,   USA   (04.24.07)
B"H In a democracy, the majority that rules advances its interests. If you want to undermine the majority interests, asking for a change of national anthem, you are asking to not be a part of the nation of the majority, to be redistricted to another nation. But you cannot expect full rights without committing and adhering to full responsibility of citienzhip to the democracy that exists, and there is no reason the democracy should grant you special reconsideration either. As a Jewish citizen of the USA in the diaspora, I expect absolutely no consideration from Israel, since I have not committed to be Israeli. Why should you fare any better if you want to be a citizen of a different nation with different national anthems and symbols? After all, you seek to be part of a different nation that undermines Israel and does not advance its interests in the way you are quoted. Forget equality unless national responsibility is first proven by the current representatives. I do not expect it for me. Why should I expect it for you? Quote 1: Another section demands that Israel drop its policy of advancing the interests of the Jewish majority to the detriment of the Arab minority and to fight discrimination in all sectors Quote 2: "I submitted a bill to change the anthem, or at least to have would be two anthems, a national one and a civil one. The anthem's melody is beautiful, but it is impossible to identify with the words," MK Barakeh said.
33. #15-now,now, Rustum, don't persecute diversity of thought
Cameron ,   USA   (04.24.07)
don't practice what you condemn in others
Mike ,   Vancouver Canada   (04.24.07)
THey meet with people who want to destroy Israel. They even call for the destruction of Israel. They should all just move out and live among thier own
35. What came first ,the Chicken or the Egg?
Alan ,   SA   (04.24.07)
36. Pretty basic problem. No current solution.
Micha   (04.24.07)
See, the problem is that Islam has pretty much forced itself upon many many peoples and that's how you get so many moslems. Sure, there are some who are moslem by choice, but let's face it, that's how Islam and Christianity came to be so rampant. They killed, pillaged, forced people to "believe" or face death. Jews haven't done that, and therefore we are a much smaller group. We don't push our ideology around, other than insisting on people educate themselves. We're successful, have a certain amount of power, and are typically well off. However, because of our size, we needed to reclaim our land as we were forced out of every other country from whence we came. We were constantly outsiders. But we didn't resort to violence. Sure, we fought some of the pogroms, and tried to develop a resistance movement during WWII, but in general, we fight with our minds, our abilities, our acumen in science, business, music, art, medicine, and all sorts of other studies. This is how we succeed. Now, for another group to say they need to insert themselves into Israel's fabric I think it fairly disingenuous. The purpose of Israel is to maintain a Jewish identity. The Moslems have their 22 or so countries, from which they have kicked out the Jews, so we really do need our own place to feel we belong. It's unfortunate that there are some Moslems who have been caught up into the creation of the state of Israel, but Israel is both a Jewish state and a state for the Jews. It's the only place on earth where a Jew can truly feel at home. But many many don't like it. They see the Jews as vermin, as animals, because unfortunately they have been fed a lot of garbage about the Jews. It's easy to dehumanize another group when you don't know them. The arab/moslem world has done a bang up job of doing that. So, no, there shouldn't be another anthem to include. There shouldn't be another flag. That's just how it'll be. You can have equal rights there. You just can't change the fabric of the country. If you are so bent on change, there are many other places, just next door, that can accomodate. But please, stop saying that in the name of human rights and every other cloak you just want to preserve your own identity. You already have one. Let the Jews be. Let them fluorish and stop trying to shut them out of the world. It's disgusting. It's frustrating. and it's just plain wrong.
37. If Israel cant make peace with it's Arab citizens, how can..
papa jay   (04.24.07)
Can it live in peace in the Middle East? how can it ever make peace with the Palestinians. the natives of Palestine, the none Jews that were forced to accept the Jewish state or be expelled will never be citizens of Israel because Israel and the Israeli’s the Jewish state is for the Jewish people. Effectively telling the Palestinian Arabs of Israel this is NOT your state and never will be. if peace was ever (underline the word ever) made with the Arabs it will be a cold peace. The Arab generations to come will eventually get tired and some one at some point will call for the liberation of Jaffa, Haifa at some point in the future. The Israelis are right, they will never be welcome in the middle east and their right to exist will always be questioned. if Abass or any other Palestinian leader made peace how long will that last? 4 or 5 generation? Will the Arabs of the west bank and Gaza forget the history of how Israel came to be and at what cost to them? i believe Israel is living on borrowed time, sooner or later the Arabs will seek it's destruction or at least exact a heaver price for it's creation. It’s a matter of power as long as Israel has it will survive, the moment they show weakness they will pay for it. the same goes for the Arabs, imagine an Arab leader that promises a military victory over the Jewish state, a leader the promises to liberate pre-48 Arab lands .I believe the Arabs are yearning for such a leader, they are hungry for it and I believe such a leader will come sooner or later if not this generation, then the next, or the next. Lastly, the conflict is still very fresh. We have people still living today that remember the price they had to pay for the creation of this Jewish state. Talk of lasting peace is only a dream. We may look back in 100 years and say Hamas was right, they understand their people and the Arabs. Even Hezbollah a shia Muslim group dealing a blow to the Israeli army was cheered across the Arab world. The Arabs will cheer anyone that can exact any price from israel.
38. no reason to treat them like friends
ami ,   israel   (04.24.07)
39. Arab-Israeli "citizens"
Charles ,   Vancouver, Canada   (04.24.07)
It is interesting, reading these comments, how militant are those who live outside of Israel towards the Arabs living there. It is instructive, reading these comments, of the hatred on the part of some Israelis towards its Arabic citizens, and their violent responses to what is a reasoned, peaceful proposal of equal rights. Little wonder that the international community is disgusted with this nation's treatment of Palestinians within and outside its ever-expanding borders.
40. #36 Micha, you make perfect sense
Otter ,   Canada   (04.24.07)
Now go and try to convince the treasonous Left. Without them these people wouldn't stand a chance.
41. #37-'Talk of lasting peace is only a dream'-agreed!
Cameron ,   USA   (04.24.07)
The Arab obsession/pathology regarding Israel is permanent and defies resolution. They still yearn for a military Saladin figure that will crush the Jews while Hamas, Hezbollah represent consideration of other means toward the same general end: drive the Jews into the sea. By hook or by crook, this process will never end. The many miserable defeats and the Nasser years taught them nothing and their truly static religion/culture will, I worry, drag us all down to an apocalyptic ending.
42. Arabs Blind to Jewish Suffering / Egocentrics
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (04.24.07)
The Arabs are egocentics who do not recognise Jewish suffering. 1. They chased out 1 million Jews from Arab countries turning them into refugees. 2. They threatened to eliminate the Jews in Israel by pushing them into the sea. It's the Jews who should be asking for compensation.
43. #39 from Canada: Israel bashing
Fortunee ,   Boston, USA   (04.24.07)
#39 from Canada. So you are preaching morality to the Jews that we hate the Arabs. I suggest you: 1. Visit and watch the hate spewed on Arab and Iranian TV against the Jews. 2. Study Canadian history and learn about the discrimination against the Indians and French Canadians. We don't need Canadians to preach morality to us.
44. Threatening Arab behavior - just yesterday
Tracy W   (04.24.07)
An Arab mob of several thousand - including young men on horseback and others waving PLO flags - surrounded and threatened about 150 Jews from Haifa who went to a public forest to celebrate Israeli Independence Day. A Jewish young man was lightly injured in the ensuing clash. On Tuesday afternoon, shortly after the group of Haifa families made their way to the Megiddo Forest, in the north of the country, a group of Arab youths on horseback accosted the Jewish celebrants, jeered and threatened them. As the young Arab men continued their menacing behavior, they called more Arab youths to join them. Some of the new arrivals were waving flags of the PLO terrorist organization. "Within a short time, there were hundreds of Arabs surrounding us," one of the Jewish celebrants said. "We felt threatened. We are here with little children and they are threatening us. We called the police. They promised they would handle it and send a patrol car, but the car never arrived. We called the police again and again, but the help never arrived." Source: today's Israel National News
..............DACON9   (04.24.07)
46. #39 Charles - re hatred
Tracy W   (04.24.07)
You talk about Jewish hatred toward its "Arabic citizens". I would advise you to visit There you will see how Arabs are educating their children with a steady diet of hatred against Jews and preparing them for acts of terror, including suicide bombings. What you see in Israel and abroad is Jewish concern for the survival of Israel. There are also a significant number of Jewish organizations in Israel dedicated to supporting Arab demands, even to the detriment of their fellow Jews. Where in the Arab world would there be equivalent organizations speaking freely in favor of minorities, particularly when those minorities want to wipe the majority off the land.
47. #39
mark ,   ca   (04.24.07)
you can take your so called "international community" and shove it.
48. The only useful respect is mutual respect.
HH ,   Israel   (04.24.07)
The behaviour of many Arabs during the Second Lebanon War clearly showed that they were with Nasrallah and agains the state that gives them social, medical and educational safety (which they do not decline to use whenever they think it is convenient). Openly or secretly, the very majority of Arabs cheered Nasrallah and do so still today. AS RESPECT IS USELESS UNLESS IT IS MUTUAL, ANY DREAMER OF RESPECT IN ISRAEL CAN, UNFORTUNATELY, KEEP DREAMING.
49. #43- cat, you are quite right
Cameron ,   USA   (04.24.07)
If the US should ever need something of real value from Canada, beyond their exports of apathy and naivete, I then promise to start taking their opinions much more seriously.
50. #19 but, they'll achieve Israel's Defeat Forever
51. #15go tell all this to the 22 arab countries in which most
rachel ,   usa   (04.25.07)
don't allow jews.....
52. #31 Thank you .....yes ........they were
rachel ,   usa   (04.25.07)
kicked out ....why is everyone so quiet about this......?
53. More victimist propaganda
Frank ,   Canada   (04.25.07)
Why should Israel compensate Arabs? For what reason? Arabs should compensate Israel for all these wars, all these victims of Arab barbary. Arabs should compensate Israel for having stolen a land which does not belong to them. Normal people doesn't regard as a suffering the fact to be a minority in a State. However, this is unbearable for Arabs. Arabs want only two things: power and money.
54. the jews need to stand up for a jewish state arabs can leave
zionist forever   (04.25.07)
If the arabs living in the jewish state are unhappy with the arab situation in Israel then there are 22 arab states to move to they have plenty of land many of them have plenty of money nobody is saying move to Gaza just another arab state. Its allways the jews who are expected to make all the compromises allthough this is partly the fault of the politicly correct left in Israel and traditional jews in the diasspora because while other minority groups were fighting to keep their indipendence the jews were asimilating so they could fit in more but its time for the jews to take an arab attitude ... this is our country get out your not welcome and we wont go out of our way to make you feel welcome. Israel is weak because it has contiuously allowed arabs to push it around politicly especialy with this arab plan. The jews need to get tough with the arabs that means cracking down on illigal constuction doesnt matter if its on Temple Molunt or any other area of the country or any of the other things the arabs are allowed to get away with that jews never would but the government doesnt want a confrontation with arabs so a blind eye is turned but they arfe not afraid to crack down on jews breaking the law. The jews need to stand up and say we want to be a jewish gehto in the arabs and muslim Middle East we dont want to change that so the arab minority want more power. Time to just hold up 2 fingers and say Israel is and will remain a jewish state and we are not going to change anything for the arabs let them leave if they want but dont expect us to change for you.
55. 48 - HH
zionist forever   (04.25.07)
After the Lebanon war when money was being given to help with rebuilding in the north because of the damages zionist charities offered money to the arabs in the region to help them rebuild but the arabs flatly refused because the money was coming from zionist charities. These arabs who want to be to feel more welcome by the jews go and have marches for nakba day .. when the jews defeated them in a war which they started to try and drive the jews into the sea why not give up this ideaa of the nakba say that history is history now we are arabs living in a jewish state and lets move on with that. When they can do that it will be a major sign that they want a regional change and want to simply fit into the jewish state instead of replace the jewish state with another arab one.
56. What rubbish!
sk ,   USA   (04.25.07)
"The declaration reads: "We, the Palestinian Arabs living in Israel, the natives of the land and the citizens of the state, part of the Palestinian people and the Arab nation … the 1948 war brought about the creation of the State of Israel on 78 percent of the territory of historical Palestine." Uh, no. 78% went to create Jordan, which is where the "Pals" were supposed to be. "Farah's vision is for "a normal country in which one can wake up in the morning, drive to different places, to Amman and to Ramallah, and to return to the family in Haifa by afternoon…" In other words, he wants Israel to become part of "the Arab Nation." Really, I'm surprised that Ynet publishes such a bunch of lies and distortions.
57. Arab-Jewish State
Israel Zwick ,   NYC   (04.25.07)
the Arab Muslims have 22 states to go to that don't allow Jews. there is only one Jewish state. when you change the anthem, the flag, the names of the streets, the national holidays, the language then Israel will no longer be a Jewish state and will not attract Jews to either live there or visit. I don't want to travel on Yasir Arafat Boulevard
58. Want equality?Stop electing traitors!
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.25.07)
59. not to act to them like enimies?????
shlomy ,   brooklyn   (04.25.07)
werent these same ''arab israelis'' shooting fire works on memorial day???!!!
60. #57 Yasser Arafat, Nasser, Islamic Jihad avenues
Bill ,   USA   (04.25.07)
can be in an Arab state but not the Jewish state. Next think you know they will name the main plaza in Jerusalem "The Terrorist Plaza".
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